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There is no doubt that It’s maddening when you end up forgetting your iPhone password and locked out of your device. There are many ways out there to reset or unlock the iPhone passcode. However, most of them will wipe out everything on your device. Of course, your biggest concern is how to unlock iPhone without losing data. Is it really even possible? The short answer is yes. But there are some conditions to get the job done. Read on to find out more.

Unlock iPhone without Losing Data: Is it possible?

As we mentioned above also, it is possible to unlock the iPhone without losing your data. But the catch is that you must have a backup.

You may ask what if I never backed up my device? Well, the good news is that you probably have a backup even though you might not know it. If you never changed the backup settings, the iCloud backup setting is "on" by default. So if you didn't turn it off for some reason, chances are you do have a backup on iCloud. In this case, you can unlock your iPhone with software, and after that, restore data from a backup using iCloud or iTunes.

iphone backup data

But if you’re sure that you don’t have a backup, sadly, there is absolutely no way to unlock your device without losing data. Apple has done everything to make sure that no one can access your private data without a proper credential. Even FBI can’t do it.

In the next parts, we’ll walk you through first how to unlock an iPhone password and then how to restore your data to prevent data loss after unlocking. So, continue reading.

How to Unlock an iPhone Safely? Using iSalvor!

WooTechy iSalvor is an incredible tool to unlock iPhone locked by a screen lock. It is capable of removing several different types of screen locks. Thus, no matter what kind of screen lock you want to unlock, iSalvor can help you get into your locked device with one click of a button.

On top of all, it will help you remove your iPhone passcode without getting stuck in the iCloud activation lock screen. Moreover, the tool is compatible with almost all iPhone models and iOS versions out there.

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How to Use iSalvor to Unlock iPhone Passcode:

Thanks to iSalvor’s feature known as “Remove Screen Lock & Bypass Activation”, you won’t find any hassle unlocking your iPhone passcode. So, download and install the software on your computer and follow the below steps to get the job done:

Step 1: Run the software, connect your device to the computer, and choose the “Remove Screen Lock & Bypass Activation” feature from the software’s main interface.

software interface

Step 2: Once the software detects your device, follow on-screen instructions to put your iPhone into recovery mode. Then confirm your iPhone information and ensure to choose the right FMI status of your iPhone and hit “Next” to continue.

confirm device info in software

Step 3: The software will automatically download a jailbreak tool for you. After the download, hit “Start Jailbreak” and follow onscreen instructions.

start to jailbreak isalvor

Step 4: In a while, the software will then remove or unlock your iPhone passcode and you’ll be able to access your device’s data and features again.

password removal successful in isalvor

That’s how iSalvor helps you unlock your iPhone passcode. The best part of the software is that it ensures you won’t get an activation lock after removing the iPhone passcode. If you want to unlock your device without losing data, proceed to the next part and recover your data from a backup.

After Unlocking Passcode: Restore Your Data

The last step to unlock the passcode without losing data is to restore your data. No matter whether you have an iCloud or iTunes backup in hand, below we have mentioned steps for both.

1 Restore your data from an iCloud backup

If you have backup your iPhone data via iCloud before forgetting the passcode, then follow the below steps to restore data from an iCloud backup.

Step 1: After unlocking your iPhone passcode, you can set up your device as new. So, follow the onscreen instructions until you see “Apps & Data screen”.

Step 2: Click “Restore from iCloud Backup”.

apps data screen

Step 3: Enter your iCloud login details and select the most recent backup file to start the restore process.

restore iphone data from icloud

2 Restore your data from an iTunes backup

If you have backup your iPhone data via iTunes before forgetting the passcode, then follow the below steps to restore data from an iTunes backup.

Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer.
Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer.
Step 3: Click on your device icon and choose “Restore Backup”.
Step 4: Select the most recent backup file and hit “Restore”.

restore iphone data

FAQs About How to Bypass iPhone Passcode Without Losing Data

Q Can I backup before unlocking so I can keep my data?

The short answer is No. You cannot back up your data when the iPhone is already locked. You have to take a backup before you end up forgetting the passcode of your device. So always backup your data before it's too late!

Q Can I unlock iPhone passcode without a computer?

Yes, you can. If you know your iCloud credentials, you can unlock your iPhone passcode with iCloud and it won’t require a computer. However, this method will result in data loss. Thus, if have a backup beforehand, then you should go with this method.

Nevertheless, here’s how to unlock an iPhone passcode without a computer:

Step 1: Use another device to access iCloud.com
Step 2: Login using your iCloud credentials.
Step 3: Tap “Find My iPhone”.
Step 4: Tap “All Devices” and select your iPhone from the list.
Step 5: Tap “Erase iPhone” to unlock the iPhone password.

unlock iphone without computer

Once the device is erased, you can set up your iPhone again as a new one. During the setup, you can restore from backup and get back your data.

Q Is iSalvor safe for unlocking iPhone passcode?

Yes. iSalvor's developer team has done everything to make sure that your device doesn't get bricked or damaged during the unlocking process. As long as you stick to the instruction, your device will be fine.

Q What's the difference between iSalvor and other iPhone unlocking methods?

There is a remarkable difference between iSalvor and other iPhone unlocking methods or tools, which is iSalvor ensures that your device won’t be locked by the activation lock screen after unlocking the iPhone passcode. That’s something you cannot expect from other iPhone unlocking methods out there.

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Q What can I do to prevent data loss in the future

The best thing you can do to prevent data loss in the future is to backup your iPhone data on a regular basis. There are numerous ways to backup your iPhone data. Below, we’re going to discuss the one you find most hassle-free.

Backup via iCloud:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to a reliable Wi-Fi connection.
Step 2: Head to “Settings”> ”[ Your Name]”> ”iCloud”.
Step 3: Click “iCloud Backup”.
Step 4: Click “Back Up Now” and let the backup process completes.

backup data via icloud


It’s indeed possible to unlock the iPhone passcode without losing data as long as you have a backup in hand. If you never backed up your device, worry not, iCloud automatically backs up your data on schedule as long as you didn't turn it off manually. Most importantly, we highly recommend using iSalvor over other iPhone unlocking methods as it is straightforward and it guarantees that you won’t experience an activation lock screen problem after unlocking the iPhone passcode. It also supports most iOS versions now, which makes it outstanding among other competitors. Download iSalvor for free and unlock your device now!

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