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[iOS 15 Supported] How to Reset Frozen iPhone


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Your iPhone getting frozen can be associated with different reasons including insufficient space to facilitate the right functioning, a software update failure, a malware attack, in-between stoppage of the jailbreak process, a corrupted or unstable app, a simultaneous running of too many apps, and an outdated software. To deal with the unresponsiveness of your iPhone screen, this article has provided every detail on how to reset frozen iPhone. Keep reading.

[Full Guide] How to Reset Frozen iPhone

1. Hard Reset the Frozen iPhone

Hard reset is the most simple and direct way to power down and reset frozen iPhone. Nonetheless, for the different iPhone models, there are specific ways to perform the method.

Here are the detailed steps to hard reset the different frozen iPhone models:

headHow to hard reset iPhone 8 or later models:

Quickly press and release the Volume Up button and then the Volume Down button. Finally press and hold the Side button for about 15 seconds. Release the button when you see the Apple logo.

headHow to hard reset iPhone 7/7 Plus

Long press the Volume Down button together with the Side button for about 15 seconds. Let them go when you see the Apple logo.

headHow to hard reset iPhone 6 and older models:

Press and hold the Home button as well as the Power button. Don't release the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

force restart iphone


Tip: You should know that hard reset won't damage any of your data.

2. Reset Frozen iPhone with iTunes

The use of iTunes is one of the feasible methods to reset frozen iPhone. Your frozen iPhone will be reset to factory settings and all the date will be wiped from your device. This explains the reason you must ensure you have a backup before using this method.

Here are the detailed steps to reset frozen iPhone with iTunes:

Step 1: Start by connecting your frozen iPhone to your PC.

Step 2: Repeat the procedures of hard resetting frozen iPhone, while you need to press the final button/button combination for a longer time until you see the recovery mode screen.

iphone in recovery mode

Step 3: Choose Restore option on the pop-up window and follow the prompts to finish the whole process.

restore iphone recovery mode

3. Reset Frozen iPhone Using WooTechy iDelock

WooTechy iDelock is an iOS unlocker that helps remove various locks easily and fast. In this situation, it can factory reset your frozen iPhone smoothly. Besides, it is very helpful when you forget your iPhone passcode when your iPhone is cracked/disabled/frozen, and when your Touch ID/ Face ID is not working.

wootechy idelock


  • Factory reset frozen iPhone with ease and cause no error code during the process.

  • Bypass screen passcode, Apple ID, Screen Time passcode and MDM lock easily and quickly.

  • Easy for beginners to use by grace of its user-friendly interface and detailed how-to guide.

  • Compatible with all iPhone models and iOS versions including the latest iPhone 13 and iOS 15.

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How to factory reset frozen iPhone using WooTechy iDelock

Step 1. After launching WooTechy iDelock, select Unlock Screen Passcode mode.

choose unlock iphone screen passcode

Use a suitable USB cable to connect your frozen iPhone and the PC.

connect device unlock screen passcode

Step 2. Your device model will be auto-detected. Select the provided firmware and click on "Download." If the download fails, click on "Copy" to download it in a browser.

download firmware unlock screen passcode

Step 3: When the download is ready, click on "Start" and enter "000000" in the pop-up window. Ensure that during the unlocking process, your iPhone is well connected to the computer through a USB cable.

enter 000000 unlock screen passcode

iDelock will begin factory resetting your frozen iPhone. Please wait for a few minutes.


successfully unlock screen passcode

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FAQ About How to Reset Frozen iPhone

Q1: How Do I Get My iPhone to Unfreeze?

Some of the best ways to get your iPhone to Unfreeze are mentioned above such as hard reset, restoring via iTunes, and using WooTechy iDelock.

Q2: Is There Another Way to Reset An iPhone?

The other way to reset an iPhone is to open the settings and tap on "General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings". Then enter your password and confirm your action.

Q4: Does Hard Reset Delete Everything on iPhone?

Hard reset won't damage any of your data. In fact, it's the equivalent of rebooting your PC.


With the above-mentioned methods (hard reset, the use iTunes and WooTechy iDelock, you shouldn't have any issue with how to reset frozen iPhone. This article has explicitly elaborated on the great ways to solve this problem. Good luck!

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