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SpongeBob SquarePants is a revered American animated series. The series began in July 1999, with the main character of the series being SpongeBob. Both the show and the lead character have enjoyed a loyal fanbase. Because of its popularity, many people sing the theme song and mimic the voice of some of the characters, especially SpongeBob. They use it to spice up conversations with friends and relatives.

Often, users employ it to trick others during a phone call without giving out their identity. Or they want to convert their text to a SpongeBob speech. Sadly, only a few users can make the SpongeBob voice like Thomas James Keeny. He has been doing the SpongeBob voice for over two decades. This article will show these users how to transform their voice using the SpongeBob voice generator. Also, provide the tips for SpongeBob text to speech.

spongebob voice generator

Part 1. Can You Change Your Voice to SpongeBob?

Yes, you can change your voice into SpongeBob for your audio or video recording. Additionally, changing your voice to SpongeBob is possible during a call. To do so, you need a speech generator or voice converter that has the SpongeBob voice option. The latter part of this article shows you some of the SpongeBob voice generator options available.

Part 2. How Do You Do the SpongeBob Voice?

You do not have to hurt your throat to produce the comic SpongeBob voice. All you need is an AI voice changer app like WooTechy SoundBot. This SpongeBob voice generator allows you to change your voice with 125+ voice filters including SpongeBob. Unlike many voice changer tools, SoundBot allows users to produce new voices in real time instead of only making recorded audio.

In addition, you can create a SpongeBob voice for your audio files by importing it. In the same way, you can export SpongeBob voice as an audio file that you can use to make a video or share it with others.

SoundBot – Good SpongeBob Voice Generator




  • Has 400+ voice effects and 200+ voice memes to double up the fun.

  • It has a VoiceStudio feature for adjusting the pitch and customizing your unique SpongeBob voice.

  • You can use it to change your voice to SpongeBob in different programs and games like Discord, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, Zoom, etc.

  • Offers 5 free voices every day and is much easier to use with a user-friendly interface.

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To change your voice to SpongeBob, follow these steps:

Video Guide to Use SpongeBob Voice Generator:

YouTube Video

Text Guide to Use SpongeBob Voice Generator:

Download and install the WooTechy SoundBot app on your Windows computer. Open the application and set it up. Set your microphone and headphone as the input and output devices for the app.

select input device

select output device

Go to VoiceBox tab and find the SpongeBob voice filter in the Feature Voice section. Speak to your microphone and your voice is changed to SpongeBob voice in real-time.

soundbot spongebob voice

To Use WooTechy SoundBot on gaming, audio, and video platforms, just ensure that SoundBot is active on your PC. Launch the gaming, audio, or video app you want to use a different voice. Go to the app's Settings and set the Input Device option to SoundBot.

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Part 3. How Do You Get Text to Speech SpongeBob?

It is possible to have a typed script changed into a speech with SpongeBob's voice using a TTS (Text to Speech) tool. Hence, this section will show you some options available for SpongeBob voice generator text to speech.

1. FakeYou

This website is a free tool that uses deep fake technology to transform the text into speech. You can have your speech in SpongeBob's voice or other characters of the SpongeBob SquarePants show. Altogether, there are over 2,400+ voices to choose from.

fakeyou website

Hence, you can access SpongeBob’s voice in the list of voice categories on the website. Once the speech has been generated, you can save it in multiple audio formats. Follow the steps below to use this option.

Visit this website on your browser. Pick the SpongeBob option from the cartoon voice catalog.

Put the text you want to convert in the textbox. Complete the process by clicking on Speak.

spongebob voice in fakeyou

Once the speech has been generated, you can download the file.

2. Uberduck

Uberduck is an online service for changing text to SpongeBob speech. Users can access over 5000 voices on this website. It allows developers to get API and API documentation for using the feature on their audio apps. Users can use the app to create custom voice clones of SpongeBob and other characters of SpongeBob SquarePants. The interface of the app is easy-to-use.

uberduck website

Likewise, you can join the Uberduck users’ community on Discord to get some great ideas for using the platform. However, you have to sign in using your mail or Discord account before using this tool. Here is how to use Uberduck.

Visit it on your web browser. Sign up using your mail or Discord account. Put the text you want to convert in the Enter text to synthesize box.

Pick the SpongeBob SquarePants option in the list category and pick the character you want in the subcategory.

Complete the process by clicking on Synthesize.

uberduck step

3. 15.ai

15.ai is a website for SpongeBob voice generator text to speech. It has the most straightforward interface on this list. For instance, you can get your speech by clicking on the Generate button or pressing the Enter key if you are using a PC. You can do this without having to sign up.

Similarly, it is one of the fastest TTS tools online because it works in real-time. And you can download your audio file easily or use it on other platforms with the Download link button. Use these steps to generate SpongeBob voice on 15.ai.

Visit the website and pick the cartoon character you want, e.g., SpongeBob. Put the text you want to convert in the textbox.

Complete the process by clicking on the Generate button or pressing the Enter key if you are using a PC.

15ai step


There are many lovers of the SpongeBob SquarePants TV series. Hence, these fans want to get the SpongeBob voice generator to recreate the voice of their favorite cartoon characters. If you are one of these fans, you can use WooTechy SoundBot to change your voice to any AI voices, including SpongeBob. Additionally, you may want to change a comic script to SpongeBob's voice. Finally, you can use the options above for your SpongeBob voice generator text to speech. Free to download and get SpongeBob AI Voice in Real time!

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