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Apple's iMessage service is a free instant messaging service available to send unlimited text messages and photos to other Apple users via Wi-Fi or cellular internet. You could send images, videos and documents through iMessage. It's an essential communication tool for iOS users. Therefore, deleting iMessages deliberately or mistakenly can be quite frustrated.

Don't worry! There are many ways to retrieve the iMessages. In this article, we will introduce various useful methods to recover deleted iMessages on iPhone with a step-by-step guide.

recover deleted iMessage

Part 1. Common Ways to Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone

There are a few simple methods you could check to recover accidentally deleted iMessage conversations on iPhone. Continue reading to learn them all.

Ask Your Friend

If you delete the iMessages on your iPhone, it will only be removed from your iPhone but not the other person's iPhone. So if your friend still keeps the iMessages, you can retrieve deleted iMessage by asking him/her to send you the iMessages back.

But it seems this method is only fit for the situation where you only delete a few messages. If you deleted a lot of iMessage conversations, then maybe you should resort to other methods.

Resort to Your Phone Carrier

The second alternative to recover deleted iMessages on iPhone is to contact your phone carrier for help. Your carrier might keep the conversations you send or receive. But the phone carrier won't easily agree to do this for you. The process could be a little complicated.

Migrate from Other iDevices

Trying to migrate deleted iMessages on other iOS devices is one way to retrieve deleted iMessages on iPhone. Tap on Settings > Messages > Text Messages Forwarding, then switch on the toggles, and your other iDevices will receive the iMessages. However, this technique doesn’t work if you haven't enabled the Text Message Forwarding feature.

migrate deleted iMessage from another device

Part 2. Recover Deleted iMessages Directly from iPhone

There is an alternative that allows you to recover deleted iMessages directly from iPhone. When you delete iMessages on your iPhone, it will become inaccessible to you. But it hasn't been permanently removed from the iPhone storage. Now, using a third-party tool, you could scan the iPhone storage and find the deleted iMessages on iPhone.

WooTechy iSeeker is a reliable iOS data recovery tool. It can recover deleted iMessages on iPhone instantly even if there's no backup. You can get back all of your deleted iMessages from your iPhone or any other iOS devices. In addition to iMessage, the program can recover other lost data like text messages, WhatsApp messages, WeChat messages, Viber messages, etc. What's more, the recovery process is 100% safe and is very simple.

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  • Work well on almost iOS models and iOS versions, including iOS 15.

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Follow the easy procedures below to quickly recover your deleted iMessages on iPhone.

Step 1 Go to the Recover from iOS Device after opening iSeeker. After that, connect your iOS device to your computer. To proceed, click Next after your device has been detected.

recover deleted iMessage from iOS device

Step 2 Choose Messages here. Click the Scan. The software will search your phone thoroughly for any missing iMessages.

select and scan deleted iMessage

Step 3 All recovered files will be appropriately sorted by data categories once the scan is completed. After you've picked all of the iMessages you want, go to the bottom right corner and hit Recover.

recover deleted iMessage with iSeeker

After the process finishes, your deleted iMessages can be recovered. Apart from recovering iMessages from iOS devices, iSeeker also allows users to extract data from iCloud and iTunes backup without restoring the whole device.

Part 3. Retrieve Deleted iMessages on iPhone from Backup

If you have made a backup of your iPhone data to iCloud or iTunes before you deleted the iMessage conversations, then restoring a backup to iPhone is another straightforward way to recover deleted iMessages on iPhone.

Restore Deleted iMessages on iPhone from iCloud Backup

If you've already backed up your data to iCloud, you can restore deleted iMessages easily. To complete the process of recovery, you must first erase all current data and settings. This may cause another data loss catastrophe, thus we suggest backing up before the recovery process. After then, follow these steps to get started:

Step 1 First of all, go to Settings, then General. Then go to Reset on your iPhone and choose Erase All Content and Settings.

erase all content and settings of iPhone

Step 2 Select Restore from iCloud Backup from the Apps & Data tab after you've performed the setup procedures.

recover deleted iMessage from iCloud balckup

Step 3 To get the device back, go to iCloud and sign in. After logging in, choose a backup that contains your deleted iMessages and recover.

This method is handy, but you won't be able to preview and select certain iMessage to restore. It's possible that only a few iMessage need to be recovered at a time while you have to restore your whole device. In this case, using iSeeker may help more.

Restore Deleted iMessages on iPhone From iTunes Backup

If you have an iTunes backup of your iPhone, you can restore your deleted iMessages from it. However, you'll lose any data updated to your iPhone since the last backup just like when restoring from an iCloud backup. Similarly, we suggest you back up before restoring. To learn how to see iMessage history on an iPhone, follow these steps.

Step 1 Use a USB cord and connect your iPhone to your computer. Open iTunes after that.

Step 2 Click the iPhone icon, then select Summary.

Step 3 Click Restore Backup from the drop-down menu. Choose the backup file from This Computer that contains your deleted iMessages and click Restore. Later, wait for the process to finish.

recover deleted iMessage from iTunes

Part 4. FAQs about iMessage

Will the iPhone delete iMessages automatically?

Yes. Apple has an automatic deletion to delete messages automatically and regularly. If you don't want this to happen, modify the automatic delete frequency settings by tapping Settings > Messages > Keep Messages > Forever.

What is the maximum number of iMessage that the iPhone can store?

iPhone will keep 75,000 iMessage on it. However, if your iPhone is short of storage, it may delete some old iMessage. To avoid this situation, we suggest you back up iMessage and other important data regularly.


We've collected multiple effective methods with detailed instructions to help you recover deleted iMessages on iPhone. You could choose any one of them according to your need.

Compared to recovering iMessages from iTunes/iCloud backup, using iSeeker iPhone data recovery tool makes the recovery process a breeze. It doesn’t have limits on your iOS models or versions like other data recovery tools, and allows users to selectively recover their desired data. What’s more, it can also recover deleted text messages on iPhone So, don't hesitate, get it right now!

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