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The iPad is a reliable and efficient machine that allows users to surf the web, get work done from home, and relax with their favorite media. However, what if your iPad malfunctions and starts to randomly reboot when you are in the middle of using it?

iPad reboot loop issues, also known as iPad boot loop, are rare but can occur when an iPad is old or dealing with issues such as viruses and out-of-date software. iPad boot loop is annoying, luckily though, it is relatively easy to fix.

We'll show you how to fix this problem quickly and without much hassle here. You don't want to let your iPad continue to reboot. Letting a boot loop run its course can create damage to your iPad's system and even result in lost data. So, keep reading to find out what causes this issue and how you can stop iPad boot loop.

Part 1. How Do You Get Your iPad Out of Boot Loop?

There are many ways you can fix your iPad boot loop. In this section of the post, we'll go over 5 popular methods that will allow you to get your iPad running smoothly again.

1Fix iPad Reboot Loop While Charging/in Low Battery

In some cases, your iPad might be stuck in boot loop when your device is either has a low battery or while it is charging. We suggest using this method to fix your iPad boot loop.

Step 1: First, you want to plug your iPad into your charger. Then plug the charger into the wall. You will notice that your device will reboot again and that the apple logo has popped up.

Step 2: When you see the apple appear on your screen this is when you need to unplug your charger as quickly as possible.

Step 3: Get ready to plug in the charger again. Watch the screen carefully, your home screen will pop up briefly. When you see it, plug your charger in right away. After this, your screen will go black. This means that your device has powered down.

Let it charge for at least thirty minutes then try to turn on your iPad again and see if the boot loop has stopped.

2Hard Reset iPad That Is Stuck in Boot Loop

If the first option doesn't work, or your iPad is rebooting with a full battery, try this next fix. A hard reset will help with most iPad issues. This is also true when your iPad is stuck in boot loop. It is a very simple way to get your iPad working again. You won't have to lose any data and just follow the easy steps.

  • For an iPad with a Home button: Simply hold down the Power (Top) button on your device. At the same time, press down the Home button. Hold both buttons down for at least thirty seconds then let your iPad restart.

  • For an iPad without a Home button: First respectively press down and release the Volume Up button and Volume Down button, then hold the Power button until the Apple logo is visible.

force restart iPad

3Fix iPad Boot Loop with iPhixer (No Data Loss)

No matter your iPad boot loop problem is caused by software issues or other errors, you can get a commonly-used iOS/iPadOS/tvOS repair tool to fix it with no data loss and with the highest success rate. WooTechy iPhixer won't take up much of your time and the instructions included with the app are also easy to follow.

Wootechy iPhixer

75,000,000+ Downloads

Key features of iPhixer:

  • Fix iPad boot loop, frozen screens, black screens, and many other issues without data loss.

  • Support all models of iPad and iOS/iPadOS versions including the latest iOS/iPadOS 16.

  • Solve any problems that iTunes can't resolve and bypass various types of iTunes errors.

  • More than an Apple device repair program, it is also able to enter/exit recovery mode for free and reset iDevices.

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4 Easy Steps to Fix Your iPad Boot Loop Without Data Loss:

Step 1: Download and install iPhixer onto your Windows/Mac computer. Open the program, then choose the Standard Mode to repair your device.

choose repair mode

Step 2: Then you will have to plug your iPad into your computer. If iPhixer detects your iPad which is stuck in reboot loop, then proceed with the Next option. Otherwise, follow the on-screen instructions to put the iPad into recovery/DFU mode.

put iPad into recovery mode

Step 3: The program will choose firmware software that will help repair your iPad. Click on the Download button.

download firmware

Step 4: Once it downloads, click Start option and the tool will fix your iPad for you. Soon your iPad will restart automatically and will no longer get stuck in boot loop.

repair iPhone

Video Guide to Fix iPad Boot Loop

4Restore iPad Stuck in Boot Loop via iTunes/Finder

Another method you can try out when your iPad is stuck in reboot loop is using iTunes or Finder. You will end up losing data with this option, but try it out if you are an iTunes/Finder picker.

Step 1: You want to launch your iTunes/Finder app on your computer first, then plug in your iPad to get the process started.

Step 2: Your iPad will be recognized by iTunes. If you cannot find your device, then you have to follow the steps of hard resetting iPad to put it into recovery mode. Remember to hold the buttons in the final step until you see the recovery mode screen.

iPad in recovery mode

Step 3: Click Restore option. This will fix the boot loop issue by restoring your iPad to factory settings.

restore iPad in recovery mode

5DFU Restore iPad in Boot Loop

As a last resort, we recommend using DFU mode to repair your iPad restart loop issues. You will need to use iTunes/Finder for this option as well, and make sure to connect your iPad to your computer.

Step 1: Once your iPad has been connected to your computer, boot up iTunes/Finder and then start to put your iPad into DFU mode.

Step 2: You can enter DFU mode for an iPad without the Home button by pressing the Volume Up button then the Volume Down button. After that, you will hold down the Power button until the screen gets black. As soon as the screen turns black, press the Volume Down button, but make sure you are still holding down the Power button as you do this. Keep holding the Power button and Volume Down button for another solid five seconds. After that, let go of the Power button but keep your finger on the Volume Down button for 5 seconds.

To put an iPad with a Home button into DFU mode, press down the Home button and the Power button for 10 seconds, release the Power button yet continue holding the Home button for at least 5 seconds.

Step 3: If your iPad screen is still black, then it is successfully into the DFU mode. At this point, you can click the OK button on the message shown in iTunes/Finder, further click Restore iPad button. This will finish the process and fix your device.

dfu restore iPad


This method also deletes all information on your iPad. So please back up your device before operating the above steps.

You May Wonder: Why Is Your iPad Constantly Rebooting?

iPad boot loop can be caused by a few different issues. The most common cause of this problem is age and wear on your device. When an iPad gets older it becomes more prone to memory problems and system breakdowns.

Another cause could have to do with software bugs. With newer iPads if you didn't update your devices fully or in the correct way, this can lead to data corruption of the iPad which leads to a restart loop.

Finally, apps and software that are not meant to be used on the iOS/iPadOS system can create boot loop issues. So, you don't want to download anything that is not created for the iPad.


The iPad has much to offer its user, but if you notice that your device is not working right, you need to fix it right away. iPad boot loop can be a serious issue, so read through our post again if you want to learn exactly how to deal with this iOS/iPadOS malfunction. We went over everything you need to know in detail above. Finally, if you would like to resolve the iPad stuck in boot loop problem with the highest success rate and the fastest speed, the iPad repair software from WooTechy called iPhixer is definitely your best choice.

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