Remove Password from WinRAR Files: 4 Easy & Safe Ways


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It's easy to lock WinRAR with a password, but if you forget the password of a folder, it's a headache to unlock access to the files. Don't worry anymore! This post will teach you 4 super easy ways on how to remove WinRAR password in 3 minutes!

4 Easy & Safe Methods to Unlock WinRAR File:

Methods 1: Remove Password from RAR File with iCrowbar

The best method to recover the password is using a third-party software. There are dozens of RAR password recovery tools in the market but we highly suggest you go for iCrowbar.

#1. It provides 4 attack modes so that ensure password recovery rate up to 100%.

#2. It is a top-rated RAR password unlocker tool with the fastest checking speed in the market (10 times faster and checks 10000 passwords every second).

#3. Your personal data is totally safe by using this tool. There won't be any data loss or data leakage during or after the recovery process.

#4. The recovery process is simple enough for folks who aren’t tech-savvy.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using iCrowbar to Unlock WinRAR ↓

Step 1: Download and install the iCrowbar software on your computer.

Win : Download Now

Secure Download For Win

Mac : Download Now

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Step 2: Open the software and select the "RAR" option.

Step 3: Select "Recover Password" mode.

Step 4: Click "Add" to import your password-protected RAR files to the software.

Step 5: Select an attack type according to your situation.

Step 6: Click "Recover" to start recovering the password for your RAR file.

Step 7: The password will be displayed on the interface after the recovery. Now use the password to open the RAR file.

recover excel password 2

Key Features of iCrowbar

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  • Recover passwords of Excel, Word, PowerPiont, PDF, RAR, ZIP etc. and open with 100% success.

  • Remove restrictions of documents without losing data.

  • Recover Passwords with 4 Attack Modes and 10X faster speed.

  • Win : Download Now

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    Mac : Download Now

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Methods 2: Remove Password from RAR File Online

If you prefer to remove WinRAR password without software, you can also take advantage of online service like LostMyPass to help you achieve it.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Unlock WinRAR Online ↓

Step 1: Go to the official LostMyPass website. Select WinRAR from the "File Types" drop-down menu.

Step 2: Upload your encrypted WinRAR file. You may also drag and drop files from your storage into the interface.

Step 3: The password breaking process will begin when your files are uploaded or added.

However, you will be guided to upgrade to the paid version with $29.

Worse still, there are several safety issues along with these online tools. When you upload your file online to the servers, this will greatly increase the risk of being leaked out and hacked. So we do not recommend you to try any online tools considering data security.

Methods 3: Remove Password from RAR File with Notepad

Using Notepad to remove the password from a RAR file is also a simple way and will not require any software. With pure numeric passwords, this strategy is more effective.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using Notepad to Unlock WinRAR ↓

Step 1: Open your encrypted RAR file with Notepad application.

Step 2: In Notepad, go to Edit > Replace, and replace the two items below.
Replace Ûtà with 5^3tà’
Replace ‘IžCO with IžCO

Step 3: Save the file.

Step 4: Reopen your RAR file, you won't be required to enter a password.

However, this method might not work for all RAR file. You can try this method on your file to see whether it works or not.

Methods 4: Remove password from RAR file with CMD

Some advanced users have incorporated command lines in a batch file that functions as a free password cracker for RAR files to make it easier for non-technical people to break password-protected RAR files.

Step-by-Step Guide on using CMD to unlock WinRAR↓

Step 1: Download the RAR password cracking BAT file.

Step 2: To run the BAT file, double-click it. The file name and location of the RAR file that needs to be unlocked will be required.

Step 3: Go to the RAR file’s folder and open it.

Step 4: Copy and paste the full name, including the rar extension, into the window, then hit Enter.

Step 5: Choose Copy address from the context menu when you right-click the folder name in File Explorer's address bar, paste the whole address into the window and press Enter.

Step 6: Wait for the process to complete.

Depending on the password's intricacy, this approach may take some time to complete, but it is entirely free.


With these 4 ways and the step-by-step guides, you'll be able to unlock your WinRAR files in no time. Whether you prefer to the online tool or software program such as iCrowbar, there's an option out there for you!

Win : Download Now

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Mac : Download Now

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Please download the software from the official website for maximum protection against viruses on your computer. You can also read through the user guide, which maybe helpful for you to use the software better.

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