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[2021] Effective Methods on How to Reset a Disabled iPhone


Apr 18, 2021 (Updated: Dec 17, 2021) • Filed to: Bypass Activation Lock

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If you’re getting an “iPhone is disabled” message on your iPhone screen, it means that you or someone has entered its passcode incorrectly for 10 times in a row. In this worst-case scenario, your iPhone will be disabled and you will not be able to input any password again.

In most cases, it is an ingenious security feature of iPhone that bars outsiders from hacking or breaking into your device. However, once an iPhone gets disabled by mistake and you do not remember the passcode, things could get really tricky. Thus, today we are going to talk about how to reset a disabled iPhone so that you can regain the access to the device. Keep reading.

iphone disabled sample

Part 1: Why the Official iTunes Resetting Is Not Recommended

Most people have a misconception that using iTunes, as instructed on Apple’s website, is the easiest way to get out of this uncomfortable situation, which is far from reality. A lot many reasons justify why one shouldn’t use iTunes to reset disabled iPhone, which includes but not limited to:

Restrictions: The biggest downside of using iTunes is that your iPhone would still be locked by Activation Lock after resetting it, which we will discuss later. And if you don't know the Apple ID and passcode, the device is still a brick for you.

Bad Ease of Use: iTunes is not easy to use even for regular users, given the fact that every iPhone model has its own key combination to enter the recovery mode, in which way iTunes can detect the device.

Time Consuming: The process is too lengthy and sometimes can take even a few hours to complete.

Bugs: Even worse, many users have reported that the program often shows bugs during the resetting process and your iPhone may get stuck on Apple logo or recovery mode screen.

That's why we don't recommend you the iTunes resetting. However, there are still other methods that you can try to unlock your disabled iPhone. Let's try them one by one.

Part 2: Unlock Disabled iPhone Without iTunes via iSalvor

Coming to the solutions, there are a myriad of ways to reset disabled iPhone without iTunes. However, if you’re looking for the most ultimate and efficient method to reset a disabled iPhone, then WooTechy iSalvor is your perfect companion.

It is third-party software that helps you unlock the screen lock of a disabled iPhone without you knowing any passcode or technical knowledge. Additionally, your mobile won’t be stuck on the Activation Lock screen once you have bypassed the screen lock using iSalvor – unlike that of using iTunes or iCloud. Moreover, it is compatible with most iPhone models and iOS versions right now, making it outstanding among other competitors. Above all, it puts foremost emphasis on ensuring the safety and security of your device – as we all know the security pitfalls associated with using unreliable third-party tools.

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Activation lock is a feature associated with the Find My iPhone function. If the Find My iPhone function is turned on, then your device will be locked after resetting. iSalvor makes sure that your device does not get locked after resetting whatsoever.

Follow the guide below to unlock disabled iPhone using iSalvor:

Step 1: Start by downloading and installing the WooTechy iSalvor on your Mac/PC and then launch the program. On the main interface, click on the Remove Screen Lock and Bypass Activation option.

isalvor remove lock and activation

Step 2: Then connect your disabled iPhone to the computer via original cable. After that, iSalvor will ask you to confirm the device’s information to continue the process.

isalvor device information

Step 3: Now, if you are using Mac computer, iSalvor will automatically download the jailbreak package corresponding to your device model. Then, click on Start Jailbreak and then you need to follow the on-screen instructions to start the screen lock bypassing process. The process will change slightly depending on the iOS version running on your device. If you are using the PC, you can follow the jailbreak tutorial given on the screen to complete the process.

start jailbreak

Step 4: Lastly, the program will undergo a range of processes to remove the screen lock and bypass the iCloud activation. Wait patiently until it is completed and then start using it as a new device. It doesn’t get any simple than that.

successfully reset

Part 3: Reset Disabled iPhone Without Computer via iCloud (Apple ID and Passcode Required)

The only drawback of iSalvor is that you must have a Mac or PC to perform the resetting. And if you are wondering whether it’s possible to reset a disabled iPhone without using a computer. The answer is YES.

Using iCloud is definitely the easiest method to reset the disabled iPhone. The only condition is that the disabled iPhone must be synced with your Apple ID. If it’s, follow the steps below to do it:

Step 1: Using another device, go to

log in icloud

Step 2: On the main page, log in with your Apple ID and then choose the All Devices option at the top.

all devices

Step 3: You will see a list of all the devices synced with your Apple ID. Select the iPhone that’s currently disabled. After that, select Erase iPhone. A pop-up confirmation window will appear showing that all the data on your device will be removed. Click on Erase to confirm the action.

reset disabled iphone

Once your iPhone is erased, you can restore all your apps and other purchases on the iPhone from the iCloud backup.

Part 4: FAQs About Unlocking Disabled iPhone

This section will answer some FAQs of iPhone users pertaining to unlocking disabled iPhones to help readers develop a better understanding of the process. Read them carefully to get answers to your queries.

Q I Remember the passcode. Can I unlock the disabled iPhone without losing data?

If your device is permanently disabled, the answer is NO. There’s no way a user can unlock a disabled iPhone without resetting it. The very purpose of this security feature is to protect your data from outsiders. So, you need to reset it and restore your data from iCloud or any other backup, else your data will be wiped out permanently.

Q Why is there an activation lock on my iPhone after resetting?

Activation lock appears when the Find My iPhone feature on the disabled iPhone is turned on. In such a scenario, you have to enter the iCloud credentials after resetting. Apple has inducted this feature to keep your data secure, in case your device lands in the wrong hands.

However, you can avoid facing this situation by using iSalvor which removes both screen lock and iCloud activation lock.

Q Will my iPhone be damaged by using iSalvor?

The developers of iSalvor pay foremost attention to ensure the safety of users’ iPhones. Not to brag about it but iSalvor doesn’t cause any damage to an iPhone – as long as you clearly follow instructions. That’s why thousands of iPhone users rely on it to bypass the screen and activation lock.

Q Is iSalvor free to use?

Although iSalvor is not completely free to use, it does offer a free version to help assess its efficiency and authenticity. Since the very purpose of this software is to help users get past the disabled iPhone screen. It doesn’t lure users into buying the paid version until they are satisfied with the product. You can download the program for free and give it a try with the download buttons below.

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Final Remarks

To sum it all, the iPhone is disabled message pops up when entering the incorrect screen passcode 10 times. Cases of entering the wrong password inadvertently are far too common.

However, this issue can be fixed rather easily and the best way to do so is by using WooTechy iSalvor. We have outlined a step-by-step guideline on how you can regain access to a disabled iPhone using iSalvor. Additionally, we also discussed how users can set up the disabled iPhone as a brand-new device using iCloud. Just choose the one you like and unlock your disabled iPhone right now!

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