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We are expecting Apple to introduce major changes in the upcoming iPhone 14. Here are some alleged iPhone 14 leaks to keep you occupied until the release.

 iPhone screen

iPhone 14 rumours

1 Understanding Apple’s past trends

iPhone 12 was the last model to have rounded edges which was consistently an external characteristic of the iPhone 6. The flat corners were minimized for more surface area for the screen. Furthermore, iPhone 12 also maintained some of the elements of the iPhone X too. It had the same button placement and the notch.

iPhone 13 was introduced to the public in 2021. It also carried the same design elements. In fact, iPhone 13 and its predecessor are so similar that the novice cannot differentiate between the two phones. However, the most obvious changes were the notch and camera details.

2 iPhone 14 design

iPhone 6 edges heavily influenced iPhone X. Assuming the design changes after three to four cycles, we can expect iPhone 14 to look similar to iPhone 12 or 13. The similarities will exist in designs and UI features.

Unfortunately, most iPhone 14 leaks are related to the phone’s design. Furthermore, these leaks are mainly associated with iPhone14 Pro Max and the pro version. The order is unheard of, but we welcome any iPhone 14 design leaks from Apple. Usually, the leaks are regarding the base model rather than the pro versions.

Here are the rumors: the pro models no longer have the pill hole signature cutout. iPhone 14 leaks suggest an improved A16 processor but not a 48 MP camera. On the other hand, the basic models are still the same as iPhone 13.

3 Repetition but with a newer phone

The first revealing of the iPhone 14 was done in the middle of March. These were alleged diagrams of the newer version. The camera design, bump, and notch were similar to iPhone 13. However, the first iPhone 14 leak presented thick frames with the lens before the bump. This is the only clear difference between the old models. The size is a standard 6.1-inch screen with wide-screen display size.

 red and pinkiPhones

Apple Supply Chain expert admitted the bigger iPhone 14 model would be called the iPhone 14 Max. It will have a 6.7-inch screen. These are the same dimensions as iPhone 13 Pro Max but without the features associated with Apple Pro devices.

iPhone 14 Max is expected to have the features of an iPhone 13 mini. It will also have the rear bumper in the camera and the same display readings. However, iPhone 14 leaks suggest a larger battery because of the extra space in the back.

The public was invited to admire the 3D iPhone 14 printed design this April. The revealing showcased a larger bump than previous devices: a thicker camera and bigger notch too. Mobile experts placed screen protectors and cases on top of the iPhone 14 prototype, which revealed considerable distance. However, the sizing was not too huge to create a headline.

Unfortunately, the features of the newer model are still kept secretive. Apple has been calling the more recent model “next generation,” which means the components are technologically advanced. We don’t know what they are yet.

4 Camera

iPhone design leak suggests the same two-camera appearance as previous models. The primary camera is 12-megapixel wide lens. On the other hand, the secondary camera is a 12 MP ultra-wide lens. Apple pays special attention to the cameras because it is one of the most utilized features. Furthermore, Apple also adds advancements with each model, even if the hardware is the same.

 blue and red iPhones

iPhone 13 is known for the super-wide lens with a professional autofocus feature. The technology is based on an Apple-patented macro photography option. The feature could transfer to standard models because they also carry a super-wide lens.

Long-term rumored Apple will provide 48 MP wide cameras in their pro models. The upgrade will significantly aid in improving the ability to take professional photographs that mimic high-end cameras. Therefore, the 12 MP cameras will not change.

iPhone 14 design leaks also imply a seven-element or 7P lens. Moreover, the optics remain enhanced for the pro version models. We also expect upgrades on the selfie camera too.

Apple is expected to introduce a 12 MP wide lens to the center for a better user experience. Mac computers and iPad already have these features, so it feels natural to introduce them to phones. It will make using FaceTime, and other video calls a lot easier.

Lastly, iPhone 14 design leaks suggest a wider capture of 1.9 to 2.2 frames per second. Apple focuses on autofocus as the feature focuses on the subject during video calls.

5 Display

iPhone 14 design leaks are very limited in the display category. The news does not mention technology or material advancements. Unfortunately, the newer features are not expected to travel to the standard models.

The newer variable display 120Hz will not come to the iPhones this year. Unfortunately, the disturbance is due to the supply chain delays caused by the pandemic and geographical instability. The feature isn’t strictly reserved for the Apple Pro mobile devices. The manufacturer expects the supply chain to recover and meet the production demand for iPhone 15 the next year.

You can also say hello to the Super Retina XDR in iPhone 14. It is similar to iPhone 13 6.1 inches with an OLED display and 460-pixel density. iPhone design leaks also suggest iPhone 12 Pro Max panel for the larger iPhone 14 models. It is a 6.7-inch display with Super Retina XDR and a 458 PPI density. Moreover, the newer model will not have the No ProMotion feature. The option is only available for pro models. It will accommodate customized lock screens coming to iPhones with the newest iOS 16 this September.

6 Connectivity

The last upgrade in cable was in 2012 when Apple changed from 30-Pin to Lightning. The shift was very controversial as it received mixed reviews. Users were also dissatisfied with the accessories and connecting cables that were now completely useless.

Apple responded by saying the Lightning cables are a thing of the future aimed for client ease of use. The manufacturer also provided Lightning-compatible accessories, which was seen as a capitalist move. It has been a decade since the change, and people are hoping for the next upgrade.

iPhone 14 design leaks imply the type C port as the next introduction. It is compatible with Apple’s connector. Unfortunately, the standard is also beginning to lose interest since it was released in 2015.

 iPhonecharging pin

The Supply Chain analyst has admitted Apple will not be using a type C port. The manufacturer aims to move forward with wireless technologies. The shift will provide port-less features instead of plugging in the phone for charging. The remote feature is based on wireless attributes or connecting the device magnetically.

Apple users have been continuously reading about port-less charging for years. However, the feature has still to actualize. iPhone 14 design leaks imply Apple is still not ready to launch the new technology. It will offer Lightning connectivity again but with some advancements to please its loyal customers. The step can be seen as transitioning.

Assuming the port-less technology is ready to launch for iPhone 15. In that case, there will be sneak peeks in iPhone 14 designs that signal the next generation connectivity. If Apple is still not ready, the users will have to wait a few more years.

How much will the iPhone 14 cost? Prices and Release

Apple prices have been consistent for the previous few years. Global variables such as market trends and currency exchange rates do not affect the price too much. Therefore, it is extremely rare to see Apple iPhone prices take an unexpected jump

iPhone 14, the standard model, will cost $799.

There is no iPhone Mini in Series 14

iPhone 14 Max is an expensive option that will cost you $899.

Lastly, iPhone 14 release date is expected to be announced at the Apple Event in September.

iPhone 14 FAQ

Which features are there in iPhone 14?

iPhone 14 will have an upgraded camera with enhanced autofocus capability. It will ensure light passes through easily for sharper results.

Will there be an iPhone 15?

The design and features are less likely to change with the iPhone 15 lineup. The models expected are iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Max, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

How is iPhone 14 a better option?

iPhone 14 will have the same design and processor as iPhone 13. However, the bigger RAM will result in a faster running user interface. The super-wide screen and front cameras are the standout features.

How is the iPhone 14 different from other Apple phones?

iPhone 14 is a combination iPhone 12 with flat edges. These edges will have a button for muting and circular buttons for voice control.

Will iPhone 14 come in colors?

iPhone 14 leaks suggest midnight, sky-blue, red, purple, starlight, and green colors.

What is the MagSafe feature in iPhones?

The innovative feature will charge the phone wirelessly and quickly too. It is based on 15W peak power for faster charging to optimize usability.

The Bottom Line

There you have it! A long list of iPhone 14 leaks to rattle your mind until September. With the advancements mentioned above, we hope to see enhanced usability and a simpler user interface. Unfortunately, we cannot promise anything as we await the iPhone 14 release alongside you.

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