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Apple devices are known for their wonderful security features. One of the best features of Apple devices is that your data is always protected. On the Apple Watch, if you repeatedly enter the wrong password, your device will automatically lock, preventing access to the data on your watch.

However, if you are the owner of the device and just forgot the Apple Watch passcode, then don't worry because, in this guide, we will explore the top methods on how to unlock Apple Watch with or without passcode. Ensure to read this guide till the end to learn more.

How to Unlock Apple Watch with Paired iPhone?

How to unlock an Apple Watch? If you want to unlock Apple watch, then follow the below methods.

1Unlock Apple Watch with Paired iPhone [With Passcode]

If your Apple watch is paired with an iPhone and you also remember the Watch passcode, then the process to unlock the Apple Watch with a paired iPhone is simple.  Here is how to do it:

Unlock your iPhone and Go to the Apple Watch Application.

Select the My Watch option available at the bottom of the screen.

Now select the Passcode option.

unlock apple watch with passcode

Enter the Passcode, and your Apple Watch will automatically unlock.

2Unlock Apple Watch with Paired iPhone [Without Passcode]

Apple Watch was launched in 2015, allowing users to access their iPhones with the Watch. Users who own Apple Watch link their device with iPhone. If your Watch was paired with the iPhone before it got locked, you are in luck.

You can easily unlock Apple Watch with a paired iPhone, but remember that this method will erase all the data available on the Watch, including Settings, Data, and more.  Here is how you unlock Apple Watch with paired iPhone:

First, bring your Apple Watch near your iPhone.

Now, open the Apple Watch Application on your device.

Choose the My Watch option.

Select the General option and tap on Reset option.

Tap on the option saying "Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings."

unlock apple watch with paired iphone

Enter your Apple ID login details and then confirm your action.

Your Apple Watch will be reset, erasing all the content and settings.

How to Unlock Apple Watch without Paired iPhone or Passcode?

Unlocking the Apple Watch with a paired iPhone is a simple process. However, if you have forgotten the Apple Watch passcode and your device is not paired with an iPhone, then you are in bigger trouble. Don't worry, because we have mentioned the top methods for unlocking your Apple Watch without a paired iPhone or Passcode.

1Online Unlocking Services

There are hundreds of online unlocking services available on the market, allowing users to unlock Apple devices without passcode. Find a suitable service and connect your Apple Watch to your PC. Follow their on-screen instructions to unlock your device within seconds.

However, finding a suitable unlocking service isn't easy because most services that offer this feature are fraudulent or can hack your device.  

2Reset Apple Watch

The next method on how to unlock an Apple Watch without a paired iPhone is to reset the locked Apple Watch. If your iPhone is not paired with the Watch, you can't unlock or reset the device with the iPhone. To reset the Watch, you have to use the iWatch itself to remove the lock. Here is how to reset your Apple Watch:

Put your watch into the charger, as this is required to reset it.

Press and hold the Side button until you see the Power off option.

Press the Power Off Slider and release your finger.

Find and select the option Erase All Content and Settings.

reset apple watch

Your device will begin the reset process.

Once the device is completely reset to its factory settings, you can easily access it as if it were new.

3Turn to the Previous Owner

The last method left for you is to turn to the previous owner. If you bought the Apple Watch secondhand, contact the seller or the person you received the Watch from. Ask the previous owner to remove the Apple Watch from your iCloud account.
Follow the below instructions:

They need to go to iCloud.com and sign in with their Apple ID.

Choose the Find iPhone option.

Click on All devices available at the top of the screen.

Choose the Apple Watch.

Now click on the Erase Apple Watch option. This will automatically erase all content and settings on the Watch.

erase apple watch

Once the Apple Watch is reset, click on Remove from Account.

Now, your Apple Watch is free from the iCloud lock and passcode. You can add your Apple ID and a new passcode.

Bonus. How to Unlock iPhone without Passwords?

As mentioned above, Apple devices are known for their security features. Like Apple Watch, if you forget the iPhone passcode, you won't be able to access the device. We have just the right tool for you to unlock various iDevice locks.

WooTechy iDelock is the best program to unlock various iDevice locks such as Apple ID, Screen Lock, and Screen Time restrictions. The best part of this tool is that it allows you to bypass MDM restrictions with three clicks. iDelock offers an intuitive interface, which is best for non-tech and beginner users.

Key Features of WooTechy iDelock




  • All-in-one Solution: Unlocks Apple ID, MDM lock, screen passcode, and Screen Time restrictions.

  • Versatile Passcode Unlocking: Works with 4-digit/6-digit passcodes, Touch ID, and Face ID on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

  • Regain Access: Helps unlock disabled iPhone due to multiple incorrect passcode attempts or unlock unresponsive iPhone with broken screen.

  • User-friendly: Simple to use, no technical expertise required.

  • High Success Rate: Boasts the highest success rate among competitors.

  • Broad Compatibility: Works on all iOS versions, including the latest iOS 17.

  • Free Trial: Check device compatibility with the free trial version.

  • Free Download

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    Free Download

    Secure Download

Here is how to use iDelock to unlock your iPhone without passwords:

Step 1. Download and install the WooTechy iDelock on your PC and launch it. Select Unlock Screen Passcode mode. Click on Start to begin the process.

choose unlock screen passcode

Step 2. Now connect your locked iOS device to your computer via a USB cable. Click the Next option to load your device information.

connect device unlock screen passcode

Step 3. The program will automatically detect your device model. Choose the firmware version and click on the Download button.

download firmware unlock screen passcode

Step 4. Read the notice carefully; if you are okay with it, enter "000000" to Confirm and then click on Unlock.

enter 000000 unlock screen passcode

Step 5. A few minutes later, your iPhone Screen Lock will removed successfully.

successfully unlock screen passcode


In this how to unlock Apple Watch guide, we have explored all the methods to unlock the Apple Watch with or without a paired iPhone. After reading this guide, you can easily unlock your Apple Watch. Further, at the end of this guide, we have also introduced you to a program known as WooTechy iDelock, allowing you to unlock your iPhone screen lock easily. With the help of this tool, users can easily unlock various iPhone locks, including Screen time restrictions, Screen Passcode, and more.

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download

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