Have you ever faced a situation where your iPhone screen shows that "This iPhone is Linked to an Apple ID" appears on your iPhone? It happens when you reset your iPhone while it is linked to an apple id. Most of the time, this situation has no solution because iPhone doesn't work until you enter the same apple id and password that you linked to it.

However, in this article, you will get to know an easy solution to unlock activation lock of an iphone/ipad without password. Please continue reading this article.

Part 1. Why Does "This iPhone Is Linked to an Apple ID" Appear?

First, we need to understand that why does "This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID" appear on screen. When you set up a new iPhone, it asks you to make an apple ID or connect a previous one. Without adding an Apple ID, you will unable to download anything from Apple store or use many other features of iPhone. So, an Apple ID is mandatory to use iPhone. Once, we connect an ID, it got linked with the phone.

The activation lock explaining that this iPhone/iPad is linked to an apple ID appears when we reset an iPhone. As the phone is already linked with an Apple ID, it asks you to enter the same ID and password to use the phone. If a person is unable to enter it, the phone will not be unlocked.

this iphone is linked to an apple id

Part 2. How to Solve "This iPhone Is Linked to an Apple ID" Problem

Following are 3 different methods that can help you solve the "This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID..." problem, choose that one that suits your situation.

2.1 Bypass Activation Lock to Remove (iOS 15 Included)

Suitable for: Your own iPhone & Sceonghand iPhone

Apple Activation lock cannot be bypassed without providing an accurate and previously linked Apple ID and password. However, with the help of an professional tool, you can skip the activation screen showing that this iPhone/iPad is linked to an Apple ID. WooTechy iSalvor  iCloud activation lock bypass tool is hassle-free and efficient software to bypass activation lock on iOS devices.

wootechy isalvor

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Features of  iSalvor:

  • Bypass "This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID ..." sccreen without Apple ID and passwords.

  • Enter your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and use iOS features except making calls, accessing cellular data or  iCloud.

  • Sign in a new Apple ID after bypassing the activation lock screen.

  • The previously used Apple ID can't track or erase your device.

  • Support iPhone 5S to iPhone X running iOS 12.3 to iOS 15, excluding iOS 12.4.5 and 12.4.6.

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Remove "This iPhone is Linked to an Apple ID ..." Screen with WooTechy iSalvor

Here are four easy steps to bypass "This iPhone/iPad is linked to an apple id" activation lock.

Step 1. Run WooTechy iSalvor

Simply install of download WooTechy iSalvor on your Apple device. Click on the "Start" button.

bypass iCloud activation lock

Step 2. Link Your iOS Device

Link your iPhone with a cable to the PC. In case the connection fail, please check the option "Your iDevice can't be recognized" on the software screen and see solutions.

Step 3. Jailbreak Your iDevice

If you are using iSalvor Mac version, the software will help jailbreak your device automatically alon with simple operations.

For Windows, there is no jailbreak tool, but you can refer to the given Jailbreak Tutorial and follow instructions.  After completion, click on "Finished Jailbreak" and proceed.

jailbreak ios device

Step 4. Bypass Apple Activation Lock Screen

At this stage, all information of your device will be displayed on screen.Check the model of your iDevice, serial number, IMEI, and UDID. Click "Start Bypass" to start the unlocking procedure. It will automatically bypass activation lock in some time.

Confirm device information

Once you can see display screen, the unlocking is successful.Now click on the Done button and enjoy using your device.

apple activation lock bypassed

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2.2 Ask the Previous Owner to Remove Apple ID Remotely

Suitable for:  Sceonghand iPhone

If you are not the original owner, when the screen shows "this iPhone is linked to an Apple ID" message, then there is no way to bypass it unless you use an efficient tool for bypassing or you ask from previous owner to remove Apple ID remotely. If you can get in touch with the previous owner and prove that you have authorized ownership, just let the previous owner do the following steps to remove this.

Step 1. Sign into the official iCloud website with previously linked Apple ID.

Step 2. Go to the "Find  iPhone" option.

Find iPhone in iCloud website

Step 3. Select the device you bought from the "All Devices" list.

Step 4. Click "Remove from Account" option  and follow the prompts and instructions.

Turn off FMI through iCloud

After the previously used Apple ID is removed from the iPhone, there won't be any locks. You can use it as a brand new device without any restrictions.

2.3 Change/Reset Apple Password to Remove Apple ID from iPhone

Suitable for:  Your Own iPhone

If you are the owner and wants to sell your iPhone or any other Apple device, then make sure to remove, ore reset previous locks. Here are the steps to do it:

Step 1. Open your Apple ID account page. Click "Forgot Apple ID or password".

Forgot Apple ID

Step 2. Log in your Apple ID. If you unluckily forgot the Apple ID, chose "look it up" option.

Enter Apple ID

Step 3. You'll be required to enter the phone number that is used when signing up this Apple ID. It will ask you to use a two-factor authentication method. If you received the message, just follow the instructions from the message to reset the password to your Apple ID.

confirm phone number

The prerequisite of fetting back Apple ID and password from the official website is al least to have access to the combined phone number, used account name or answers to the security questions. If you don;t have any of these information but get stuck on "This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID" screen, you are recommended to try method 2.1.

Part 3. More Questions about "This iPhone Is Linked to an Apple ID"

In this section of the article, you'll find helpful tips, tricks, and answers on how to Activation lock.

Q1:   How do I find my Apple ID is linked to my iPhone?

A simple way is to check where your apple device is signed in. Go to settings and scroll down. Click on the device name to view relevant information.You can check where the device is trusted and can receive apple ID verification codes.Also, you can check the apple ID used in the apple store.

Q2:  Why does my iPhone/iPad keep asking for my Apple ID?  

Some Apple users have reported a problem that their iPhone/iPad keeps asking for entering the Apple ID login and password even for no reasons. Sometimes it pops up from time to time, sometimes following a iOS update, sometimes due issues with iCloud, or other reasons. Here are some common issues to to fix this issue:

  • Restart Your iPhone

  • Make Sure All Of Your Apps Are Up To Date

  • Sign In And Out Of Apple ID

  • Turn FaceTime & iMessage Off And Back On

  • Reset Your Apple ID Password

  • Put Your iPhone In DFU Mode

  • Contact Apple Support

Q3: Why does my iPhone keep asking for someone else's Apple ID?

The most common answer to this issue is when a person borrows your iPhone or iPad and adds his own Apple ID. He may want to download something from the app store or any other reason. To solve this issue, remove the borrower's ID from the Apple store and use your own ID. It will not this option after you will remove his ID.


In this informative article, we have discussed the reason why "this iphone/ipad is linked to an apple ID" message appears on activation screen. In case you don't have the correct Apple ID and password or find the previous owner, there is no way to skip this verification  unless you use a reliable Apple activation lock bypass tool.  WooTechy iSalvor is a piece of hassle-free software to bypass activation lock screen on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch regardless of their iOS versions, even the iOS 15. Do not hesitate to bypass "This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID" without Apple ID and passwords with the software and see the magic yourself.