Pokémon Go Excellent Throw and Curveball: How to Get It?


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Are you looking forward to mastering the art of throwing excellent throws and curveballs in Pokémon Go? This is the perfect guide for you. Excellent throws and curveballs will not only help you get the most from your Pokeballs, but they will also land you XP boosts. This page will discuss the Pokemon Go excellent throw and curveball mechanics to help you catch the most stubborn of Pokémon.

Part 1: Throw bonuses in Pokémon Go

The throw bonuses are awarded for making accurate throws, and they differ depending on the type of throw you make. There are three throw bonuses in Pokemon Go, i.e the nice throw, great throw, and Excellent throw bonuses.

Nice Throw:

This is the easiest throw bonus to achieve, and it's awarded for hitting a Pokemon with a ball when the shrinking circle around it is at its largest point. The bonus will boost your catch chance by 1-1.3x and award you 10XP.

Great Throw:

The great throw will earn you higher rewards than a nice throw. Wait until the circle is half its maximum size. Hold the Pokéball and throw it at the smaller circle and throw it at the Pokémon. A great throw bonus will increase your chances of catching the Pokémon by 1.3x-1.7x and a 50 XP boost. Feeding the Pokémon a razzberry will also increase your catch chance by 1.5 percent.

Excellent Throw:

Excellent throws in Pokémon go are the hardest to land but will earn you the highest rewards and greatly increase your chances of catching Pokémon. An excellent throws in Pokémon Go will boost your catch chance 2x and will give you a 100XP boost.

It need to hold on to the Pokéball and wait for the circle to become as small as possible. For increasing the chance to getting excellent throws in Pokemon Go, it is necessary to learn about the following tips.

pokemon go excellent throws

Part 2: Tips to Get Pokemon Go Excellent Throws

Landing excellent throws in Pokémon Go is a bit tricky, as it requires the player to toss the Pokéball when the circle is smallest. Excellent throws will not only boost your catch chance and give you an XP boost, but they'll also reduce the chances of the captured Pokémon fleeing.

Tip 1: Identify the throw details

You will need to identify the distance to enable you to make the right throw. Use the super spin curveball to catch distant Pokémon more easily. For nearby Pokémon, use an arc curveball or try landing an excellent throw, depending on the Pokémon and Pokéball equipped.

You will also need to pay attention to the circle size as it determines what throw bonus you receive. A smaller circle increases the catch chance and reduces the chances of the Pokémon fleeing.

Timing is also key. You will need to catch the Pokémon when it is most vulnerable. When a Pokémon is about to attack, it is the best time to strike. You can also use razzberries to subdue the more stubborn Pokémon.

Tip 2: Master the throwing method

Mastering the throwing method will help you land perfect and great throws, boosting your catch chance significantly. Merging curveballs and excellent throws is an awesome combination that is not hard to master. Follow these steps to throw curveballs and excellent throws in Pokémon Go.

It might take a few attempts to catch the Pokémon, but keep trying until you catch it.

pokemon go excellent throws

Part 3: How to throw curveballs in Pokémon Go

Tip 1. After identifying the Pokémon you wish to catch, select a Pokéball. You will need more advanced Pokéballs to catch rare Pokémon.

Tip 2. Spin the Pokéball in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction until your device vibrates. The Pokéball might start glowing as well.

Tip 3. Throw the Pokéball when the circle is smallest to land an excellent throw curveball that will boost your chance of catching the Pokémon.

There are two types of curveballs in Pokémon Go. The Super Spin curveball and the arc curveball. Follow this guide to learn how to carry out these different types of curveballs in Pokémon Go.

3.1 The Super Spin Curveball

Rotate the Pokéball in a counterclockwise or clockwise direction until it starts vibrating and glowing.

The direction of your spin hinges on the hand you want to use. Use your left index finger to spin the Pokéball anticlockwise. You can also use your right finger to rotate it clockwise.

After the Pokéball starts vibrating, flick it up the right if you were spinning anticlockwise and vice versa. The speed and length of the flick will depend on the distance between you and the Pokémon.

3.2 The Arc Curveball

This method is slightly tougher to master. It is worth it, however, as it'll boost your catch chance and get you a 10 XP boost. Here is how to throw an arc curveball.

To make this arc, use the side of your index finger or thumb instead of throwing the Pokéball straight on.

Flick your finger at an angle to the right or left edge of your screen.

At the very last second, twist the arc in the direction of the Pokémon to make the arc.

pokemon go curveball

Part 4: What if the Pokémon is far away?

Sometimes the Pokemon may appear in some more distant locations. If you wish to capture distant Pokémon or play Pokémon Go without moving your location physically, you will require a location spoofer. Wootechy iMoveGo is the best GPS location spoofer available.

It is available for Android and iOS devices and requires no jailbreaking or rooting. iMoveGo is very easy to use as well and supports several simultaneous devices.

iMoveGo has a variety of features that will allow you to spoof your location with more flexibility than ever seen before.




  • Simulate GPS movement in realistic mode

  • Flexible to adjust the movement speed

  • Teleport to anywhere as long as you want

  • Control the virtual location in Joystick

  • Calculate the cooling time based on your distance

  • Available to set random returns and loops

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How to use iMoveGo to play Pokémon Go

Step 1: Install iMoveGo on your desktop or laptop and run it. Connect your phone to the computer using your USB cable to connect to iMoveGo. You can use WiFi for future connections.

plan a route by multiple mode

Step 2: Load the Map and choose a mode to start spoofing your Pokemon Go locations. There are 4 modes to select.

1.Teleport Mode:

This mode allows users to teleport in any Pokemon Go locations all around the world with seamless. It is best used in conjunction with a cool timer (Open in the bottom right corner of the map.)

fake gps location by teleport mode

2.Two-Spot Mode &Multi-Spot Mode:

This mode allows you to set two or multiple pints on the map to set the route and customize the movement to simulate loops or any custom route. Also, you can customize factors such as the speed and type of movement between the two spots.

plan a route by multiple mode

3.Joystick Mode:

Joystick mode allows you to move your GPS location in any direction. It gives you full control to move your GPS signal anywhere in any direction.

pokemon go joystick ios imovego

Step 3: Once confirmed the mode, select / enter the coordinates you would like to go to. You can also click the spots directly in the map. Once done, click on 'Move' and your device location will be updated automatically.

Now, open Pokémon Go and enjoy!


These are some of the features of Wootechy iMoveGo. Apart from saving you from bans using its natural movement and security, it also allows you to change your location without using a VPN. For Pokemon Go player, especially for those who want to play Pokemon Go without moving, it is a great tools. Also, master the techniques to get Pokemon Go excellent throws and catch more Pokemon!

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