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[2021] 4 Best iPhone Passcode Unlocker


May 25, 2021 (Updated: Sep 09, 2021) • Filed to: iPhone Passcode Unlocker

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There is nothing as worse as holding your iPhone in your hands but be unable to use it. That is the exact position you would be in if you have forgotten your iPhone's Passcode. But do not give up yet. Modern technology provides you with an iPhone Passcode Cracker to regain iPhone access.

What Is iPhone Passcode Cracker Software

As part of its security mechanisms, iPhone uses a technology that requires users to set the Passcode needed for accessing the device. You can set this security feature on devices with Touch ID by going to settings and selecting Passcode. From this page, you can choose the option to set a six-digit or four-digit numeric code. The default six-digit passcode in iPhone is 123456.

From the steps followed above, you can learn a thing or two about Passcode cracking software. An iPhone passcode unlocker is a program designed to get rid of your forgotten passcode. The primary purpose of this program is to assist users who can no longer recall their iPhone passcode to regain access to their precious devices.

4 Best iPhone Passcode Cracker

When choosing an iPhone Passcode Cracker, you want to go with the best tool that knows what it does. A simple online search reveals a variety of programs designed for this purpose. Below is a look at four of the best iPhone passcode crackers.

2.1 WooTechy iDelock iPhone Passcode Unlocker(iOS 15 Supported)

WooTechy iDelock is an all-one-one, undisputedly the best iPhone passcode cracker available. The program can get rid of different locks on iOS devices, including screen time, Apple ID, restrictions, and screen lock. All you need are three simple clicks, and you will bypass the Mobile Device Management feature. Additionally, WooTechy iDelock can get rid of iTunes backup encryption without the need for any technical skills. Now this tool supports all iOS versions including the latest iOS 15.

wootechy idelock

75,000,000+ Downloads

Features of WooTechy iDelock

WooTechy iDelock is the best tool for removing different screen locks, thanks to the features that it harbors. The program removes screen locks fast and efficiently, including:

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Even as this program boasts of the highest success rate in removing various lock types, it also takes the lead in the sense that you do not need any special skills to start using it. The simple learning curving has made it popular amongst tech-gurus and novices.

Follow these steps to unlock the iPhone passcode:

Step 1: Install and launch WooTechy iDelock

With WooTechy iDelock launched, select the option "Unlock Screen Passcode."

unlock screen passcode

Some important considerations include:

  • All the device data will be erased during password removal.

  • Your iPhone will get the latest iOS version.

  • Keep your computer connected throughout the entire process

Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and choose the Next option. Sometimes the PC may fail to detect your iDevice. In this case, put it in DFU/Recovery mode and re-attempt the process.

Step 2: Download firmware package and extract it

WooTechy iDelock is designed to automatically detect your device model. Upon doing so, choose the "Download" option.

download firmware package

Let the download complete and verify the firmware package.

After successful verification, choose "Start to Extract" and let the process complete.

start to extract

Step 3: Unlock your iPhone passcode

Choose "Start Unlock" to start the process. Ensure the iPhone remains connected to the computer via USB until the unlock completes.

start unlock

Enter the unlock confirmation code 000000 as prompted. With that done, the unlock will complete in just a few minutes.

enter 000000 to unlock


  • Easy to use

  • Highest iPhone passcode unlock success rate

  • iPhone Passcode Cracker in three simple steps

  • Trusted globally by iPhone users


  • None note so far.

Free DownloadFree Download

2.2 Joyoshare passcode cracker

Joyoshare is one of the alternatives to WooTechy iDelock that you can use for iPhone passcode cracking. The software may work on some iDevices even though it has an inferiority to WooTechy iDelock in terms of features.

joyoshare ipasscode unlocker

Features of Joyoshare
  • Unlocks 4-digit Passcode

  • Unlocks 6-digit Passcode

  • Unlocks fingerprint recognition failure

  • Unlocks face detection failure


Some of the features that Joyoshare harbor include:

  • It helps crack four types of iOS device screen lock

  • Allows you to unlock the screen in a couple of steps

  • Works on most iOS devices

  • Can support multiple unlocking


  • Some people may find it complex to use

  • The installation process may prove complex

  • Does not have suggested solutions when the program does not automatically detect your iPhone

2.3 Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit

Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit helps with the complete file system and logical acquisition of iOS devices, mainly iPod, iPad, and iPhone. The program is not primarily created as an iPhone Passcode unlocker, but you can still use it for this purpose.

elcomsoft ios forensic toolkit

Features of Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit
  • Does not need jailbreak to perform file system extraction

  • Works on iPhone 4, 5, and 5c to perform passcode unlocking

  • Assists in disabling screen lock

  • DFU/Recovery mode

  • Extraction on Apple TV and Apple Watch


  • You can install it on Windows and Apple macOS

  • Works with the latest iTunes version


  • Not dedicated to iPhone passcode cracking

  • Mainly targets legacy iPhone devices for Passcode cracking

  • Works still ongoing to have it support iOS 14 to 14.3

2.4 Mobistealth Passcode Cracker

Mobistealth Passcode Cracker works on iPhone, with the primary intention of functioning as a monitoring tool. It is mainly used to monitor your iPhone from another iPhone device. However, if you have forgotten your Passcode, Mobistealth can also help you get around the problem.


Features of Mobistealth Passcode Cracker
  • Can crack iPhone passcode

  • iPhone monitoring property

  • considered an iPhone text message hack tool


  • Does more than iPhone passcode cracking

  • May help with removing the forgotten password


  • Limited on the iOS versions that it can crack Passcode

  • Mainly targets legacy iPhone devices for Passcode cracking

  • Difficult to use

Bonus. 2 Common Ways to Crack iPhone Passcode

Using an iPhone Passcode Unlocker is not the only way to regain access to your precious iDevice after forgetting its Passcode. You may opt to use either iTunes or iCloud, as explained here.

3.1 Crack iPhone Passcode by iCloud

iCloud can function as your unconventional iPhone Passcode Unlocker if you know the trick around exploring it for this purpose. Keep reading to learn more about how you can go about this.


The requirements to use iCloud as iPhone Passcode Cracker include:

1. Another device where you can log in to your iCloud account

2. Credentials to the iCloud account

3. The locked device must have had Find iPhone enabled

4. Regularly backed up iPhone

Steps to remove iPhone Passcode with iCloud

Follow these steps to unlock your iPhone using iCloud:

Step 1: Log in to your iCloud account

Get another device and log in to your iCloud account that matches the one used to sign up for Find My iPhone on the locked device.

Step 2: Find iPhone

Navigate to the "Find iPhone" section within iCloud. Given that you already have the iPhone with you, you do not necessarily want to locate it. Just proceed to the next phase.

find iphone

Step 3: Erase data

Choose the "Erase" option to delete all the data on your iPhone. You will receive a prompt that you must accept. It notifies you that all data on the iPhone would be lost.

erase iphone

Step 4: Fresh iPhone setup

Begin setting up the erased iPhone as though it is new. Once done with the setup, choose the option to restore data from iCloud. Your iPhone will get back to the same status it was before.

3.2 Crack iPhone Passcode by iTunes

Just like iCloud, you can also use Apple's own iTunes as an iPhone Passcode Unlocker. Thus, the next time you get the "iPhone is disabled" error, do not panic.


Here is what you would need to regain access to your iOS device using iTunes:

1. Latest iTunes version installed on PC or Mac

2. USB cable to connect your iPhone to the PC or Mac

3. The locked device must have had Find iPhone enabled

4. Regularly backed up iPhone

Steps to remove iPhone Passcode with iTunes

Step 1: Ensure iPhone isn't connected to the computer

Do not start by connecting your iPhone to the computer. However, have the USB connection nearby because you will need it in a short while.

Step 2: Turn off the iDevice

Long-press the Side button and any of the volume buttons until the power off slider shows. Turn off the iPhone by dragging it.

Step 3: Connect iPhone to computer

Connect your iPhone to the computer. You need to use a good-quality USB cable that would not disconnect amid a major iTunes operation. Also, position the iPhone in a way that no one will touch it until the Passcode cracking process

Step 4: Continuously hold the Slide button until the iPhone enters into recovery mode.

Step 5: Once iTunes detects your device, click on "Check for Update" to search for a newer software version for your iPhone.

check for update or restore iphone

Step 6: Click the Restore option and follow through onscreen prompts and let the restore process complete.


We have covered essential steps that you can use for unlocking your iPhone when you've forgotten its Passcode. As evidenced in this guide, different tools can be used for this purpose, including WooTechy iDelock, Joyoshare, Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit, Mobistealth Passcode Cracker, iTunes, and iCloud.

Apart from WooTechy iDelock, one thing that you will notice about the other tools is that they are not primarily built for unlocking forgotten Passcode. This comes as more of a second feature for the programs. That leaves WooTechy iDelock as your most reliable and dedicated iPhone Passcode Cracker. Now it is compatible with the newest iOS 15, which makes it more powerful than other competitors, so why not give it a nice try?

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