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Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go is a powerful mechanic that temporarily transforms your Pokémon into a stronger form, making you gain an advantage over your Pokémon battles. To Mega Evolve, Mega Energy is a must-have.

However, collecting the necessary Mega Energy requires effort and strategy. So we are here to guide you on how to get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go, how to finish Mega Evolutions, and what Pokémon you can evolve into, as well as secret tips for obtaining Mega Energy fast.

Part 1: Rules to Know Before Mega Evolution

Mega Evolution in Pokémon Go is temporary, lasting for 8 hours. While Mega Evolved, your Pokémon gains a significant CP boost and may even change types, making them stronger in battle. Not all Pokémon can Mega Evolve, but you can discern it by checking for the "Mega Evolve" button next to a Pokémon. Upon Mega Evolution, Mega Evolved Pokémon can be used in raids, gym battles, Team GO Rocket battles, and even as your buddy Pokémon, accompanied by many bonuses. Other Rules about Mega Evolution are as follows;

One Mega Evolution at a Time. You can only have one Pokémon Mega-Evolved at once. Initiating Mega Evolution on another Pokémon will revert the previously Mega-Evolved one back to its normal form.

After Mega-Evolving, a Pokémon has a cooldown period before it can Mega-Evolve again. The cooldown duration depends on the Pokémon's Mega Level. For example, 7 days for Level 1, 5 days for Level 2, and 3 days for Level 3.

Shadow & Clones excluded to evolve.

Purified Pokémon can Mega Evolve, but lack the visual white aura of regular Mega Evolutions.

However, unlike traditional evolution, which typically relies on leveling up or evolutionary stones, you'll need Mega Energy specific to each Pokémon. For example, you'll need Charizard Mega Energy to Mega Evolve Charizard, and so on. Next, let’s explore how do you get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go.

How to Get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go

Part 2: How to Get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go?

Method 1: Join Mega Raids Battles

Participating in Mega Raid Battles is the most effective way to get more Mega Energy in Pokemon Go. The amount of Mega Energy you earn can range from 150 to 250 per raid, depending on how quickly you defeat the Mega-Evolved Raid Boss. The faster you win, the more Mega Energy you receive.

Method 2: Complete Research Tasks and Quests

Completing this timed research can reward you with Mega Energy for specific Pokémon, allowing you to strategically build your Mega collection. For instance, catching 10 Fire-type Pokémon grants Charizard or Blaziken Mega Energy.

Method 3: Buddy Pokémon

How to get more Mega Energy in Pokemon Go without raids? If you are also questioning it, then walk with a Buddy. You need to have Mega-Evolved a Pokémon in your Buddy Pokémon's evolutionary line before you can earn Mega Energy this way. For instance, if you want to get Charizard Mega Energy, you must have Mega-Evolved Charizard, Charmeleon, or Charmander beforehand. Then, you can choose any Pokémon in that evolutionary line as your buddy. Every few kilometres walked, you'll have a chance to get Mega Energy without raids.

methods to Get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go

Part 3: How to Accelerate the Process of Getting Mega Energy Fast--Can’t Miss!

Mega Energy is obtainable through raid completions, task achievements, or walking with a buddy Pokémon. However, some research tasks have time or location constraints, and walking requires time and effort. To speed up these tasks, you can consider utilizing tools like Wootechy iMoveGo.

Wootechy iMoveGo is a popular tool designed for spoofing locations on both iOS and Android devices. With that, you can teleport to any locations specified in the Research Tasks, or where a raid is required. Additionally, you can simulate routes for your trainer to walk along with your buddy, accumulating travel distances and getting Mega Energy quickly in Pokémon GO.

    iMoveGo: Best Location Tool for Pokemon Go




    • Change location to any desired place worldwide, offering high accuracy and reliability.

    • Explore different Pokemon Go locations with a GPS Joystick.

    • Customize routes and speed, and simulate walking, jumping, and running.

    • Offer additional PokeStop Map & Cooling Timer.

    • Manipulate Pokémon locations on up to 10 devices at the same time.

    • Support Pokémon Routes Import/Export, and Collection.

    • Works with all location-based apps without jailbreaking, like Tinder, Ingress, Find My, WhatsApp, etc...

iMoveGo features a user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to manipulate your location in Pokemon Go. You can follow the below guides to get Mega Energy quickly in Pokémon GO.

Step 1. Click the above “Try it Free” button, or go to the wootechy iMoveGo's official website, download and install iMoveGo on your computer. Launch it and connect your Android/iPhone/iPad to the PC using USB or WiFi. (Initial use of the product requires a USB)

iMoveGo connect guide

Step 2. Once connected, iMoveGo will automatically load a map of where your current location is. You can easily change your Pokemon Go location to any place on the map by simply searching for it or clicking on a specific spot. After confirming the endpoint, click “Move” and the location will be updated instantly.

teleport location in Pokemon Go with imovego

Step 3. To walk with Buddy or acquire 50 km walking rewards in Pokemon Go, you can also switch to Multi-Spot Mode in the upper right. Then, freely plan your route and set a reasonable speed to have your trainer walk automatically.

imovego multispot mode guide

Part 4: How to Mega Evolve in Pokemon Go?

If you have got enough Mega Energy, where can you use the Mega Evolve? Here are various aspects;

Raids: Mega Evolved Pokémon can significantly boost your attack power and the attack power of all other Pokemon in your raid party during Raid Battles. You can even Mega Evolve your Pokemon directly from the raid lobby before the battle begins.

Gyms: You can battle at Gyms with Mega Evolved Pokémon, granting an attack boost to yourself and other nearby trainers fighting the same gym. However, you cannot leave a Mega-Evolved Pokemon to defend a gym.

Team GO Rocket battles: Mega Evolved Pokémon can be used to battle Team GO Rocket Grunts and Leaders, including Giovanni.

Part 5: Mega Evolution List in Pokémon

There are currently 46 Pokémon that can Mega Evolve in Pokémon GO. gerbetta33 in TheSilphRoad Reddit has collected them and produced the below picture for our information.

Mega Evolve list

[Pictures from gerbetta33]


Mega Evolving a Pokemon requires Mega Energy specific to that Pokemon. In this article we have concluded 3 ways to get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go: Defeating Mega-Evolved Pokemon in Mega Raids, completing specific research tasks, and walking with your Buddy Pokemon. In addition, using iMoveGo for free, you can get more Mega Energy quickly without physical travel. Get the free trial and start to collect Mega Energy or catch more rare Pokemon around the world!

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