• How to Downgrade iOS 14 to 13 on Windows - No Data Loss

    If you want to downgrade iOS 14 to 13 on Windows computer, this blog covers in detail how to use iTunes and two more tools for the downgrade.

    By Barton May 17, 2022
  • [iOS 15 Supported] Downgrade iOS 14 to 13 without Losing Data

    How to downgrade iOS 14 to 13 without losing data? With the latest version of iTunes on your computer, follow the step-by-step instructions in this guide.

    By Barton May 17, 2022
  • How to Downgrade iOS Without iTunes [2022]

    You might feel the need to downgrade your iOS without iTunes. By following the steps described in this article, you will achieve that.

    By Barton Apr 24, 2022
  • Proven Ways to Restore Unsigned IPSW

    If you want to downgrade and restore unsigned iOS, you’ll need three things. This blog shows you that and how to use them to restore unsigned IPSW.

    By Barton Apr 20, 2022
  • [Newest] How to Roll Back to iOS 14?

    If you are unhappy with the new iOS 14.4 update and want to know how to downgrade iOS 14.4 to 14 then here, we will explain exactly how to do it.

    By Barton Mar 31, 2022
  • (iOS 15 Supported) How to Downgrade iOS 13.3 to 12 on iPhone/iPad

    Want to downgrade ios 13 to 12? Then you came to the right place. Here we will go over some of the methods you can use to downgrade iOS 13 to 12 on iPhone/iPad.

    By Barton Mar 31, 2022
  • What to Do When Your iPhone Won’t Charge

    Do you want to know what to do when your iPhone won't charge? Here are the answers!

    By Daniel Mar 30, 2022
  • What to Do if Your iPad Battery Drains

    Here you can find 16 methods to fix iPad battery draining fast all of a sudden. Check them now!

    By Daniel Mar 30, 2022
  • [iOS 15 Supported] How to Roll Back iOS Update

    Frustrated by the lastest iOS and want to roll back iOS update? No problem, this article explains how to downgrade iOS through iTunes or a third-party app quickly.

    By Barton Mar 30, 2022
  • 12 Methods to Fix iTunes Error 3004

    This article will show you 12 methods to fix iTunes error 3004. You can choose any of them based on your needs. Keep reading.

    By Daniel Mar 22, 2022
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