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Roblox is a popular online game platform that allows users to create and play games. One of the features of Roblox is the ability to use voice chat to communicate with other players. However, the default voice chat feature can be a bit boring. This is where Roblox voice changers come in.

In order to use the voice communication option, you can find a reliable voice changer for Roblox that helps you alter your voice and make it sound like anything you want. You can select different sounds for your voice in various games of the universe and create a different voice identity in the universe of Roblox.

voice changer for roblox

Part 1. Is Roblox Voice Chat Only for 13+?

The chat feature in Roblox allows you to establish communication with your fellow players just like in the real world. You can chat with the users using the text on your keyboard, or you can enable the voice chat option.

However, when you try to turn on the option from Settings > Privacy to voice chat with your friends, an age verification pop-up makes sure that you are above the age of 13. If you pass the age verification, you can start having voice chats. Furthermore, Roblox voice changer allows you to alter your voice according to your preference.

Part 2. How to Get Voice Chat on Roblox?

Getting Roblox voice chat is easy. Simply follow the below tutorials.

Click on the cog icon located in the top-right corner of the screen.

Navigate to the Privacy tab.

Look for the option related to voice chat or chat settings, and enable voice chat in Roblox.

Now, you should be able to use voice chat within Roblox games.

Part 3. The Best Voice Changer for Roblox

There are various voice changers for Roblox that you can find and use easily. However, the best Roblox voice changer is the WooTechy SoundBot. It is especially useful for real-time AI voice changing in various games, including Roblox, Valorant, Fortnite, PUBG, etc.

Moreover, SoundBot also has the VoiceStudio function that you can use to customise your own voice by adjusting a wide range of parameters. There are more voice filters on the way, check out more features of this powerful voice changer.

SoundBot – The Best Voice Changer for Gaming




  • 250+ Voice Filters: Allows you to change your voice over a range of different options ranging from male to female voices to games voices.

  • 600+ Sound Effects and 200+ Voice Memes: Allows you to troll your friends during the gaming process with various audio effects.

  • Easy to Use: With several steps to set up, you can change your voice in game platforms. You can also assign keybinds to the voices and effects, in this way, you can use them with a simple press whenever you want.

  • High-quality Voice Output: With the noise reduction feature, SoundBot promises you the best voice-changing.

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1. How to Change Voice on Roblox Voice Chat

Voice changer for Roblox is not a complex procedure, and you have to follow a few simple steps to have access to the AI Roblox voice changer – WooTechy SoundBot.

First of all, you have to download the SoundBot voice changer software on your computer. Run the installation and wait for it to complete.

Allow the use of your microphone and headphone on the software. Configure the devices as the input and output tools respectively.

select microphone in soundbot

select headphone in soundbot

Go back to Roblox’s Settings and change the default input device to Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device in order to access the Roblox voice changer.

change roblox audio settings

Select any voice filter that you prefer from VoiceBox, and you can enjoy the immersive gaming experience in Roblox now.

change voice in games with soundbot

2. The Soundboard for Roblox

The soundboard from WooTechy SoundBot includes all the various sounds such as Horror, Music, Game, Atmosphere, and more that you can use for the game. Any WAV and MP3 files can be played on Roblox and heard by your participants in the game.

Use the soundboard of WooTechy SoundBot to play sounds in the voice chat. You can also assign keyboard shortcuts to play them without interrupting your game.

wootechy soundbotsoundboard

Part 4. Other Voice Changers for Roblox

There are a number of different Roblox voice changers on the internet with unique features. You can use any of them as the voice changer for Roblox.

1. Voicemod

This is one of the most popular AI voice changers as it offers a variety of features to make you well-acquainted with it as the Roblox voice changer. Many content creators and YouTubers use this voice changer to make their content interesting. Some of its features include:

It has an autotune feature which allows you to listen to music while enjoying your game.

There is no distortion or lagging in this Roblox voice changer, and use it as a real time voice changer.

It also supports other online platforms for conferencing for example, Skype, Zoom etc.

Roblox players can add background music and choose any voice filter from the widely stocked up library to alter their voices.

voicemod roblox voice changer


  • You have to buy a rather expensive installation package and subscription plans to use it.

  • There is no stability in the performance when changing voice in Roblox.

2. Voxal

This is an extremely simple-to-use voice changer for Roblox because it’s compatible with a number of games. You can change your voice whenever you want, even while you are playing the game.

This Roblox Voice changer has several audio effects and filters that allow you to change your voice over a range of different options.

It has amazing control for the volume with the graphic voices.

You can edit your sounds with the built-in editor.

voxal voice changer user interface


  • It is more complex.

  • The interface has not been updated for a while, making it outdated.


Voice changers for Roblox have become an entertaining activity for the players as they can have a fantastical identity in the universe of the game. WooTechy SoundBot allows you to not only alter their voices but also communicate with their friends using background music that adds to the thrill of the game. Download it and have fun.

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Part 5. Hottest FAQs about Roblox Voice Chat

1How to get Roblox voice chat without ID?

Want to use voice chat in Roblox if you don't have an account? Follow this way. All you need is a phone number and email address. (Note: It only works if you have a 13+ account.)

Log in to the Roblox website.

Click Settings. Add an email address and verify it.

Add a phone number and verify it.

Your account is now fully verified.

2How long are Roblox voice chat suspensions?

The length of a Roblox voice chat suspension depends on the severity of the violation. Suspensions can range from 1 day to permanent. Here are some examples of common voice chat violations and their corresponding suspension lengths:

Swearing: 1 day suspension

Harassment: 3 day suspension

Threatening behavior: 7 day suspension

Impersonating a Roblox staff member: 14 day suspension

Sexual harassment: Permanent suspension

3How to mute Roblox voice chat?

Click the speaker icon next to the player's name in the chat window, use the VoiceChatSDK module, and ask an admin to mute the player for you.

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