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Have you ever tried to speak in a voice that is different from your own? For example, boy-to-girl voice. Recently, using the voice of a different gender has become a trend that can be seen in many social media like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Snapchat, as well as in live streaming platforms and online game sessions.

This is why this post comes. Here, we will introduce the 3 best boy to girl voice changers and the step guides on transforming your voice from a boy to a girl, helping you explore more fun with your friends.

Part 1. What is A Boy to Girl Voice Changer

A Boy to Girl Voice Changer is a kind of software tool that modifies your voice and transforms it from a male tone into a female tone in real-time. For non-professional voice actors, this is the easiest way to enjoy different voices without effort. Some advanced tools even allow users to engage with the voice changers through various platforms in real time, making it popular for entertainment, especially for online chat and gaming.

boy to girl voice changer

Part 2. 3 Most Recommended Boy to Girl Voice Changer

1. WooTechy SoundBot

The first recommendation for the boy to girl voice changer is WooTechy SoundBot . SoundBot provides users a convincing female voice experience, and offers the ability to access other platforms in real time, making it well-liked between content creators, gamers, Vtubers, and individuals looking to prank friends for fun.

Except for the cross-platform comparability, what makes it stand out is its abundance of the number of sounds. There are different girl voice types to choose from, such as college girl voices, little girl voices, young lady female voices, sexy female voices, gentle female voices, etc.... What’s more, with SoundBot, you are also allowed to sound like cartoon characters, celebrities, Singers, Anime characters and so on.

soundbot voice changer

    Wootechy SoundBot: The Best Boy to Girl Voice Changers




    • Extensive Voices: 600+ voice effects and sound effects for various characters, accents, and scenarios.

    • Instant Voice Changing: Transform voice instantly as you speak, without any delays.

    • Enhancing Online Interactions: Works perfectly with Discord, Twitch, YouTube, Skype, Steam, etc..

    • Convincing Result: The transformed voice is realistic and natural-sounding.

    • Customization: Freely adjust parameters for personal needs.

    • Easy to Use: Quickly switch between voices with a single click.

    • Free: Provide free voices every day.

    • Export/Import: Also support import voice to change, or export the converted voice to different formats.

SoundBot received many positive reviews from users and YouTubers, You can get a free trial to change your voice from boy to girl, and enjoy a fun addition to your online conversation.

soundbot voice tool

2. Voice Changer Male to Female [Android]

If you prefer to use a mobile app, without requiring a boy to girl voice changer to be worked with other platforms like Discord, YouTube or online chat, “Voice Changer Male to Female” is one of the choices. Literally, you can find from its product name that this tool is dedicated to voice changing between genders.

This tool is free to use but comes with a lot of ads. Some users feedback that they can even spend a minute on the app because of continuous ads without any closing option. Besides, there are only a few unique voices and the transformed voices is a little realistic. This is also a common problem with all mobile voice tools on the market today, compared to the powerful features of PC voice changers. But their advantage is they do not require to access computer. Just select a suitable one for your preference.

Voice Changer Male to Female

3. VoiceMaker [Online]

Functioning as a text-to-speech converter, Voicemaker is another boy to girl voice changer that can be used online. Like “Voice Changer Male to Female”, it doesn’t support cross-platform and has a few voices, while it is easy to use. It works by some preset templates of female vocals, entering text and exporting an audio file after transforming. For this boy to girl voice changer, you are able to use the basic functions for free and pay for a premium membership for all features.


Part 3. How Can I Make My Voice Sound Like Venom?

We have learned the 3 best girl voice changers. Next, let’s discuss how to use the boy to girl voice changer. Based on the richness of the functions, here we take Wootechy SoundBot as an example to introduce how to make your voice sound like a girl.

Step 1: Install Wootechy SoundBot on your computer. Launch it.

soundbot installing

Step 2: You have to set the input and output devices to use this boy to girl voice changer. On the screen, simply select the Headphones as the output device, and the real microphone as the input device. Once done, a pop-up window will prompt you to tell you the set-up is completed.

soundbot setting

Step 3: Now, you should be on the VoiceBox interface. Click each voice filter in the catalogue of “male to female” and hear what your voice seems to be. Find and apply your preferred girl voice.

For example, choose “College Girl Voice” and speak to your Microphone to start the boy-to-girl voice changing. It is also possible to import an audio file that has already been recorded, instead of speaking directly.

boy to girl voice in SoundBot

If the converted sound does not meet your needs, you can customize it in the voice studio until you are satisfied with it.

customize voice on the soundbot

Extra tips:

Using Wootechy SoundBot in real-time involves initiating the desired application for voice modification. If, for instance, you wish to transform your voice from boy to girl on Discord, you should launch the Discord app first. Subsequently, navigate to select “virtual voice changer” in the voice settings within Discord. Then, your voice will be changed to sound like a girl when you speaking in Discord.

change voice on Discord

Part 4. For Reference: Use Cases of the Boy to Girl Voice Changer.

Entertainment: Boy to Girl Voice Changers are often used for entertainment purposes, such as pranking friends and change voice in phone calls.

Online Gaming: For example, if you've been talking in a female voice in a PUBG game with the boy-to-girl voice changer, and suddenly go back to your original voice, your friends will be amazing.

Voiceovers: Content creators, especially in the realm of animations or audio productions, may utilize Boy to Girl Voice Changers to generate diverse character voices and enhance storytelling.

Social Media Content: On platforms like TikTok or YouTube, you can leverage Boy to Girl Voice Changers to create engaging and unique content, attracting a wider audience.

Anonymous Communication: Some users can use it for anonymous communication, concealing their natural voice in online interactions for privacy reasons.


Above are the 3 boy to girl voice changers that we recommend most. Hope you can find one to meet your needs. If you prefer to change your voice on the website, tts tools is a great choice. However, if you would like to enjoy online interactions with more powerful features, WooTechy SoundBot is the perfect one. Download it, and you will have a seamless transformation from a male to a female voice, as well as many other voice filters.

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