[2022 Fixed] Why Does iPoGo Not Working & Keep Crashing?


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"iPoGo not working. I downloaded the last way version of IPogo and am able to teleport and play, but some of the settings don't work such as, tap to walk, enhanced catching, and nearby Pokémon don't show up. Anyone else having this problem or know a solution?"

iPoGo is a toolkit to help you play Pokémon GO faster, so you collect the most valuable Pokémon. However, you might have noticed that iPoGo lags and keeps crashing, with advanced features like tap to walk failing. Worse yet, you might have purchased iPoGo Pro Edition, which means you're losing money every time your bonus iPoGo functionality crashes. While it's true that some iPoGo crashes are easy to fix, other issues are unsolvable. Let's get to the bottom of this, we'll provide you with all the working solutions.

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Part 1: Reasons Why iPoGo Is Not Working [Fixed]

There are numerous reasons why iPoGo not working or crashes. Here are the main ones:

Reason #1: Autowalk Crashes

Problem: When you use the Autowalk feature with Pokémon GO Plus, many users experience iPoGo crashes after catching a few Pokémon. Therefore, they must constantly reopen the app as it keeps crashing. This problem occurs on a wide range of Apple devices.

Solution: This problem could suggest an improper installation or update. However, there is no clear solution to the issue of crashing.

Reason #2: Improper Installation

Problem: Many users regard iPoGo as extremely complicated to install. Consequently, many users install iPoGo poorly as they cannot follow the directions properly. An unnoticed error in the installation process could cause the app to crash and fail later. Worse yet, some users rely on download hacks that end up jailbreaking their iPhones. Avoid using any download technique that is not endorsed on iPoGo's website.

Solution: Simply put, you should only download the official versions offered on iPoGo's website, don't try installation hacks. Some people recommend using Sideloadly to help you download the app, iPoGo provides a guide for this method themselves.

Reason #3: Update Failed

Problem: Occasionally, updates occur to iOS or iPoGo. However, iPoGo's developers might not have kept up with the iOS updates leading to frequent crashes.

Solution: If iPoGo keeps crashing after iOS updates, try reinstalling the app. And as painful as it might sound, use an official installation method from the iPoGo website.

Reason #4: Phone Capacity

Problem: Finally, iPoGo often crashes because it takes up a large share of your phone's resources. iPoGo is constantly hoarding your system's capacity, meaning it competes with other apps on your device. After a while, this can cause iPoGo to shut down.

Solution: Throughout your gameplay, you should keep track of which items you are using on Pokémon GO and cut out those that are unnecessary. Furthermore, close all apps that you don't need running in the background while you play Pokémon GO with iPoGo. Finally, maintaining your device properly could mean downloading a cleaner app that gets rid of all your useless cache files that cause your phone to lag.

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Part 2: Is iPoGo Safe to Use?

iPoGo is regarded as a reputable app in the Pokémon GO community. Many of its features have helped users improve their performance. However, there are still many concerns floating around that relate to spoofing detection and risky installation methods. Before you install iPoGo, there are some important points for you to note.

Here are 5 things you should know before installing iPoGo:

1. iPoGo Uses A Tweaked Version of Pokémon GO

While Pokémon GO tweaks are common among location spoofing apps, Niantic, the creators of Pokémon GO, have begun cracking down on tweaks like those made by iPoGo. Niantic takes cheating very seriously and they have taken measures to sue apps like iPoGo already. Worse yet, Niantic won't hesitate to ban user accounts suspected of cheating – meaning that you will lose all your progress in Pokémon GO.

2. Use A New Account

Since Niantic will likely create patches to block iPoGo users, you shouldn't risk your main account with iPoGo if you've already collected a lot of Pokémon. This might be the best way to prevent detection.

3. Avoid Certain Features

Since Niantic began cracking down on Pokémon GO spoofers, one of the first things they notice is people who fake their location and catch Pokémon too quickly. For example, iPoGo Pro Edition offers "Fast Catch" to help you gather and hatch Pokémon with speed. However, using this feature could make it more likely for you to get banned.

4. iPoGo Often Crashes During Gameplay

As we mentioned earlier, it's not unusual for iPoGo to overload your device and crash while you're hatching Pokémon. This might make you lose your recent progress, it's certainly inconvenient.

5. Use iPoGo's Website to Download the App

If you must use iPoGo, don't go to a sketchy site to download the app. Even if they advertise a faster, simpler installation process, these methods aren't worth risking a jailbreak to your phone.

Part 3: Does There Any Safer Alternative If iPoGo Not Working?

The best way to set a fake location on an iOS device securely is by using a desktop location changer. Since iPoGo uses a tweaked version of Pokémon GO, it comes with a lot more risks than a desktop app.

We'll show you how to use a location changer, iMoveGo, to fake your phone's GPS location. And It is the only working method that doesn't require you to delete your exsiting Pokémon GO app.

Key Features of iMoveGo




  • Teleport your GPS location to anywhere in the world.

  • Use Auto walk (GPS Joystick) feature without being detected.

  • Works well on all location-based apps, such as Find My and Snapchat.

  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices. (Including iPod/iPad)

  • Free trial is available for every user.

  • Download Now

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How to use iMoveGo

iMoveGo requires you to connect your device to the desktop app. That way, you can alter your device's GPS location remotely without Pokémon GO detecting your activities.

use joystick to move freely

Step 1: Download

Download the desktop app from here. Next, connect your device and select it from a list in the app.

Step 2: Teleport

A map will load for you to navigate. Search for a location using its address or GPS coordinates. Once you've chosen your new location, click "Move". Afterward, you can confirm that you've switched locations by opening Maps on your phone.

fake gps location by teleport mode

Step 3: Enable GPS Joystick

You might also want to move your GPS location around the map to help you collect Pokémon. Now, enable Joystick mode by selecting the first option, or create a customized route with Multi-spot/ 2-spot mode.

use joystick to move freely

frame Pros

  • For fast and flexible location spoofing that won't get you banned from Pokémon GO, select iMoveGo.

  • You won't need to undergo some complicated installation process with this app because the download takes a couple of clicks and is ready within minutes.

  • iMoveGo enables you to hatch your Pokémon without the risk of crashes and lag time.


Above are all the methods for iPoGo not working issue. iPoGo has been a useful toolkit for those willing to endure the lengthy installation process and frequent crashes. However, its value is rapidly dwindling as Pokémon GO has introduced new measures to detect and ban location spoofers. Meanwhile, iMoveGo matches and exceeds iPoGo's Autowalk mode with its multi-spot and joystick modes to help you hatch Pokémon and simulate routes. You can achieve all this without sacrificing bandwidth and system capacity as iMoveGo is a lightweight app for your desktop.

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