Best Tips to Reduce your Pokemon Go Buddy Walking Distance


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As a Pokemon Go player, you might be wondering how you can reduce your buddy's walking distance to earn rewards such as candy. This also helps in evolving the level of your Pokemon buddy. The walking distance is usually calculated after a week, corresponding with the reward you will receive. Not everyone have enough time and energy to walk, so that there are many players are looking for the methods to reduce the Pokemon Go buddy walking distance. We have outlined some methods that may assist you in reducing your Pokemon Go walking distance, including spoofing methods and Poffin.

Part 1: Pokemon Go Buddy Distance Explained

Players should cover a certain distance when playing to earn rewards, such as candy in Pokemon Go. Depending on your Pokemon Go buddy, the higher the Pokemon Go walking distance covered, the higher the number of rewards you're likely to get.

The least Pokemon Go Buddy distance covered to earn a reward is 1 km. On the high end, a player can cover up to 100 km with your Pokemon Go buddy to get huge rewards. Your Pokemon Go doesn't need to be alongside you on the map to earn rewards. Most people, however, find it exciting to walk together with their Pokemon buds as they explore maps. You can easily reduce your Pokemon Go buddy walking distance by use of Poffin on your Pokemon.

Reduce your Pokemon Go Buddy walking distance

Part 2: Examples of Pokemon and the Necessary Distance to Earn One Candy

Some Pokemons require you to cover a long walking distance as opposed to other Pokemon Go buddies that only require less walking distance to earn rewards. Covering distances in the game enables you to earn rewards such as candy, and you can level up your Pokemon Go buddy gradually.

Here are some of the Pokemon, and the walking distance to walk to earn a candy:

1 Skawvet, Bidoof, Wailmer, Pikachu
3 Medicham, Machop, Gastly, Aron
5 Snorlax, Ralts, Noibat, Groomy
20 Zarude, Darkai, Lugia, Zapdos

Part 3: How to reduce Pokemon Go Walking Distance

One of the best ways to reduce Pokemon Go walking distance is by using Wootechy iMoveGo. Wootechy’s iMoveGo is one of the best Pokemon Go location spoofers that enables you to reduce your Pokemon Go the walking distance. It fakes your GPS location in the game, whereby you can cover huge distances in different locations quickly without risking bans. This enables players to earn huge rewards, including candy. You can also max up your Pokemon Go buddy's level and participate in battles to get various rewards.

Features of Wootechy iMoveGo

iMoveGo is equipped with amazing features to help you spoof your location thus enhancing an enjoyable gameplay as you stimulate your GPS locations virtually.




  • Supports both IOS and Android versions including iOS 16 and Android 13.

  • Teleport instantly to any place in the Pokemon.

  • Simulate the GPS movement so that your don't even need to walk in Pokemon Go.

  • You can easily control and simulate your Pokemon Go GPS movements in the game using the 360° joystick.

  • Supports up to 10 devices at once.

  • Masks your online activity and ensures data privacy.

  • Most location-based applications and games can use it.

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Steps to reduce the walking distance in Pokemon Go

Using Wootechy iMoveGo, follow the steps below to reduce your Pokemon Go buddy's walking distance and earn rewards;

Step 1. Download and install Wootechy iMoveGo on your PC.

Step 2. Connect your Android or IOS gadget to the PC using a USB cable. You should ensure your mobile device and PC are connected to the same WIFI.

plan a route by multiple mode

Step 3. Select the Teleport mode or Multi-Spot Mode after the maps have fully loaded.

4 transfer modes of imovego

Step 4. Choose your the best Pokemon Go place, and enter it's coordinates or address. You can also select the location spot on the iMoveGo map.

enter destination on imovego

Step 5. Click "Move", and your don't need to real walk but your buddy character will move following your setting.

multi spot mode imovego

Part 4: Other tips for Buddy adventure in Pokemon Go

1Tips for Choosing and Setting Pokemon Go Buddy

You should consider some factors before choosing and setting one Pokemon Go to be your buddy.

1.If you already have a target Pokemon Go buddy that you want.

2.Choosing a certain Pokemon Go depends on how far it walks to earn a candy. You should choose one that takes less distance.

3.Choosing a certain Pokemon Go buddy to evolve depending on the adventure. Some Pokemon Go require specific tasks to evolve.

4.Choosing a Pokemon Go that’s easily maxed to the best buddy level to compete in the Pro battle leagues.

2Details about Best buddy Pokemon Go

The best buddy level in Pokemon Go is the best Pokemon Level that shows a strong bond between you, and your Pokemon Go. Remember, you can compete in Pro League battles if you have successfully maxed your Pokemon Go buddy to the best buddy level.

To reach the best buddy level, a player should perform various tasks with their Pokemon Go buddy, such as finding some new spots to visit, taking snapshots, walking, playing, and even battling together. Performing these tasks will certainly give you a lot of buddy hearts. The more buddy hearts you pick, the more you level up your Pokemon Go to best buddy level. Easy peasy!

pokemon go battle

3How to Change or Feed your Buddy in Pokemon Go?

First, you should be aware that all Pokemon Go buddies tend to be hungry after 3 hours consecutively, regardless of whether the game is on or off. Therefore you should feed them berries regularly.

The hunger levels are in a metre form with six segments, which drop after an interval of thirty minutes. Some berries fill all six hunger level bars, e.g., Golden Raz and silver pinap berries. Others that partially fill 2 bars are Nanab and Razz berries. FYI, you can also use Poffin to fill up the hunger bars.

4Tips for Getting Pokemon Go Buddy Hearts

If you want to max out your Pokemon Go buddy, collecting as many buddy hearts as possible is the key secret. Buddy hearts are acquired by performing certain tasks with your buddy, such as;

Walking together: You can collect a heart after covering 2km.

Playing together: Players can collect 2 hearts for playing with their Pokemon Go buddy.

Taking snapshots: Players can collect 2 hearts.

Offering your Pokemon Go with treats: You must feed your Pokemon Go three berries to collect one heart.

Taking your Pokemon buddy to battle from Raids or Gyms: You can collect two hearts.


In conclusion, the best way to reduce your Pokemon Go buddy's walking distance to earn rewards is by spoofing your in-game GPS location using Wootechy iMoveGo. There’s a wide range of locations to pick from where you can simulate your Pokemon Go buddy movements, thus covering a large distance in a very limited time.

iMoveGo protects your privacy while in the game therefore, you can't be caught cheating in Pokemon Go. With all this, you can eventually max out your Pokemon buddy to the best buddy level and participate in various fun activities such as Pro League battles.

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