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8 Best Ways to Fix iPhone Update Taking Forever to Download


Oct 21, 2021 (Updated: Nov 03, 2021) • Filed to: Fix iPhone

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iOS 14 and 15 brought many structural upgrades to the platform. As a long-term iPhone user, you probably know that iOS updates generally take a long time. Yet sometimes updates might stop midway or not start at all. You have come to the right place if you are facing the same type of issue.

Update-related problems might occur if you don't have enough storage space. Sometimes faulty internet settings could also be the culprit. In some cases, it might even be the Apple server's fault.

There are many reasons behind iOS updates not downloading. Some of them are simple and easily resolvable, while others might need more work. Recently people started complaining that their iPhone update is taking forever to download. In this article, you will find both the easy and the more technical fixes for this issue.

Part 1. How to Fix iPhone Update Taking Forever to Download

There are probably hundreds of reasons why an iOS update could go wrong. So, there is not really one way to tackle this issue. Before you try fixing your phone you must pinpoint what caused the problem and then try to solve it.

Here are some fixes to the most common causes behind your iPhone update taking forever to install:

1Check the Apple Server Status

The first thing you need to check is whether the apple servers are online. If it is down for some reason, your update won't proceed no matter what you try. It may sound far-fetched, but even a company as big as Apple can have server issues.

And it happens in one of the worst possible times. When a new update drops, everyone rushes to download it. That often causes the servers to overload for a while. So, it could be the reason why your update is taking forever. Unfortunately, you can't do anything about it either. Just sit back and wait for the servers to come back on.

check apple server status

2Check Network Connection

One of the most obvious mistakes people make is not having their internet connection turned on. Check if your data or wifi are connected and working correctly before proceeding with an iOS update. A low battery will also disrupt your update by limiting data usage. Try to keep your phone at over 50% battery before updating.

Updating the iOS with mobile data is never a good idea. The update size can easily over-cap data limits. So your phone might turn data usage off to adhere to the limiter.

3Reset Network Settings

If your update is not downloading, there's a high chance it's due to some network anomaly. The easiest way to fix it is by resetting the network settings. You can do that by going to Settings. Select General and then Reset. In the Reset list, pick Reset Network Settings.

reset network settings

You can also solve mobile data problems by reinserting the SIM card.

4Check iPhone Storage

In most cases, people mention that the iOS 15/14 is taking forever to download. Even with everything working fine, they would still take a while to download because of their sheer size.

However, there's another issue that many people overlook. Since these files are so large, you need to have enough free space on your phone to download them. So check your storage by going to Setting > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. If you don't have enough space, delete some things to make room before proceeding with the update.

5Force Restart iPhone

Restarting is the ultimate solution to any technology malfunctions. If your update is stuck or unresponsive, a force restart can often solve the issue. Different iPhone models have different restart button combinations. Here is a list of how it works for each model:

Pressing the Home and Power buttons brings up the Apple logo screen on iPhone 6 or earlier. The iPhone 7/7 Plus has it by pressing the Volume Down button and the Side button. For iPhone 8 and later including iPhone 13, you need to swiftly press the Volume Up button and then Volume Down button respectively. Hold the Side button to bring up the Apple logo.

hard reboot iPhone

6Update iPhone with iTunes

If your iOS update is not working with wifi or mobile data, you can also try doing it through iTunes. The process is also simple enough for most people to follow.

You need to connect the iPhone with your iTunes app on your computer. Yes, you would need a computer or Laptop and install iTunes on it first. Also, update the iTunes app itself before proceeding. That will help avoid unnecessary complications.

  • Once everything is ready, connect the two devices through USB.

  • You should see a small phone icon on the top left side of the iTunes app, next to music. Click on it, and go to Summary.

  • The new updates should be listed there. If it isn't, then click on Check for Update. Now you just need to click install and let it do its thing.

  • update iPhone with iTunes

7Restore iPhone with iTunes

Resetting is your next option if your updates still do not work. Sometimes, the issue lies in messed-up settings. You may have changed something that wasn't meant to be changed and forgot about it.

You can do a soft reset by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. If it still does not work, hop over to iTunes for a full restore of your system.

Back up your data on iTunes before proceeding because this step will wipe your phone clean.

  • Make iPhone connected to PC and open iTunes.

  • Follow the steps of force restarting iPhone to put it into Recovery Mode. (Keep holding the buttons on Apple icon until you see the Recovery Mode screen.)

  • iPhone in recovery mode

  • After your iPhone is detected, click OK on the message shown and choose Restore option.

  • restore iPhone with iTunes

8Fix iPhone Update Taking Forever to Download With iPhixer

If all else fails, your only option is to turn to professional software repair. Services like Wootechy iPhixer can help remove any issues Apple devices might have including iPhone update taking forever to download without data loss. Moreover, if the iOS 15/14 is taking forever to download on your phone, iPhixer can be used to update your device to the latest version with ease.

Key Features of iPhixer:

  • It can fix all iOS update issues such as iPhone stuck preparing update, update failed and unbale to install/verify update with no data loss.

  • It supports all iOS devices and iOS versions like the latest iPhone 13/12 and iOS 15/14.

  • It can reset your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch with/without a password after backing data up.

  • Welcomed by worldwide users, it solves your problem with easy-to-use steps.

Download NowDownload Now

Step 1. Open the program and choose Standard Mode. Connect your iPhone to your computer and proceed with Next button if it is detected.

choose repair mode

If your device is not detected, follow the instructions to put it into Recovery/DFU Mode.

put iPhone into recovery mode

Step 2. Choose the firmware version and tap on the Download button.

download firmware

Step 3. When the firmware is automatically verified, click Start button to fix your iPhone update taking forever to download. After that, your iPhone is repaired and is equipped with the version you chose.

repair iPhone

Wootechy iPhixer comes in different modes. The standard mode helps you deal with problematic iOS/iPadOS/tvOS. Hopefully, your update problem will get solved at this point. Try the advanced mode to restore everything if that fails.

Part 2. FAQs About iPhone Update Taking Forever to Download and Install

1. How Long Does iOS 15/14 Take to Download and Install?

The updates download depends entirely on your network strength. Faster wifi should finish downloading the updates within 20 to 30 minutes.

A mint-condition iPhone should take less than 15 minutes to pass this part with a few extra minutes to "Verify" the files. The installation itself takes around 10 to 15 minutes. It might take a bit more time if your phone is slow, but it should never cross 1 hour.

2. Why Is Your iPhone Update Taking So Long to Download?

The update files are large. It may take a long time to download if your internet speed is slow. But it could also be related to server problems on Apple's side or some other system glitches.


Those are all the steps you could take to solve your iOS update problems. To fix your iPhone update taking forever to download, the bet choice is to seek professional help from the professional iOS repair software before heading to apple stores. It's pretty common knowledge that Apple wants you to buy new products instead of fixing them.

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