2024 Best April Fools Pranks: Crazy Voice Change [Easy&Fun]


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There are thousands of April Fools' Day Pranks out there, but a voice-changing prank is one of the most AMAZING! Who doesn't love a good April Fool's joke, especially when it comes from our favorite celebrities, stars, or cartoon characters? What's more, pranking your friends with male-to-female, or girl-to-boy voices is also very surprising!

If you don't have a better idea yet, then be sure to read this post. Here will be the best April Fools Pranks for 2024! They will be perfect for all ages and can be done with everyday items.

Part 1: Why Voice-Prank Is the Most Popular April Fools' Day Prank in 2024

With many factors combined, voice-changing pranks have the potential to be a fun and surprising way to celebrate April Fools' Day in 2024. Some of the reasons are here.

Easy to Use: The current voice changers are user-friendly, so even if you're not tech-savvy you can pull off a prank. In a way, It's the most surprising of the easy April Fools pranks.

Creative and Novel: Voice-changers allow for all kinds of prank possibilities, from impersonating celebrities to using funny accents. This can add a new twist to classic pranks.

Short video trends: Based on the experience in some social media like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, or Instagram Reels, many people are exposed to voice-changing effects for the first time. This method is likely to be very surprising to your friends.

Adaptable to Different Pranks: Voice-changing Pranks can be used for phone calls, texts, live streaming, or even in-person interactions, making them a versatile prank tool.

Trend in New AI: This "newness" of AI can add to the prank's appeal. At the same time, AI technology has made altered voices more realistic and surprising pranks.

the best April Fools Pranks for 2024

Part 2: The Best April Fools Pranks-Voice Changing

Now, let me see how to execute April Fools' Day Voice Pranks. That is easy. All you need is a tool: Wootechy SoundBot.

SoundBot offers more than 250 voice filters and more than 600 sound effects. With this creative changer app, you can transform your voice to any type and pull off pranks that will have your friends and family laughing all day long. Some of the voice catalogues are as follows.

Voices for April Fools Pranks in SoundBot

Celebrities: Politicians like Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, etc..; Singers like Taylor Swift, Serena Gomez, Drake, Kanye West, and Billie Eilish etc...; Actors like Emma Watson and Morgan Freeman; Sportsmen like Cristiano Ronaldo, and LeBron James.

Male-to-Female/Female-to-Male: College Girl voice, Sexy women voice, Grandma voice, or girl-to-boy voice, etc...

Cartoon and Anime: Micky Mouse, Radio Demon, SpondgeBob, Luffy, Hatsune Miku, Batman, Mater Chief, etc...

Horror: Ghostface, Monster, Jigsaw, Chucky, Zombie, Alien etc..

And More...

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Voices for April Fools Pranks

Other Features of SoundBot: Good tool for easy April Fools Pranks

Modify your voice in real-time during April Fools Pranks.

Works with different platforms and apps, such as Discord, Fortnite, Minecraft, Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet, for gaming and communication.

Add sound effects on top of your voice for extra humor in April Fools Days.

Fine-tune the voice to create a unique and funny voice for your prank.

Steps to Using Voice Prank in April Fools Day

Step 1: Download Wootechy SoundBot on your Windows devices.

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Step 2: Choose your desired input and output devices within the SoundBot interface.

set microphone on SoundBot to changing voice

Step 3: Preview the voice-changing effect and choose which one you want to use. You can test or adjust settings until you achieve the desired voice alteration.

Then, apply it. For example, here we choose Taylor Swift as an example. When you speak into the microphone or upload an audio file, the SoundBot will change your voices immediately to sound like Taylor Swift.

change your voices to prank

Part 3: Types of Voice-Changing Pranks in April Fools Day

We all know that April Fool's Day pranks need to be creative and novel, but avoid any potential hurt feelings! We recommend choosing different voices depending on the target audience, and we have briefly listed a few examples below. Of course, Wootechy SoundBot has a very wide range of sounds, so you can discover more April Fool jokes to play with it.

1April Fools Pranks for Adults [Friends, Parents, Boyfriends, Girlfriend...]

It will go be very fun if you suddenly talk to your friend or partner in a gender-switched voice. For example, disguise your voice as a famous singer or as a sexy woman. Leave a voicemail for your friend, asking him out on a date. Then, see what will happen.

Additionally, SoundBot is also a great tool for April Fools Pranks Over Text. You can send a spooky voice text saying you're outside their house, then follow up with a picture of a ghost face! They'll be scared until you reveal it's all a prank.

April Fools Pranks for Adults

2April Fools Pranks for Kids [Funny But More Safe]

April Fools' pranks for kids should be safe and age-appropriate to avoid causing unnecessary stress or anxiety. Young children might not understand the concept of a joke and may take a prank too seriously. In this case, instead of a scary prank, we recommend use sounds that are more comfortable for kids during April Fools' prank.

For example, modify your voice to sound like a goofy superhero and leave a message for your child. Maybe they'll get a call from Captain Clumsy asking for help with a silly task! Or, Change your voice to sound like their favorite pet and have a silly conversation!

Moreover, pick a favorite movie scene and use a voice changer app to create new and hilarious dialogue. This is also fun for family.

3April Fools Pranks at work

Call a colleague pretending to be a customer service representative with a funny request. Or, you can leave a funny, squeaky-voiced voicemail for a colleague or subtly change your voice during a conference call to surprise everyone.


Overall, voice changing is one of the best April Fools Pranks you can try. Wootechy SoundBot is a fun and novel tool that is sure to get a laugh. With a variety of voice effects and soundboards available, you can create hilarious scenarios and unforgettable moments. Now, start pranking your friends and family on April Fools' Day!

    SoundBot – Easy April Fools Prank




    • Prank your voice in real time.

    • A large library of voice filters and sound effects.

    • Offers endless prank possibilities for April Fools' Day and beyond.

    • Can be used in different scenarios and comparable with various platforms.

    • Easy to Use.

    • Auto-tune voice with many customized options.

    • Voice Memes are also provided.

    • Provide free voices for every day.

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