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Trying to open a password-protected Excel sheet in order to make changes? And now the problem is that you don't know how to access a password-protected Excel file without password?

Well, this super comprehensive tutorial on how to do it is surely what you want. It offers 4 ways to unprotect Excel sheet without password. After reading this, you will fully grasp how to unlock an Excel workbook, albeit when you don't have a password (and in multiple ways).

Part 1. Unprotect Excel Sheet without Password by iCrowbar

If you are looking for the best method to unprotect an Excel sheet without a password, then iCrowbar should always be the best choice. As a professional and famous document password recovery tool, iCrowbar provides 4 technically advanced password attack modes that can help you easily remove passwords from Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, RAR and ZIP, and also get rid of the editing and formatting restrictions of these 6 files above with one click.

Steps to follow:

Step 1. Launch iCrowbar

Install and launch WooTechy iCrowbar on your computer.

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Select Excel option.


Select the "Recover Passwords" mode.


Step 2. Add the Encrypted Excel File and Select an Attack Type

Tap "Add" to import the password-protected Excel file into the program.

Choose a mode of attack base on your situation.


Mode 1. Dictionary Attack

It is a widely used method to unlock passwords for Excel File.

It makes use of a dictionary that has millions of the most popular passwords. Thus there is a good likelihood of recovery.

You may use the built-in dictionary in this mode or import your own from the options menu.

Mode 2. Combination Attack

By adjusting the character settings and randomly mixing the characters you select, you can find your password.

For instance, you often generate a password of 6–8 characters using your name (Tom) and a few digits.

You can customize the settings as follows:

Password Length: 6-8 characters

Uppercase Letters: T

Lowercase Letters: o,m

Numbers: Select All

Just the characters you chose will be combined, and all possible combinations of these characters will be tested.

It will find your password more quickly if you use a shorter password.

Mode 3. Mask Attack

It is strongly advised that you utilize this technique if you know even a small bit about the password. It will attempt to recover the password by taking into account the characters, prefixes, suffixes, and length of the password.

If you are familiar with specific character kinds that are not in the password, this strategy will work better.

You know, for instance, that your password won't contain any symbols. You often use a password between 6 and 8 characters and believe it could incorporate your name (Mary).

You can customize the settings as follows:

Password Length: 6-8 characters

Characters not included: symbols

Characters or combinations of characters may be included: Mary

The computer will mix "Mary" with all the other characters (numbers, lowercase letters, and symbols aside from those) to determine your password. If the complete name "Mary" isn't in the password, write the letters individually.

Mode 4. Brute Force Attack

This approach should be used if you have no idea what the password to your Excel file could be.

Remember that using this approach will result in a slight delay in obtaining the file's password.

Step 3. Recover Excel Password

Click "Recover" after choosing an attack mode and customizing the settings. The password recovery process will begin. Hold off until it fixes things.

After the password is discovered, it will be shown on your screen. The password may then be used to launch MS Excel and access your file.


Key Features of iCrowbar




  • Recover passwords of Excel, Word, PowerPiont, PDF, RAR, ZIP etc. and open them with the 100% success rate.

  • Remove 6 documents worksheets/workbooks restrictions without losing data.

  • Able to copy the password after recovering 6 documents password.

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Part 2. Unprotect Excel Sheet without Password by ZIP

This approach supports the .xlsx file extension. If your Excel sheet is currently saved in.xls format, you must convert it to.xlsx.

Steps to follow:

Step 1. When prompted, select "Yes" to change the ".xlsx" extension to ".zip", then save the file.

Step 2. To extract the files, 7ZIP must be used. Sheet1.xml, Sheet2.xml, and Sheet3.xml can be accessed in the xl-worksheets directory. Right-click on "sheet2.xml", select "Edit", and then open in Notepad if you want to remove the password protection from Excel sheet2.

Step 3. To get rid of the SheetProtection tag, remove everything before it.

Step 4. You can now save sheet2.xml and exit the program.

Step 5. The files in the second folder can be combined using the extraction application, and the file's extension can be updated to.xlsx. Just opening it will reveal that the password protection has been disabled.

Part 3. Unprotect Excel Sheet without Password by VBA Code

Excel 2010 and earlier versions do not require a password to be entered to unprotect a sheet in VBA. You can accomplish this with the help of the following macro:

Steps to follow:

Step 1. Launch the Excel file that requires a password. Then use the Alt + F11 keys to launch Visual Basic Editor.

Step 2. Select the workbook by right-clicking its name in the Project-VBA window on the left. Then select "Insert" from the drop-down menu and "Module" from the submenu.

Step 3. The necessary code will be pasted into a new window.

Part 4. Unprotect Excel Sheet without Password Online Free

Making a copy of your Excel spreadsheet to ensure that you will not lose any data, and then proceed to follow the procedures below to unlock excel online.

Steps to follow:

Step 1. Get started by launching Google Docs and signing into your Gmail account.

Step 2. Find the "File" menu at the upper left of the screen, and select "Import" from it.

Step 3. A dialogue box will appear to upload the protected Excel file; choose the file from your device by clicking the "Upload" button.

Step 4. Choose "Replace Spreadsheet" and then "Import Data" after you've uploaded your Excel spreadsheet. Google Docs will load the unencrypted Excel file. Choose "Microsoft Excel" from the download format drop-down menu after clicking "File".

Step 5. After this, you won't be prompted to provide a password while opening or editing the Excel file on your computer.


All of these 4 tips and tricks mentioned above can help you unlock the password protection of your Excel sheet easily. Among them, iCrowbar is the easiest to use and the quickest to accomplish. Therefore, in the absence of a password, iCrowbar is the best way to unprotect Excel sheet.

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Note: Please download the software from the official website for maximum protection against viruses on your computer. You can also read through the user guide which maybe helpful for you to use the software better.

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