How to Remove Password from Word Document in Minutes? [3 Ways]


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Microsoft Word allows you to set password to protect your Word documents. You can choose to lock the entire Word document, then no one without the password can open it and access it at will. You can also lock the editing function of the Word document so that people who don't know the password can only read it and can't make changes to it. However, what if you forget the password? How to unlock a Word document without password? Here are the best 3 simple and effective ways that can help you remove password from Word document quickly. Scroll down to read!

3 Methods to Unlock Word Document:

Method 1: Unlock Word Document With iCrowbar

It can be said that WooTechy iCrowbar. is the most popular and effective Word document password remover on the market today. It is known for its ultra-high success rate and super-fast speed in recovering Word document passwords. It can quickly unlock Word documents regardless of the complexity and length of the password. This makes it highly rated by many users and a must-have password cracking tool for users who have forgotten their passwords.

Unlock multiple types of files: Support unlocking passwords in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, ZIP, RAR. Meet most of the office needs.

Remove restrictions on multiple file types: Support one-click to remove editing restrictions on Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, restore the function to modify, edit, copy and print.

4 Attack Modes: Provide 4 powerful password attack modes with a decoding success rate of over 99%, which is almost the highest of its kind.

10X faster: Using advanced algorithms and GPU+CPU acceleration, cracking passwords is the fastest in its class.

Easy to use: Crack passwords in just a few simple steps. Friendly to non-technical people.

High data security: Never lose any data, let alone corrupt files. Password recovery progress can be saved or stopped at any time.

High compatibility: Available for Windows and Mac systems.

How To Unlock Word Document By iCrowbar?

Step 1: Download and install WooTechy iCrowbar software on your computer.

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Step 2: Launch the software and select the "Word" option.


Step 3: Select the "Recover Password" mode.

Step 4: Click "Add" to import the password-protected Word document into the software.

Step 5: Choose an attack type according to your situation. (PS: There are 4 attack modes to choose from. If you are not sure which mode to choose, you can read the introduction at the official website.)

Step 6: Click "Recover" to start the password recovery. Once the password is recovered, it will be displayed on the interface. Now you can directly click "Copy" to copy the password and open your Word document.

recover excel password 2


The steps to remove password from other common file types such as Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, ZIP, RAR, etc. are the same and equally simple.

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Method 2: Unlock Word Document With VBA

If you want to unlock Word document without using software, then MS Visual Basic for Application (VBA) is a good option for you to unlock Word document password. Note that this approach requires some code knowledge and skill and may be a bit complicated for non-technical people.

How To Unlock Word Document Via VBA?

Step 1: Open your Word document.

Step 2: Press ALT + F11 to open Visual Basic Editor

Step 3: Right-click on the file name and select Insert > Module.


Step 4: A new blank window will open. Copy and paste the following code into it.

    Sub PasswordBreaker()
    Dim i As Integer, j As Integer, k As Integer
    Dim l As Integer, m As Integer, n As Integer
    Dim i1 As Integer, i2 As Integer, i3 As Integer
    Dim i4 As Integer, i5 As Integer, i6 As Integer
    On Error Resume Next
    For i = 65 To 66: For j = 65 To 66: For k = 65 To 66
    For l = 65 To 66: For m = 65 To 66: For i1 = 65 To 66
    For i2 = 65 To 66: For i3 = 65 To 66: For i4 = 65 To 66
    For i5 = 65 To 66: For i6 = 65 To 66: For n = 32 To 126
    ActiveSheet.Unprotect Chr(i) & Chr(j) & Chr(k) & _
    Chr(l) & Chr(m) & Chr(i1) & Chr(i2) & Chr(i3) & _
    Chr(i4) & Chr(i5) & Chr(i6) & Chr(n)
    If ActiveSheet.ProtectContents = False Then
    MsgBox "Password is " & Chr(i) & Chr(j) & _
    Chr(k) & Chr(l) & Chr(m) & Chr(i1) & Chr(i2) & _
    Chr(i3) & Chr(i4) & Chr(i5) & Chr(i6) & Chr(n)
    Exit Sub
    End If
    Next: Next: Next: Next: Next: Next
    Next: Next: Next: Next: Next: Next
    End Sub


Step 5: Click on the Run icon to run the code. The recovered password will display on a small pop-up window. Now you can use it to unlock your Word document.


VBA only works for older versions of Word documents. May not work for complex passwords.

Method 3: Remove Password from Word Document Online

If you prefer to decrypt Word document online for free instead of using any software, then this method is for you. There are many online Word document password removal tools on the market, one of the more useful Word password cracking tool is: LostMyPass. The whole process is simple and the interface is also friendly, you can quickly recover Word document password online without the use of any software.


How To Unlock Word Document Online?

Step 1: Go to the LostMyPass official website.

Step 2: Upload the password-protected Word document.

Step 3: The website will start cracking your password automatically. When the process is done, a new window will open that shows you the password.

Step 4: Copy the password to unlock your Word document.


These online tools require you to import the file to public server, which may expose you to the risk of data leakage. Therefore, it is not recommended to use if your Word document contains any business information or important private data.


Unlock Word documents is not complicated, this article has shown you the 3 best simple methods and detailed step-by-step guide, now the only thing you need to do is to choose the most suitable method according to your actual situation and preferences, and then you can quickly unlock the Word document password protection it.

Categories iCrowbar VBA Online
Success rate >95% 75% 85%
Time consuming Short Long Medium
Data Security No data leakage No data leakage Possible data leakage
File limit No limit No limit <100MB
Operating difficulty Easy Moderately difficult Easy

We have to say that WooTechy iCrowbar is the easiest and most effective Word document unlocker tool that can help you unlock Word documents quickly and easily. If you don't have time to try which method can be 100% successful, we suggest you to use this professional document password remover - WooTechy iCrowbar without hesitation. Download and try it now!

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