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Monster Hunter Now is a new mobile game from Niantic, the developer of Pokémon GO. The game is based on the popular Monster Hunter franchise, and it allows players to team up with friends to hunt down and capture monsters

One of the best ways to get started in Monster Hunter Now is to use an invitation code from a friend. This will give you both some useful rewards, including potions, paintballs, and Zenny. In this article, we will explore the latest Monster Hunter Now code and some tips to level up faster in Monster Hunter Now.

Part 1: What are Monster Hunter Now Codes For?

A Monster Hunter Now invitation code is a unique code that can be used to invite new players to the game. Both the inviting player and the invited player will receive rewards for using the code.

Players on Hunter rank 6 can now use these codes to invite others and receive rewards. You get rewarded when players who use your invite code reach Hunter level 6.

Invite code rewards can include paintballs, portions, or even Zenny currency. Once redeemed, you can use rewards to forge powerful weapons to defeat and take down massive monsters in your gameplay.

the latest Monster Hunter Now code and rewards

Part 2: Monster Hunter Now Currently Active Codes to Earn Items[Official]

Monster Hunter Now has hit 5 million downloads, and Niantic is celebrating by giving away free in-game awards! There is currently one active Monster Hunter Now code that you can earn some rewards for using them. It has been verified and is confirmed to be working as for now. We will also keep updating new codes once it released.

Code: MHN5M

Rewards: 5,000 Zenny and 2 Paintballs

Part 3: Monster Hunter Now Friend Referral Code

In the monster-hunting realm, teamplay and friendly quests are the icing on the cake. As mentioned in the Monster Hunter Now gameplay that we shared before, Hunters can interact with other players online and even engage in fascinating hunting adventures. This list includes several friend Monster Hunter referral codes that will earn you rewards once you reach level 6. Just a reminder: Monster Hunter codes can only be used 20 times a month.

How to Find the Monster Hunter Now Referral Code?

On your Monster Hunter Now app, tap your Hunter avatar in the bottom left corner of the screen. Find Friends>Add Friends|. And you will see your referral code in the bottom of the screen. Or, check the QR code.

How to Find the Monster Hunter Now Referral Code

How to Use Your Monster Hunter Now Referral Code?

It’s worth noting that you can only redeem codes once, and this is when you’re first joining the game. Basically, you and the player who referred you will get referral rewards once you reach rank 6.

To do this, log in with your Monster Hunter credentials and Create and set up your gameplay by filling in details such as your profile name to create your character. Type in or paste the code and click redeem.

FYI, it’s not a mandatory requirement; you can join Monster Hunter even without a referral code. However, you will not be rewarded if you already have a profile and play Monster Hunter.

Besides, You can share your referral code with your friends by sending it to them directly.

How to Use Your Monster Hunter Now Referral Code

What are the Rewards of Using Monster Hunter Now Referral Code?

Joining with a monster hunter will grant you 3 potions, 2 paintballs, and 1000 zenny, whereas the player who created the code will receive 3 paintballs, 5 potions, and 300 zenny.

Paintballs are items that can be used to stun monsters, while potions are items that can be used to restore health. Zenny is the in-game currency that can be used to purchase items and equipment.

What are the Rewards of Using Monster Hunter Now Referral Code

How to Get More Monster Hunter Now Codes?

You can avoid missing out on active Monster Hunter codes by checking out the game's official social pages, events, and community forums. Or, keep an eye on the Social Media Platforms, where many player loves to share their codes.

Part 4: How to Play Monster Hunter Now without Geo-limitation

Monster Hunter Now features a variety of different monsters that can only be found in specific locations. However, players don’t like physically moving around to play the game. Even though it can be enjoyable sometimes, it might also feel like too much work. Luckily, with iMoveGo, you can be a legendary monster hunter without leaving your seat.

Available on Windows and Mac PCs, this location spoofing tool changes your GPS address on your Android or iOS device. It supports both USB connection and Wireless connection, providing you with a silky smooth and lag-free gaming experience. Once set up, you can teleport your GPS on the quest to collect items from a specific location or plan a route that your hunter will automatically move along it.

Moreover, the multiplay in Monster Hunter Now requires that the distance between four members should not exceed 200 meters. iMoveGo can be used to spoof location and allows you to play Monster Hunter Now with your friends without distance limitation.

    WooTechy iMoveGo - The Best MH Now Location Changer




    • One-click to change location in Monster Hunter Now.

    • Simulate realistic GPS movement with your preferred routes and speeds.

    • Control location with a built-in Joystick.

    • Support 10 devices at once.

    • Works with all location-based Apps, like Pokemon Go

      , Find My, Tinder or Life 360.

    • Free Download

      Secure Download

How do you set up iMoveGo?

From your respective browser, download and install iMoveGo on your computer. After installing and launching the software, click i“Get Started” to proceed.

Get started with Wootechy iMoveGo

Connect your phone ( Android or IOS ) to your PC using a USB cable and click on "Trust.” After the first USB connection, you can subsequently link your device directly to your computer via iWi-Fi.

connect android or ios with computer to use imovego

Wait until the map is fully loaded and choose i“Teleport Mode.” to choose your preferred location and selecti “Move.” With one tap, your GPS location is instantly changed.

change location with imovego teleport mode

You can also simulate location movement with the two-spot or imulti-spot modes. Or, make use of the iJoystick to explore more items in Monster Hunter Now.

simulate gps movement with imovego multispot mode


We hope you found the guide helpful in levelling up in Monster Hunter Now. If so, we are proud that iMoveGo is now part of your legendary Monster Hunt adventure. Start your game, install iMoveGo, sit back, and prepare to hunt down monsters.

Try it Free

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Bonus: A Monster Hunter Now Referral Codes List

Reaching hunter level 6 is easy and can be achieved in a matter of minutes. Feel free to share your code or utilize them to earn Monster Hunter rewards and upgrade your armor set:

  • 3CW6ENDJ
  • 6J3J69E6
  • 6NP5VXXD
  • 83NRWMMM
  • 3Y9HHTR6
  • H465FWEP
  • 999PRF2V
  • N2YFH5VF
  • N6XJHDY6

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