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Like any other application, Grindr not working often. Some for technical reasons and some of them are caused by the updating on mocking locations are prohibited. When it does not function properly, you will find seeking to broaden your dating horizon faces frustration.

But don't worry, as this article will show you why Grindr is not working, and how to fix it. Additionally, we will also provide some useful tips for expanding your social circle on Grindr.

grindr fake gps not working

Part 1. Why is Grindr Not Working

There are a few reasons why Grindr App not working. The main common causes include the following:

Internet connection issues: Weak Wi-Fi signals or insufficient mobile data coverage can hinder Grindr access or delay Grindr loading configuration files.

Outdated app version: Using an older Grindr version might lead to compatibility issues and bugs.

Device issues: It is often found in some older cell phone models.

Account Blues: Account-related problems, such as being banned for violating community guidelines, can restrict your ability to use Grindr.

Mock Grindr location: If you use a VPN to change location might cause Grindr fake GPS not to work.

Part 2. How to Fix Grindr Not Working

In the following, we will provide you with the solutions for different causes, which hopefully will help you to fix Grindr not working issues.

Scene 1: Grindr Unable to Fresh

Grindr no refreshing is one of the most frequent problems. Follow the steps to fix it.

App Refresh Renaissance: Access your phone's Settings > Apps. Locate Grindr and tap on it. Utilize the "Force Stop" function to halt the app completely.

Cache Clearance for a Clean Slate: Within the Grindr app's settings, navigate to the Storage section and tap on "Clear Cache."

App Relaunch for a Fresh Start: Restart the Grindr app. This should restore its ability to refresh and deliver the latest updates.

Grindr Unable to Fresh

Scene 2: Grindr Registration Error

Email Mishap: Ensure you're entering your email address correctly, with proper capitalization and without typos.

Account Overload: You might have already created the maximum number of accounts with the email address you're trying to use. Consider using a different email or registering with a social media platform like Facebook or Google.

Location Restrictions: In rare cases, Grindr might be restricted in your region due to local regulations.

Technical Glitch: Sometimes, temporary technical issues on Grindr's end can cause registration problems.

Grindr Registration Error

Scene 3: Grindr Goes Unresponsive

To resolve a sluggish or unresponsive Grindr app, you can start by troubleshooting the following:

Check the Latest Updates: Check your device's app store for the most recent Grindr update. Installing it often resolves bugs and enhances compatibility.

Automatic Updates for Future-Proofing: Enable automatic updates for Grindr to prevent encountering outdated versions in the future. This ensures you always have the latest improvements and bug fixes.

Grindr install

Scene 4: Grindr Fails to Load Configuration Files

You may find sometimes your images and information go missing in Grindr, and experience frequent disconnection or failure to load images when using Grindr.

Network Check: Open another app that relies on the internet. If it also malfunctions, the problem likely lies with your network connection.

Force Stop and Restart for Potential Fixes: If only Grindr exhibits issues, try force-stopping the application as mentioned in the solution for scenario 1. Restarting the app might resolve the problem.

Scene 5: Grindr Unable to Favorite

App Hiccups: Temporary glitches within the Grindr app can sometimes disrupt functionalities like favoriting.

Outdated Grindr App: Using an older Grindr version might have bugs that prevent favoriting profiles.

Account Limitations: In rare instances, Grindr might impose temporary restrictions on your account for violating community guidelines. This will limit your ability to favorite profiles.

Scene 6: Grindr Messages Refuse to Send

The inability to send messages on Grindr can be a major roadblock to communication. Here's how to get your message across. Except for double-checking your internet connection, Permission should be taken into account as well. You can:

Navigate to Settings > Apps on your device, locate Grindr, and ensure all necessary permissions are enabled.

Grindr Messages Refuse to Send

Scene 7: Grindr Mock Location Not Working

Yet another factor contributing to Grindr's malfunction is that mock location is prohibited now. Using unreliable tools for location manipulation can disrupt the app's functionality entirely, preventing proper refreshing. Nevertheless, we all know that virtual location can greatly expand our circle of friends. Luckily, we have great ways to solve this problem. Read on for the next part.

why you need to change gps location

Part 3. How to Mock Location on Grindr without Being Prohibited

Why You Need to Fake / Change GPS on Grindr

Grindr is an application based on location. By faking a location to anywhere you want, and making it appear as if you are located there, you can meet more people and see more profiles that you haven't seen before. Also, you can let others outside of your region see your profile.

Use the Best Tool to Fake GPS on Grindr

If your Grindr fake gps not working suddenly or you have never changed your location before, or you just want to expand your circle, it's highly recommended to use a desktop location changer named WooTechy iMoveGo, which is more reliable than mobile apps. It will let you change your location easily to anywhere in the world. Whether you want to fake location to meet more new people, or protect your privacy, iMoveGo can help you even if Grindr mock locations are prohibited.

Key Features of iMoveGo Grindr Location Faker




  • Fake Grindr GPS location to any place in the world with 1 click.

  • Simulate GPS movement along customized routes without being detected by Grindr.

  • Works well on all location-based apps, such as Tinder, Find My, Okcupid and Bumble.

  • No Need to Jailbreak and Root.

  • Support up to 10 devices at once, including iOS and Android.

  • Safe and won't to be detected.

  • Works on both of Win and Mac.

  • Free trial is available for every user.

Steps to Fake Your Grindr GPS Location Easily

Step 1. Install and launch iMoveGo on your PC or Mac. Click "Get Started" to begin your Grindr location changing.

Free Download

Secure Download

Step 2. Connect your iPhone or Android phone to the computer with a USB cable, or WiFi.

connect android or ios with computer to use imovego location changer

Step 3. Select the "Teleport Mode". Tap on the map or serch anywhere you want to be located from. Review the new location data and then click on "Move".

change location on Grindr with imovego teleport mode

Step 4. Now your phone will think you are at this new GPS location. You can also check your Google Map to confirm.

completed Grindr location changing in iMoveGo

This change will be updated to all the location settings on your phone. No matter on Find My, Google Map and Tinder. You can share the new fake location on social media or to send it to your friends. Also, match and check more friends on Grindr.


    With WooTechy iMoveGo to change Grindr location, you can freely restart the phone and get your real location back. So it won't have impact on your Grindr or other mobile activities.

Video Guide for Faking GPS Location on Grindr

Extra Tip: Grindr Alternative

If your Grindr is still not working, or you want to more friends, here are some popular Grindr alternatives.


Lex is a free text-centered social and dating app designed for queer, lesbian, nonbinary, transgender, and bisexual individuals to make meaningful connections. It encourages deeper connections beyond swiping on selfies and is inspired by old-school newspaper personal ads.


Feeld is a dating app that allows curious couples and kinky singles to explore their dating desires in a safe and private space. It provides a platform for open-minded individuals to connect and discover new experiences.


Zoosk is a global online dating platform with a large user base and an accurate matchmaking algorithm. It provides a personalized dating experience through its behavioral matchmaking technology, helping you find compatible matches. Zoosk is available in multiple languages and countries.


Hope this guide can help you to learn why Grindr is not working and how to fix. After trying the solutions mentioned above, if your Grindr is still not working, there are also some alternatives.

Additionally,If you wanna change location on Grindr, or your fake GPS location app is not working, then you can use iMoveGo, which is the best tool to fake GPS location on Grindr or other date app like Hinge, or Tinder. Now, download it on your Mac or PC, and have more fun!

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