What Do You Do If Your iPhone Brightness Keeps Dimming?


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If your iPhone brightness keeps dimming and you don't know why then this article is for you. iPhone brightness dimming can be caused by certain features being turned on accidentally or software or hardware issues. This article will specifically explain the causes of the problem and how to fix it so you can see your screen and use it comfortably.

Why Does Your Phone Screen Keep Dimming with Auto Brightness Off?

A lot of the time, the problem where your iPhone screen keeps dimming is caused by auto-brightness. This can cause your iPhone to keep dimming even after your turn the brightness up.

If you are still experiencing the problem of your iPhone screen dimming despite having auto-brightness off then the problem has probably been caused by something else. Another iPhone feature may be turned on and this may be causing the issue. It can also be caused by something with your iPhone operating system or a recent update. We recommend that you try the fixes outlined below to try and fix your iPhone brightness from dimming.

10 Ways to Stop Your iPhone Brightness from Keeping Dimming

If your iPhone screen keeps dimming and you are wondering how to fix it then try out the below ten solutions.

1. Turn off Night Shift

Night Shift is one of the iPhone’s features that causes your iPhone display colours to become warmer. This feature was made to help users sleep better at night after using their iPhones. It may be causing your iPhone screen to appear dimmer as the day goes on, causing you to keep turning your brightness up. You can switch off Night Shift by following these steps:

Go to Settings. Select Display & Brightness then select Night Shift.

Toggle Manually Enabled Until Tomorrow to switch the Night Shift feature off.

The Night Shift feature may be switched on for particular hours in the day - make sure Scheduled is toggled off to prevent this.

turn off iPhone night shift

2. Turn off True Tone

True Tone is an iPhone feature that adapts the colours of your iPhone display according to the light intensity and conditions in your surroundings. This feature may think that the light conditions around you are dimmer than they appear, causing your iPhone to keep dimming. If you want to turn True Tone off, you can do so by following these steps:

Go to Settings and select Display & Brightness.

Press True Tone to toggle it off.

turn off iPhone true tone

3. Turn off Attention Aware Features

The Attention Aware iPhone feature works by keeping your iPhone screen lit up when you are using Face ID and keeping it on when you are reading. This can cause your iPhone screen brightness to keep dimming when you look away from your device. Follow these steps to switch off the Attention Aware feature on your iPhone:

Open Settings. Select Accessibility then press Face ID & Attention.

Select Attention Aware Features and toggle them to be off.

turn off iPhone attention aware features

Enter your password to turn this feature off.

4. Adjust iPhone White Point Setting

The White Point setting is an accessibility feature that reduces the vibrancy of the colors on your iPhone screen. The purpose of this feature is to prevent discomfort and strain in the eyes. If this feature is on, it may cause your iPhone brightness to keep dimming. In order to switch this feature off, follow these steps:

Open Settings and select General.

Select Accessibility then Display Accommodations.

Turn Reduce White Point off.

turn off reduce white off

5. Restart iPhone

The problem where your iPhone screen keeps dimming could be caused by a glitch in your iPhone’s software. This can be rectified by a simple iPhone restart.

To restart iPhone X/11/12/13, press and hold down the Lower Volume and the Side buttons until the slider appears, then slide it to the right to turn it off. Finally long press the Side button to turn it on.

To restart iPhone 8/7/6/5, press down the Side/Top button until the slider appears. Then drag it to turn your device off and finally press the same button to turn it on.

restart iPhone

6. Check the Ambient Light Sensor

The ambient light sensor on your iPhone detects how bright your surroundings are. The auto brightness feature on your iPhone uses information from the ambient light sensor to adjust your phone’s brightness settings according to the light conditions in your surroundings.

You can test your iPhone's ambient light sensor through the auto brightness feature. Set your manual brightness to a high level and toggle the auto brightness feature on when you are in a dark room. The screen should automatically dim. If your screen does not dim automatically then there is likely a problem with your iPhone’s hardware that is causing your iPhone brightness to keep dimming. You should take your iPhone to an Apple store for a second opinion on this issue.

7. Reset All Settings

You may find that the issue where your iPhone keeps dimming is caused by a random setting that you didn’t check. You can try to reset all settings to resolve this because all of your screen brightness settings will return to the default and this random setting will stop the problem where your iPhone brightness keeps dimming. You can reset all of your iPhone’s settings by following these steps:

Go to Settings then select General.

Select Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Tap Reset and Reset All Settings.

reset iPhone wrong settings

Enter your password. Press Reset All Settings to confirm.

8. Update iPhone

The problem where your iPhone screen keeps dimming may be caused by your iPhone not being up to date. Sometimes iPhone updates are brought out to fix common problems that iPhone users are having. If you update your iPhone then you might find that the problem of your iPhone screen dimming may be common among iPhone users and the new iPhone update attempts to resolve this problem.

To update your iPhone, follow these steps:

Plug your iPhone into a power source and ensure it is connected to wi-fi.

Open Settings then General. Press Software Update.

update iPhone

If there is an update available, it will appear on the screen.

Tap Install Now to install the update.

9. Repair iPhone OS

If you are struggling to find a solution to the iPhone keeps dimming problem then using a third-party app to restore your iPhone's operating system might be the fix you are looking for. WooTechy iPhixer is a powerful app that can help resolve any iPhone issues.

iPhixer has a high success rate and can resolve your any iPhone problems quickly and easily. Without any data loss, you can use the tool to repair your iPhone through several steps.

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If you would like to know how to use iPhixer to resolve the issue where your iPhone screen keeps dimming, follow these steps:

Launch the software and make your iPhone connected to the computer. Select Standard Mode.

select repair mode

Click Next. You will have to click the Download button to get the firmware.

download iPhone firmware

After the firmware has been downloaded, verified and extracted, iPhixer will resolve your iPhone keeps dimming soon.

repair iPhone OS

10. Cool Down Your iPhone

Your iPhone may be overheating when you use it, causing your iPhone screen brightness to keep dimming. You can try cooling down your iPhone to see if that will resolve the problem. You can try these tips to cool down your iPhone:

Remove the case.

Don't leave it in direct sunlight.

Avoid playing games that cause the iPhone to heat up excessively.

Turn off Location Services.

Turn off Bluetooth.

Avoid charging your phone until it cools down.

Once your iPhone cools down, the screen should return to its normal brightness level.

To Sum Up

Overall, the issue where your iPhone screen keeps dimming can be caused by a few different hardware and software issues. It can sometimes be resolved easily by simply turning off features like auto brightness or night shift. Sometimes your iPhone will require a full restart or reset of your settings.

If you try all of these steps and your brightness doesn't work then you might want to use a third-party app like iPhixer. iPhixer will help restore and update your iPhone quickly, easily and without data loss.

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