8 Character Voice Generators You Must Try


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Voice Generators use machine learning to create life-like voices. The great thing about a character voice generator is that you can use it to mimic the sound of your favorite character. With that, you can easy to create a voiceover, produce an e-book, or simply have some fun-sounding voice notes.

In this article, we are going to cover the 8 best character voice generator tools, so read on.

Part 1. Why Do You Need a Character Voice Generator?

Not long ago, the only way to generate a desired character's voice was to hire voice artists. While tools were available in the past, they sounded too robotic or lacked voice effect options. A modern AI-based character voice generator offers you flexibility and life-like voice output. You can also get instantaneous results in the form of high-quality character voice.

A character voice generator tool also gives consistent voice results. So you can generate multiple scripts while maintaining consistency. Most importantly, there are a ton of character voices available for you to choose from, making character voice generators a must-try.

8 best character voice generator

Part 2. 3 Options for Real-Time AI Voice Generator Characters

A real-time AI voice generator can convert your original audio into your desired character's voice in real time. Here are some real-time AI voice generator characters you should know about:

Wootechy SoundBot

Wootechy SoundBot is marketed as a real-time voice changer that uses AI technology to create audio. This software has over 250 voice and 600 sound effects, including all significant character voices.

Wootechy SoundBot is compatible with gaming platforms, streaming platforms, and chat apps like Discord, Skype, PUBG, Fortnite or Zoom. Once you set up the microphone for the SoundBot, simply speak into it with your desired voice filter selected, and the software will change your voice accordingly. This software is easy to use and comes loaded with all the character voices you need to generate high-quality voices. You can further tweak the audio's volume, pitch, vocal length, and vocal width using the SoundBot software.

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Key features:

Creates/change original character voice in real time.

Developers constantly update the voice database with new character voices.

Allows you to add keybinding.

It comes with built-in voice recording.

Supported with all significant gaming and online chat platforms.

Freely export or import the audio file.


5 free voices for every day



Lifetime plan for $39.99/Lifetime plan

Wootechy SoundBot character voice generator

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Skype Voice Changer

Skype Voice Changer is a voice-changing tool offered by Skype. You can use it to change your voice and record calls, and it also has a text-to-speech option.

There are plenty of cartoon character voices for you to have fun with. However, it is only works on Skype.


Built-in sound effects to generate fun voices.

Works directly with Skype.

Allows you to record audio and use it in future Skype calls.

Tools for tweaking the audio.



Skype Voice Changer


Play.ht is marketed as an AI tool that can convert the realistic voice. This software supports a wide range of accents and languages, and yes, it has built-in character voice-changing options as well.

This software supports multiple accents and dialects, which makes it a versatile voice generator.


It comes with 142 languages and accents.

A vast library of AI voices.

Features for creating voices for video content.

Easy to use.


$39.00/Month for Creator

$9.00/Month for All Features

Play.ht Voice Changer

Part 3. 3 Options for Character Voice Generator Text to Speech

Text-to-speech character voice generators comprise a significant portion of the AI voice generation software market. Here are the top 3 options for text-to-speech character voice generators:


Voicemaker is a text-to-speech character voice generator. With a core focus on text-to-speech functionality, this software allows you to type text in a box, which can then be converted to speech. You can apply voice effects and settings to control the output.


Simple operation, no downloads required.

A wide range of effects for customized output.

You can listen to voice samples for free.


$10/Month for the premium plan

$20/Month for the business plan

Voicemaker Voice Changer


Listnr offers text-to-voice generation on top of their text-to-video generation features. This software covers 142+ languages with separate voice categories for making Ads, marketing messages, narration, training videos, and more. It comes with various voices for you to choose from, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.


Allows you to imbed audio into your website and other platforms.

You can export audio in MP3 and WAV formats.

It comes with a podcast-hosting feature.


$19/Month for Individual

$39/Month for Solo

$99/Month for Agency

Listnr Voice Changer


Synthesys is a one-stop shop software that allows you to make audio, video, and images using AI. You can turn any text into your desired voice with a wide selection of voices. You can choose from the available voice catalog or create custom voices using Synthesys.


Allows you to create customized audio.

It doesn't require additional downloads.

It comes with a voice cloning feature.




Part 4. 2 Options for Character Voice Generator App

Here are the character voice generator app options you can use:

Voice Changer Voice Editor App

Voice Changer Voice Editor allows you to turn your voice into the voice of your favorite movie character. This app is available for Android, and you can use the phone's built-in mic to record audio, making it convenient. However, the voice converted by this App would be a little robotic and less realistic.


It contains the voices of over 20 superheroes.

Built-in voice recorder.

Easy audio saving and sharing features.


The app is free, and you can download it from the Google Play store.

Voice Changer Voice Editor App

AI Voice Over Generator

AI Voice Over Generator is meant to be a voiceover app that allows you to add audio to your videos. As a bonus, this app allows you to add effects to your voice and alter it to make it sound more fun.


Multiple languages are supported.

Allows easy audio file saving.


Starts at $9.99/month

AI Voice Over Generator


While you can find many character voice generator software online, the ones we have listed are best for each category. Wootechy SoundBot is definitely the most feature-rich and versatile tool among all the character voice generators we have tested. You can try it out by downloading the tool for free here.

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