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It's devastating when you've established a password on an Excel file and then forget it, making it unable to open the file or make any changes. In fact, with the help of Excel password remover, you can easily unlock Excel files and workbooks and remove password protection.

In general, you'll encounter two types of passwords in Excel: open password and modify password. This article provides the top 7 tools to remove "Open Password" or "Modify Password" from your Excel file.

Top 7 Excel Password Remover ↓

1. WooTechy iCrowbar

WooTechy iCrowbar is an official and professional document password recovery tool. It provides a total of 4 powerful attack modes to recover Excel passwords , ensuring that you can remove passcode of Excel without any restriction and open it with the 100% success rate.

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Recover passwords for 6 types of files, including Excel, Word, PowerPiont, PDF, RAR, ZIP, etc.

Remove worksheet/workbook restrictions without losing data.

Securely recover Excel passwords for all versions of Excel, including older ones like Excel 2003 and 2007, and the latest Excel versions.

Easy to use and recover passwords with 10X faster speed.

Available for Windows and Mac.

Works with all versions of Microsoft file formats.


It's not for free.

2. Excel Password Recovery Master

If you wish to recover or erase the password from an Excel file, you may find that this application is quite helpful. The software contains a cloud-based decode technology that assists it in rapidly unlocking the Excel file's password. Excel Password Recovery Master is compatible with various versions of Microsoft Excel and features an intuitive user interface.


It's free to use.

The cloud-based system is much quicker.

Translated into several languages.


There are some paid add-ons.

Excel 97-2013 from Microsoft is compatible.

Complexity in user interface design is high.

3. eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery

This program is a major deal if you seek the Excel password remover tool that will circumvent the constraints and breach the Excel password. When cracking the password, it allows you to choose the type of password attack strategy you want to use based on how much of the forgotten password you can remember and how complicated it is.


Recovering a forgotten password is straightforward and requires only a few simple steps.

Freeing up an Excel file without sacrificing security is a big gain.


Very pricy in comparison to the other tools, and there is no option to test it out for free.

4. Straxx Excel Password Remover

Give Straxx Excel Password Remover a shot if you're looking for a straightforward application packed with many amazing features that can come in handy. It is highly recommended for your usage, but you should look at other options for business purposes. It is possible to remove passwords and editing restrictions placed on Excel files, and it can decrypt Excel passwords of any length.


Has an easy-to-follow guide that will help you reset your password.

The password recovery process is completely asynchronous to protect the integrity of the worksheet.


Recovers the Excel password that was used to restrict just editing.

5. Password-Find

Although it is somewhat cutting-edge technology and has an appealing website, the success rate might be significantly improved. Excel files may be easily and quickly unprotected in minutes, even by users with no technological expertise. Even though you might not think it's the ideal option, you can still try it with your files. Password-Find allows you to use it without downloading a package, which would take up excessive space on your computer.


It may be possible to unlock the document at the workbook and worksheet levels.

Does not recommend the installation of any other applications.


The restricted sizes of the Excel file that can be uploaded.

6. SmartKey Excel Password Recovery

You can recover the password for any Excel xls or xlsx file using the SmartKey Excel Password Recovery application, regardless of how lengthy or complicated the password is. It can recover passwords for Excel versions as far back as 2019 and as far forward as earlier versions. This utility's regular and professional versions are available; however, neither can erase the Excel password.


Remove the password from an Excel file or workbook.

It helps you reset your Excel password through a web-based interface.

Complete backward compatibility with earlier versions of Excel.


When compared to other methods of password recovery, it is quite pricey.

It is incompatible with Excel files created in newer versions of Excel because it can only read files created in Excel 97-2013.

Unfortunately, it is not always the best method for retrieving forgotten passwords due to its sluggishness and unreliability.

7. iSumsoft Excel Password Refixer

This reliable excel file password recovery program has a high percentage of success in recovering lost or forgotten passwords. Because of its robust methodology and cutting-edge GPU acceleration, it can quickly recover passwords of any length or complexity, regardless of how long or complicated they are. On the other hand, this instrument has not been updated since 2018.


It possesses four distinct and potent attack modes.

It is compatible with both the xls and xlsx file formats used by Microsoft Excel workbooks.

It is compatible with Microsoft Excel versions ranging from 97 up to 2016.


If you've forgotten the password to a file that isn't an Excel document, there's no hope of recovering it with iSumsoft Excel Password Refixer.

iSumsoft Excel Password Refixer is more costly than other password recovery software.

It can take some time for iSumsoft Excel Password Refixer to crack passwords, which can be inconvenient.


In terms of comparing the pros and cons of the above 7 types of tools, I would recommend you to choose iCrowbar, which is more versatile and cost-effective.

Key Features of iCrowbar




  • Recover passwords of Excel, Word, PowerPiont, PDF, RAR, ZIP etc. and open them with the 100% success rate.

  • Remove 6 documents worksheets/workbooks restrictions without losing data.

  • Able to copy the password after recovering 6 documents password.

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Note: Please download the password removal software from the official websitefor maximum protection against viruses on your computer. In addition you can also read through the user guide which may be more helpful to you.

Although these Excel password removal tools are quite powerful and can unprotect Excel workbooks, you have to be reminded that it is illegal to crack another person's protected files without their permission. So ensure that you obtain permission before acting.

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