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[2021] Top 4 Methods to IMEI iCloud Unlock iOS Devices


Apr 18, 2021 (Updated: Sep 10, 2021) • Filed to: Bypass Activation Lock

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Sometimes the activation lock will pop up when you reset a used iPhone. You can't proceed unless you have the old owner's iCloud credentials, or they remotely remove it from their iCloud account. What should have been a joyous occasion is one marred with frustration, trying to find the way to IMEI iCloud unlock your device!

Fortunately, there are ways to unlock your iPhone - even if the seller isn't responsive - and use your device! Let's first explore what the IMEI number is and how it can help you start using your phone.

IMEI iCloud unlock

Information about IMEI iCloud Unlock That You Should Know

If this is the first time you've ever encountered the activation lock screen, you're probably wondering what it does and why it's blocking you from entering your device. First introduced with iOS 7 way back in 2013, the activation lock prevents someone from stealing your iPhone, erasing and using it. Only the user who set up the lock can disable it.

The idea behind this feature is to discourage theft. After all, if nobody can use the stolen iPhone, it's not worth much to anyone.

activation lock

Under the hood, this feature works since Apple stores your device's unique identifiers, one of which is the IMEI code, with your iCloud account. When the phone enters set up mode, it pings Apple's servers to see if anyone has this device registered to their iCloud account. If they do, it pops up the activation lock screen and refuses to let anyone go further.

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) code is 15 digits long. This code is unique to your device. There are no duplicate codes out there, and the code on your device cannot be changed.

imei code

Since the IMEI code on your device is unique, you can use an IMEI iCloud unlock to bypass the activation lock. These services work by taking your device's unique IMEI code and removing the lock from Apple's servers. When your phone pings Apple for the activation lock status, it'll return "no lock" for its IMEI.

Are you interested in an IMEI iCloud unlock? If so, you'll need your device's IMEI code. Here are 3 ways to get IMEI code on your iPhone.

triangleGo to Settings -> General -> About. Scroll down to the bottom to see your device's IMEI code.

triangleGo to your iPhone app and dial *#06#. You'll see a card pop up with all the device info, including the IMEI code.

triangleConnect your device into your computer and launch iTunes. Under the device name, you should see its IMEI.

3 Ways to Bypass iCloud Activation with IMEI Free

If you're looking for a free iCloud unlock with IMEI, some websites claim that they can do this for you. Here are 3 of the most common IMEI iCloud unlock websites out there.

iCloud Activation Lock Service

This site offers IMEI iCloud unlock services. The process to order from them is "simple" (more on this in the next section). All you need to do is enter your device information, including the IMEI number, and they will confirm your order. Once you approve it, they will go ahead and unlock your device. They claim that the process is genuinely that trivial!

This site claims to offer a few distinct features, including 24/7 support, free unlocks, and secure servers to ensure your identifiers remain out of malicious hands.

activation lock

iCloud Remover

Developed for Windows, iCloud Remover is an application that gathers all the necessary information about your device and submits it to their servers for unlocking. You'll need to download it, plug in your iPhone, and see if it registers it as unlockable to use this software.

If iCloud Remover claims that your device is unlockable, it will offer you the option to buy the full version. Therefore, it’s not totally free of charge. The fact that it is a local Windows application is positive for this solution. It cuts down on mistyped numbers and other complications that a web-only unlocking tool has.

icloud remover

Free IMEI iCloud Unlock

This app is a little unique in the world of free iCloud unlocks with IMEI. It's on Google Play, which means that you need an Android device to launch it. If you happen to have a second Android phone (or you want to load the app up in an emulator on your PC or Mac), this solution might work for you.

It's relatively straightforward. Enter your information, such as the make, model, and IMEI of your phone, and they will attempt to unlock it for you. This app has mixed user reviews, with some people suggesting that it works, and others suggesting that it does not.

There are a couple of excellent features of this solution. For starters, it's an app, so if you do happen to have an Android device, it's very convenient. You'll also get free unlock, as well, so the fact that there is no money involved is always a bonus.

free imei iCloud unlock

The Traps for IMEI iCloud Unlock You Should Avoid

When people first learn of these IMEI iCloud Unlock solutions, they often want to try them. And it makes sense. The prospect of being able to bypass iCloud activation with IMEI for free is alluring.

You're in a crisis, facing the real possibility that this device might be a permanent brick, so to get "free" help with just an IMEI number seems almost too good to be true. Most, if not all, of the online IMEI iCloud unlock solutions are scams.

check imei with keypad

correct_two You might be wondering how something free can be a SCAM. For starters, these services often charge money. Some say that "easy" unlocks would be free, but "harder ones" cost money. Of course, everyone's device is a "hard" device to unlock, thereby requiring a real money PAYMENT.

correct_two Some sites try to alleviate fears of spending money by offering a money-back guarantee. The problem is that, in many cases, the money-back guarantee is useless. The company either doesn't honor it or alleges that the order you placed is outside the guarantee's scope. For example, one tactic is to declare your first payment a "pre-order" and then say no refunds for "pre-orders".

correct_two You will likely notice many positive "testimonials" and "reviews" for each of these places. They'll often claim to have unlocked hundreds of thousands of devices and have tens of thousands of happy customers. Unfortunately, the internet can make this type of deception easy. In reality, most of these reviews are entirely false, and they haven't unlocked all these devices. So you should be careful.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock without IMEI (iOS 15 Included)

All hope is not lost, though! Suppose you find yourself unable to bypass the iCloud activation with IMEI for free. In that case, you can always use WooTechy iSalvor, which is virtually guaranteed to get your iPhone/iPad up and running again. It's the best way to unlock your device without requiring any iCloud credentials.

wootechy isalvor

75,000,000+ Downloads

WooTechy iSalvor's solution has a few key features:

  • Bypass activation lock screen entirely without IMEI, Apple ID and password.

  • Support iOS versions from 12.3 to iOS 15 on devices between iPhone 5S to iPhone X, except iOS 12.4.5 & 12.4.6.

  • Available for Mac OS and Windows to bypass iCloud.

  • Bypass iCloud account if your iCloud account has been hacked.

  • Use a new Apple ID to login your account after iCloud bypass.

winTry It Freemac whiteTry It Free

Bypassing the activation lock with iSalvor is incredibly easy. Follow these relatively simple steps.

Step 1. First, download and install WooTechy iSalvor. Run the application after. Once the application launches, press "Start" to begin the process.

launch isalvor

Step 2. You'll see a prompt to connect your iPhone. Plug it into your computer via USB.

connect your device to computer

Step 3. You'll see some prompts for how to jailbreak your device. These steps vary between the Mac OS and Windows versions. Click "Jailbreak Tutorial" if your device hasn’t been jailbroken.

start to jailbreak your device

Step 4. Once you've jailbroken your device, you'll see a screen entitled "Please Confirm Your Device Information". Make sure all the info matches up on that screen with your connected device. If it does, press "Start Bypass".

start to the process of bypassing activation lock

WooTechy iSalvor will take several seconds to complete the iCloud unlock on your device. Once the process finishes, the software will let you know, and you can disconnect your device and use it like new!

bypass activation lock successfully

Watch a Video Turtoial to learn how to bypass iCloud locked iPhone/iPad easily if you have a Mac.

YouTube Video


Unfortunately, most of the IMEI iCloud unlock solutions that are available online might not work. And the vast majority of the sites are scams, looking to take advantage of desperate users.

Fortunately, though, WooTechy iSalvor does work. While it doesn't operate off your IMEI number, it does let you bypass the activation lock straightforwardly and intuitively. Most importantly, iSalvor will bypass iCloud, so you can stop fighting with your iPhone's activation lock and start enjoying your device. It also supports the latest iOS 15 now. Take a free trial right now!

winTry It Freemac whiteTry It Free

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