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Do you want to change your voice into a scream voice or ghostface voice to have fun while gaming online or doing something else? If so, you need to use the right scream voice changer that does the job effortlessly with smooth results.

To change your voice to scream voice effectively, we have reviewed the top 8 scream voice changers in this article. And you will learn their features, step guides, pros and cons,so that you can choose the best one to get the most authentic scream ghostface voice.

Voice Changer

Supporting OS

Voice filters

Main feature

WooTechy SoundBot


250+ (include daily free voices)

Change voice into different sounds in real-time & AI voice generate




Change voice into different sounds online




Free version provides basic voice editing including voice change

Scary Voice Changer



Ghostface voice changer



Not sure

Real-time voice changer

Scary Voice Changer and Recorder



Voice recorder and editor

AV Voice Changer Diamond


Not sure

Voice recorder and editor

Demon Voice Changer


Not sure

Scream Voice Changer

Part 1. The Best Scream Ghostface Voice Changer

In our reviewing list, WooTechy SoundBot is the best scream voice changer because of it's features and usability. SoundBot offers a wide range of options to transform your voice in real-time and create unique audio experiences, including the popular "scream voice."

Its real time AI voice changer makes it useful for online gamers and content creators. WooTechy SoundBot can change voice of pre-recorded audio files as well as real time voice recordings.

With 250 voice+ filters and more than 600+ sound effects, you can get scream voice and ghostface voice without effort. In addition, you can also change your voice to celebrity voice in real time, suh as Donald Trump AI voice, Joe Biden voice, BlackPink Lisa, or Taylor Swift.

    Key Features of SoundBot-The Best Scream Voice Changer




    • It offers real-time AI voice change functionality powered by advanced technology that ensure smooth output.

    • It offers 250+ voice filters and 600+ sound effects including ghostface voice, scream voice, ghost, Cartoon and more.

    • It can be used directly for real-time voice changing in online chatting apps and games such as Discord, Zoom, Fortnite, Xbox, etc.

    • You can import .mp3 and .wav audio files, and further change the files voice.

    • It updates new voice weekly, including new free voice.

    • Built-in 400+ voice memes, and support editing Memes, including the Ghostface.

    • Download for Free

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Video Guide for the Ghostface (Scream) Voice Changer

frame Pros

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Converts voice faster than other apps.

  • Very realistic sound after conversion

frame_2 Cons

  • Only available for Windows.

Steps Guide to Generate Scream Ghostface voice with WooTechy SoundBot

The process to get a Ghostface voice in WooTechy SoundBot is simple and easy. Using WooTechy SoundBot, you can change your sound recording voice as well as real-time. You can do so by following the below steps:

Step 1: Launch the voice changer

Download WooTechy SoundBot for free and installed on your computer, launch the program.

Download for Free

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Step 2: Set input and output device

After launching, select your input microphone device and output headphone device. You can change your voice in real-time or import pre-recorded sounds.

set wootechy soundbot scream voice changer

Step 3: Select a scream sound effect

Now, explore different voices from VoiceBox, you should see different type of the scream voice effects. You can select "Ghostface" and speak to your Microphone. It will help you to transform your voice to screaming voice. You can also upload the audio file to change and explore it.

Scream Voice Changer

Secure Download

Part 2. Other 7 Popular scream voice changer apps

Yes, there are many voice changer apps that let you change your voice into a scream voice.

1. LingoJam

If you're looking for a scream voice changer online app, LingoJam offers a dedicated online tool to change your original voice to screams and spooky voices. You can do so by selecting the scream filter coupled with voice pitch adjustment.

You can either upload the sound recorder or record your voice to change it to scream sound. It offers two input methods. LingoJam is one of the best scream voice changers by offering a fast conversion.

LingoJam user interface

Key Features

It supports the browse file option as well as voice recording.

You can change the voice of video files too.

It allows for pitch adjustments.

Apart from voice change, you can alter playback speed too.

frame Pros

  • Simple interface with clear navigation.

  • Fastest conversion for any scary voice changer.

frame_2 Cons

  • Provides output file in .wav format only.

2. MorphVOX Voice Changer

MorphVOX voice changer by Screaming Bee is a versatile scream voice changer. There are two versions of this software; MorphVOX Jr, which is a free version, and MorphVOX Pro.

MorphVOX voice changers change your voice in real-time and allow you to edit as well. If you use its free version, you are limited to two different voice filters only. However, its pro version offers a generous collection of voice filters.

MorphVOX Pro user interface

Key Features

It provides high-quality voice change technology.

It has many built-in sound effects as well as downloadable packs.

You can integrate it easily with online games and chat programs.

You can add background sound while you talk.

It’s equipped with Ultra-quiet background cancellation.

frame Pros

  • MorphVOX Jr is optimized for online gaming.

  • Free to download and use.

  • Offers audio bundles to download separately.

frame_2 Cons

  • Free version is limited to 3 voice mods only.

  • Ghost voices are available in Pro version.

3. Scary Voice Changer

Scary Voice Changer is an Android app that allows users to change their voice and create spooky and horrifying sounds. The app offers various features and effects to modify and transform your voice, making it perfect for pranks, Halloween, or creating scary sound montages.

Its interface complements its functionality as you’ll see ghostface and dark interface across the app.

scary voice changer app for Android

Key Features

It offers several scream voices since it’s a purpose-made scream voice changer.

It lets you record your voice and change it into screams.

You can create a custom voice by changing frequency and pitch.

You can edit your sound recording.

It offers monstrous ringtones for your phone.

frame Pros

  • Allows to change the pitch of your voice

  • Easy to use.

frame_2 Cons

  • Doesn’t change voice in real-time.

  • Only focus on scream voice changing, without any other voice filters.

4. Scary Voice Changer and Recorder

Are you an iOS user? If so, then you need this scary voice changer and recorder. It’s an easy to use free scream voice changer with an extensive collection of spooky sound effects.

Whether you want to change your voice into a spooky animal sound or ghost voice, you can do it with this app.

scary voice changer and recorder for iOS interface

Key Features

It offers the most generous collection of spooky screams and frightening voices.

You can import as well as share recordings on Discord.

You can modify the speed and pitch of your voice.

frame Pros

  • Easy to use with a user-friendly interface.

  • Allows you to rename and listen to recordings.

frame_2 Cons

  • Shows ads, which’s understandable since it’s a free app.

5. Voicemod

Conversing with your online gaming partners is more fun when you do it in an exciting voice such as scream. Voicemod is one of the best ghostface voice changers when it comes to gaming use.

Its popularity comes from its distinctive interface, which is nothing like most scream voice changers. Besides excellent functionality, it has an appealing and modern interface.

Thanks to its self-explanatory navigation, users can easily change voice using Voicemod. You can use it on your computer if you have Windows 7 or any latest version.

voicemod user interface

Key Features

It has multiple voice filters to choose from that can make your voice sound entirely different.

If you use its Pro version, you can create custom voice.

Its voice mods can be configured by changing pitch.

It can change your voice in real-time.

frame Pros

  • User-friendly interface with aesthetically pleasing design.

  • Forever free accessibility for basic version.

frame_2 Cons

  • Works on Windows only.

6. Voice Changer by AVSoft Corp

Voice Changer by AVSoft Corp is an voice software that allows users to modify their voices during waveform editing. It provides a complete home audio workstation, allowing users to control voices, apply effects, and customize settings. There is no definite data on the number of voice filters. But it is available for modify the scream Ghostface voice.

Voice Changer by AVSoft Corp

frame Pros

  • Comparable with different platforms such as Skype, Discord, and Twitch.

  • Provide additional tools such as a voice recorder, voice-over editor, and file morpher.

frame_2 Cons

  • Not economic. $99.95 is required.

  • Outdated interfaces.

7. Demon Voice Changer

The "Demon Voice Changer" is a ghostface voice changer available on mobile end that allows users to modify their voices to sound like demons, ghosts, goblins, or other scary entities. It is primarily used for entertainment purposes, such as pranks, live streaming, or adding a creepy touch to audio recordings.

Demon Voice Changer

frame Pros

  • Available on Android and iOS phone.

  • Ease of use.

frame_2 Cons

  • Have limited availability on specific platforms.

  • Sound with a mechanical feel.

Wrap up

Scream voice changer can add a lot of fun to your content. You can use them to make prank calls or simply to conceal your original voice while playing games online. The top 8 scream voice changer reviewed in this article can be used online or on smartphones and PCs.

Among them, WooTechy SoundBot is the best real-time AI Ghostface voice changer software, which directly offers the scream/ghost voice filter and you can also use it in various platforms. Just download it and get the most realistic Scream Voice now!

Wootechy SoundBot-Best Scream Ghostface Voice Changer

  • Change voice with 250+ Filters in real-time

  • In-buit 600+ Voice effects and 150+memes

  • Record and edit the audio

  • Support transferring audio to different type

Download for Free

Secure Download

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