Activation Lock on iPhone XR: How to Bypass Safely?


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iPhone iCloud activation is a very useful security feature. If you set it up on your iPhone XR and someone steals it, the activation lock will prevent the other person from getting access to your data.

However, when you forget your Apple ID or password, or you end up buying an used activation-locked iPhone, the activation lock could totally make your iPhone XR a piece of useless digital trash.

However, there are actually some tricks that allow you to bypass the activation lock on your iPhone XR. And today we are going to have a look at some of them and show you how to do that.

bypass the activation lock on your iPhone XR

Part 1: About Activation Lock on iPhone XR...

Before we get into the topic of how to bypass activation lock on iPhone XR, let’s take some moment and have a better look at the lock itself.

The activation lock is the main security feature used in iOS. When you buy your iPhone and activate it, Apple ties your Apple ID to the iPhone’s unique identifier, effectively preventing other Apple IDs from signing in and using the device. This means that your iPhone XR cannot be reset by anyone else unless they have your Apple ID and password combination.

activation lock

It is unlikely that you will notice activation lock on your iPhone XR until you install a major iOS upgrade or reset your device. You will be prompted to verify and activate your iPhone by signing in with your Apple ID.

Activation lock is linked to the Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone XR. This feature will help you locate your device in the case it goes missing. Once you enable Find My iPhone, the activation lock on your iPhone is activated. And that’s why you should always turn off the Find My iPhone feature before you transfer the ownership of your iPhone XR to someone else.

Part 2: When You Are Locked Out of Your iPhone XR...

The activation lock feature is turned on by default since iOS 8. So it’s very likely that your iPhone XR has this feature turned on without you even knowing it… until you get locked out of your phone.

Now watch the video to learn How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone XR and Other iPhone Models first.

YouTube Video

If it’s your own iPhone XR:

If you have been locked out of your iPhone XR or have forgotten your Apple ID password, the most recommended solution is to use Apple’s iForgot website and follow the step-to-step insturctions to look up your email address and reset your password. But usually, that would take a long time. You need to provide a lot of information to prove that you are actually… well, you.


If you can indeed prove that you are the owner of this iPhone XR, or the owner of this Apple ID, then this official method is definitely most recommended. It’s a little bit time consuming, but at least it’s official, which means it’s safe and reliable.

If it’s an used iPhone XR:

Whether it’s an used iPhone XR that you just bought from eBay, or it’s a phone that you inherited from someone else, getting locked by someone else’s Apple ID could be just frustrating.

If the original owner can still get hands on the device, then you could ask him or her to remove the activation lock on iPhone XR. Duh. But if the original owner is nowhere near you, well, you can still contact him or her to remotely remove the device from the Apple ID. Here is how to do that:

Step 1: First the original owner of the iPhone XR should log into iCloud on any device, go to “Find My”, find the iPhone XR and click “Erase iPhone” to erase all data of the device.

erase iphone

Step 2: Then original owner should go to Apple ID in Settings on any of his or her device, then tap the device that needs to be removed, select “Remove from Account”.

remove iphone from apple id

Part 3: If You Decide to Bypass Activation Lock on Your Own

All those solutions above are official solutions. They are reliable, but complicated, and need tons of information from the original owner of the Apple ID.

If you want to make things simple, another option here is to bypass the activation lock on the iPhone XR by yourself with an activation lock bypass tool.

Watch out for scammers

However, the sad fact is, there are not many tools that supports iPhone XR activation lock removal, so it might be a bit difficult to do that currently. You need to look out for scams that claim to be able to bypass activation lock on iPhone XR. Especially when they don't have an offical website, or require you to finish payment upfront.

activation lock scam

WooTechy iSalvor

With that being said, there is indeed one decent activation lock removal tool that's worth your attention. WooTechy iSalvor activation bypass tool is a relatively new activation lock program. Although the program does not support all iPhone models for the time being, it keeps updating its functions and adding support for more iPhone models all the time. You can test whether your device is supported or not for absolutely free by simply downloading and trying the program.

winFree Downloadmac whiteFree Download

iSalvor is an excellent solution when looking to bypass iCloud activation lock if you do not know the Apple ID and password. iSalvor will help you bypass activation lock on a second-hand iPhone with activation lock on, or if you CANNOT remember the Apple ID and password required to unlock the iCloud activation lock.

isalvor bypassing

Use iSalvor to bypass activation lock

iSalvor is very easy to use and will only take several simple steps to remove the activation lock on your iPhone.

You can watch a video to learn How to Bypass Activation Lock with WooTechy iSalvor.

YouTube Video

Step 1: Download WooTechy iSalvor from the WooTechy Official Website. Because iSalvor keeps updating and adding support for new models, make sure you download the latest version from its website or using the links above.

winFree Downloadmac whiteFree Download

Step 2: Launch iSalvor and click “Start”, then connect your device with activation lock to your computer.

enter isalvor

Step 3: Then you need to jailbreak your device. But don't worry, iSalvor will guide you through the entire process. Once it’s completed, verify your device information and click “Start Bypass”.

start bypass in isalvor

Step 4: Then all you need to do is wait. Usually it only takes you seconds to bypass the activtion lock after jailbreaking.

bypass successful in isalvor


Using iSalvor to bypass the activation lock screen will jailbreak your iPhone. But if you flash or upgrade your device, the activation lock screen will appear again after reboot. Try avoid rebooting your device. If it does re-appear, just use iSalvor to bypass the activation screen lock again and you'll be good.


Because the demand for bypassing actuvation lock is massive, there are many scams or malware on the internet that claim to be able to remove activation lock on your iPhone XR. It's obvious that using the OFFICIAL approaches to remove the actication lock on your iPhone XR is the most recommended. But if you decide to bypass activation lock on your own with software, then make sure you choose a solid program.

WooTechy isalvor is a trustworthy and legitimate method you can use to remove the activation lock from your iPhone. You can try it for free and see if your device is supported, and we are always here to help in case you have any problems while using the software.

winFree Downloadmac whiteFree Download

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