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Smartphones are extraordinary devices that enable people to keep in touch seamlessly and all the time. iPhone models have gone even further with Find My Friends and iMessage location tracking. With these features, your parents/friends can track and see your movements.

But what if you want more privacy? Luckily, there are numerous ways you can turn off location settings. In this article, we will go through all the possibilities of hiding or turning down locations. We'll start with the simple solutions and build up how to turn off Find My Friends without them knowing. After all, you don't want to let your friends think you are avoiding them.

turn off find my friends without them knowing

Top 6 Ways to Turn Off Find My Friends

There is more than one way to tackle the location tracing problem. Here are some of the ways you can turn off your location on Find My Friends.

The downside for most of these actions is, your friends and contacts will receive a notification from Apple about your activity. (To turn off Find My Friends without them knowing, skip to solution 6 here.)

1Hide Location from Contacts

If you're sharing the location through the Messages app, there is an easy way to turn it off. The app will, however, notify your friends you turned it off.

  • Go to the Messages App

  • Choose conversation thread or Contacts you want to stop sharing location

  • Go to the info tab under the contact's name

  • Tap on Stop Sharing My location

hide location from contacts

2Stop Sharing Location in Find My App

Find My is a practical application on iOS devices with three icons: People, Devices and Me. To turn off your location, follow these:

  • Go to the Find My app and choose the Me tab.

  • You will see the Share My Location option, and you can toggle it off.


However, your location will not be visible to the people from your friend list, and they will see a "location unavailable" message if they try to see where you are. The same message appears if you turn off your device.

stop sharing location in find my app

3Turn Off Share My Location on Your Phone

The most straightforward way is to turn off the Share My Location option simply. To do so, you will have to go to the Settings, and under Privacy, find Location Services. Once there, tap on Share My Location if it's turned on.

turn off gps location

This way, you will disable sharing location in Find My Friends and iMessage app, and they won't get the notification about your action.

4Turn On Airplane mode

The fastest way of preventing friends to see your current location is with Airplane mode. First, swipe for the dropdown menu on the homepage and tap the Airplane picture in the top left corner. With this move, you will disable all network connections and thus stop others to see your exact location.

turn on airplane mode


In Airplane mode, you can't make phone calls, and if you connect to the WiFi Find My Friends app will start showing your location.

5Share Location from Other Devices

This solution works if you have more than one compatible iOS device. However, you can mislead your friends and contacts if you share your location from the other iOS device. For example, let's say you have iPad Pro at home. You can then share its location as your own. To do so, you must follow a few easy steps.

  • Open Settings app

  • Tap on your profile, and go to the Find My tab

  • You must have Find My iPhone turned on, and then you can click on Use This Phone as My Location. You can also have Use This iPad or other iOS device here.

share location from other devices

6Turn Off Find My Friends Without Them Knowing

There is another way to turn off My Friends location settings to avoid your friends noticing that you were tampering with the location settings. Using Professional desktop application is the top solution for spoofing GPS locations on both Android and iOS devices.

With Location Spoofer iMoveGo, you can change location on Find My Friends or Find My iPhone applications. To do so, you will need to set up a virtual location on the map (in 1 click) for Find My, and your contacts will not trace you anymore through the app.

Key Features:

  • Change your GPS location to anywhere in the world.

  • Works well on all location-based apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Tinder.

  • The method is 100% secure and won't be detected by Apple.

  • Supports both iOS and Android devices (including iOS 15).

  • Free trial is available for every user to get initial experience.

Download NowDownload Now

Stop People Tracing You Easily without Them Knowing

Step 1. Install and launch iMoveGo on your computer. Connect your device to the computer, and tap Trust This Computer on the iPhone.

plan a route by multiple mode

Step 2. The app will start loading the map, and you can select Teleport Mode at the right upper corner. You can enter the address or GPS coordinates in the upper left tab.

fake gps location by teleport mode

Step 3. Once you have chosen the destination, click Move button. With this, the location on your iPhone will be changed to the new fake position.

movement completed

Your friends will not know you have changed location. However, if you want to go even further, you can create a whole route and set the speed of your movement.


Incredibly useful Find My application and sharing location on iMessages come with the drawback of your friends always knowing your location. If you want some privacy but are reluctant because your friends or family might react to the turning of location sharing, there is a couple of great solutions to this problem.

You can turn off Location Services and make your location unavailable. If you stop sharing the location, contacts will receive notifications about it. Alternatively, there are ways you can do it without friends knowing. Probably the most efficient way is using iMoveGo that can change your location. Your contacts won't know you've changed location, and they will not be able to follow your whereabouts.

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