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The development of real time AI voice changer and speech synthesis technologies have resulted in the proliferation of computer voice generators on the market. As a result of these rapid technological improvements, it is no longer essential to use a huge number of voice samples or highly professional equipment.

In artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to imitate virtually any type of voice imaginable, and the process is not overly complicated. There are various commercial uses for artificial intelligence voice generators. Any size firm can begin employing the technology if equipped with the top AI voice changer real time.

AI voice changer

Part 1. What Is An AI Voice Changer?

AI voice changer is software that uses artificial intelligence to alter the sound of someone's voice. It can change a voice's pitch, speed, and quality and add special effects to it. It can also disguise a person's voice or make it sound like someone else, such as a celebrity or fictional character.

AI voice changers are becoming increasingly popular as they are becoming more accessible and easier to use. The features of AI voice changer can include:

Voice cloning: AI Voice Changer sets itself apart from the competition in terms of its uniqueness and capability. You can clone anything, including your own, with this tool.

High performance: A high-performance ai voice changer can generate high-quality sound with relatively little input from the user.

Easy setup: The AI voice changer is meant to be user-friendly, making it possible for speedy and straightforward installation and configuration with minimum work required. This feature is referred to as a simple setup.

Part 2. Is It Possible To Make My Voice to AI?

Yes, it is possible to make your voice to AI.

This is done through voice recognition technology which processes your voice into a digital form, then uses AI voice changer to mimic the sound and qualities of your voice. This technology can create virtual assistants, personalized voice recognition systems, and even automated customer service.

Part 3. Common AI Voice Changers You Should Know

If you would like to change your voice sound like AI, the most direct and easiest method is to use a great AI voice changer to help you. Here, this chapter can list 3 excellent AI voice changers for you.

1 Voice AI

Voice AI voice changer is not only a voice changer but also a voice clone tool in addition to being a voice changer. Voice AI can clone anyone's voice if they supply an audio file that is of good quality (a feature currently in Alpha).

Under the category labeled "Voice Universe," these voices are made available to the general public without charge.

frame_2 Cons

  • If Voice AI is not properly secured, it can be vulnerable to hacking and other malicious attacks. This could allow criminals access to sensitive data and personal information.

  • Voice AI is expensive for common users who are just use it for fun.

2 MetaVoice

MetaVoice allows for real-time vocal identity changes while maintaining human expression and voice quality. You can whisper, shout, laugh, and cry without skipping a beat while participating in online communities, conferences, social platforms, and gaming.

frame_2 Cons

  • Limited Features: Metavoice is a basic voice-recognition program that lacks some of the advanced features of more comprehensive voice-recognition programs.

  • Unreliable Accuracy: There have been reports of Metavoice being inaccurate at times.

3 Murf

Murf is one of the best artificial intelligence voice generators available to easily create voiceovers, dictation, and text-to-speech conversions. Those in product development, podcasting, education, and business will find it particularly helpful.

Murf generates convincing voices in a flash with little input from the user. When this occurs, they become applicable to a wide range of fields. Murf's versatility stems from its extensive library, which includes over 110 voices in 15 languages.

frame_2 Cons

  • Limited Compatibility: Murf is only compatible with products from Apple, such as Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad. This means that people with Android or other devices cannot use the service.

  • Expensive Cost: The cost of Murf can be prohibitive for some users. Limited Features Murf does not offer the same range of features as some of its competitors.

Part 4. What's the Realistic AI Voice Changer?

Are you looking for the best AI voice generator? WooTechy SoundBot offers you the best opportunity for an AI voice changer. Designed by an official team, SoundBot provides various voice effects for all users from all around the world.

You are not only allowed to change voice in games or others in real time, but also can record your voice and change them to all characters you want. SoundBot must be the best realtime AI voice changer.

Top Features of WooTechy SoundBot for AI Voice Changers:




  • 300+ sound effects: SoundBot offers plenty of sound effects that you can utilize for your free AI voice changer or other voice effects like witch, Space Marine and so on.

  • Intelligent voice commands: Detects voice commands and carries out the appropriate actions in response.

  • Videos and voiceovers creation: SoundBot offers you an excellent platform for video and voiceover making.

  • Just a few simple steps are needed during the whole process, you can change your voice as an elf with more ease.

  • Customizable audio settings: Users can customize audio settings such as equalizer, bass, treble, etc.

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How to Use SoundBot to Make Your Voice Sound Like AI?

Step 1 Click the Free Download icon to install SoundBot on your computer. Launch this tool on the PC.

free download wootechy soundbot

Step 2 Ensure the input and output audio devices of the computer, make sure both them are in the right place.

soundbot setting

Step 3 After that, select the AI voice you like from the voice effects showing on the SoundBoard column, and then you should be able to convert your voice into a virtual one in real time. 

ai Voice changer


The importance of AI voice changers in the business world has grown alongside the development of related technology. They are an essential component of the movies, flicks, and animated movies that we enjoy playing video games and watching nowadays.

These tools have a wide range of practical uses in the real world. These tools are now available to everyone thanks to developments in artificial intelligence and software technology advancements. WooTechy SoundBot is the best, cheapest AI voice changer.

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