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Jurassic World Alive is a popular game due to its historical features and the ability to bring back the distinct dinosaurs to Earth, who vanished billions of years ago. This game requires players to travel from one location to another, collect DNA, and battle.

Since this is a location-based game, players prefer to alter the location to play Jurassic World Alive. In this guide, we will mention the top 3 ways to Jurassic World Alive Location Spoof. Ensure to read this guide until the end to learn more.

Part 1: Why People Want to Spoof Location on Jurassic World Alive

Before diving into how to fake GPS for Jurassic World Alive, let us look at why people want to spoof location on Jurassic World.

There is no age limit for playing this game; kids and old age players want to play this game. Older People or disabled people can spoof locations to play this game.

Weather plays an essential role in games like Jurassic World Alive. Many countries have dangerous weather conditions, such as extremely hot, cold, and heavy rain, which can put lives at risk. Hence, spoofing locations is the best way to stay safe and play games.

Laziness makes us want to stay in bed and relax. With a fake GPS location program, users can easily play this game while staying in bed.

These were the top 3 reasons people prefer Jurassic World Alive location hack. Now let us show you how to fake location on Jurassic World Alive.

Why People Want to Spoof Location on Jurassic World Alive

Part 2: Top 3 Ways to Fake GPS Location for Jurassic World Alive

Below, we have mentioned the top 3 ways to fake GPS location for Jurassic World Alive Location Spoof.

Way 1: WooTechy iMoveGo - Most Recommend

If you are looking for the Jurassic World Alive Best Locations spoof program, try Wootechy iMoveGo. iMoveGo is one of the best Spoof GPS Location tools available online. With this program, Jurassic World Alive players can easily change your location and explore new locations from you beds. This program offers amazing features that will make your gaming experience more fun. You don't have to worry about getting banned because Cooldown Timer prevents changing location too frequently, hence making spoof location easy.

Further, this program supports all location-based AR games and Apps such as Jurassic World Alive and Pokemon Go, as well as social platforms like Tinder, Snapchat, WhatsApp and so on.

    iMoveGo: Fake Jurassic World Alive GPS




    • Change Jurassic World Alive location to anywhere with a single click.

    • Option to simulate GPS movement with customized speeds and routes.

    • Explore Jurassic World Alive world with GPS a joystick.

    • Ability to import and export GPX files.

    • Works on up to 10 devices at the same time.

    • Compatible with all iOS and Android versions, such as iOS 17 and Android 14.

    • User- Friendly interface, making it the best option for non-tech players.

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Step-by-step guide of using iMoveGo to Spoof Jurassic World Alive location

Step 1: Go to the Wootechy iMoveGo website or click the above bottom to download the program. Once installed, launch the program and click on Get Started.

launch Wootechy iMoveGo

Step 2: Connect your device to your PC via a USB Cable or WiFi. iOS users should unlock the devices and trust the connection; Android users should enable USB debugging.

complete connection to use iMoveGo

Step 3: Once iMoveGo detects your device, a map will appear on your screen. Select the Multi-Spot Mode available in the upper right corner. Select the starting and ending points. You can also select the number of times you must move between the two places.

Once all the settings are done, click the move button to start the movement between various spots.

plan route in Jurassic World Alive

To spoof Jurassic World Alive location instantly to anywhere, in the world, select Teleport Mode. It allows you to update to a new location with only one click.

spoof Jurassic World Alive location

Way 2: JWAlive++

If you want a Jurassic World Alive location hack on your iOS device, use JWAlive++. This tool can spoof your location to any other location. With this tool, you can take your player to various locations. However, this program has some limitations; you have to reinstall the app every 7 days due to Apple restrictions. Also, while using this app, you risk getting banned because it doesn't offer any safety protocols to save your account.

Here is how to use JWAlive++

Download the JWAlive++ file.

Now download and install Cydia Impactor to your computer.

Connect your iOS device to your PC and log in to your iTunes with the same Apple ID.

Launch the Cydia Impactor.

Upload the JWAlive++. IPA file into the Cydia Impactor. Confirm your iTunes details and press confirm.

Wait for the installation to complete. Now, launch the Jurarric World App on your iOS device.


Way 3: VPN

Another method for Jurassic World Alive location spoof is through using a VPN. With the help of a VPN, users can easily change their location on games like Jurassic World Alive and Pokemon Go. A VPN also allows you to access restricted content.

Express VPN is one of the available option online. With its fast speed and reliable connection across 90 countries, it’s become a famous option among gamers. Jurassic World players can easily spoof locations by using this program. However, there are some limitations to this program.

Using a VPN only allows you to fake your GPS location; you can't control your movement.

VPN apps are way too expensive; it can cost you more than $100 per month.

You have to purchase the subscription to unlock the full version.

Jurassic World Alive can easily detect you using a VPN and ban your account.

use vpn to fake gps in Jurassic World Alive

Part 3: Q&A about Jurassic World Alive Location

1. How to find Jurassic World Alive dinosaur locations?

To find Jurassic World Alive dinosaur locations, you can walk around your location and find the best ones.

2. Can I play Jurassic World Alive online?

Yes, you can play Jurassic World Alive online on your PC and Mobile devices without downloading the App.

3. How to quickly level up in Jurassic World Alive

If you want to level up in Jurassic World Alive, then fight with other players. You can also use the in-game money to level up an open incubator. Collect DNA and coins, which will help you level up quickly.


In conclusion, Jurassic World Alive is an amazing game to play. Users can unlock different types of Dinosaurs and have fun with them. If you want to use Jurassic World Alive Location Spoof to unlock rare dinosaurs, then we recommend you use WooTechy iMoveGo. This is an amazing program that allows you to spoof your location without getting banned.

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