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Unleash your inner Pokémon master with the ultimate guide to the "Pokemon Go Map"! Are you tired of wandering aimlessly in search of valuable items and rare Pokémon? Look no further. The Pokemon Go map is your key to unlocking a treasure trove of PokéStops, strategically scattered across your surroundings.

In this article, we will provide the best 5 "Pokemon Go map" to revolutionize your Pokémon Go adventure. Get ready to level up, catch 'em all, and become a true Pokémon champion!

What are the PokeStops?

PokeStops are key elements in the popular mobile game Pokémon Go. These real-world landmarks, such as historical markers, monuments, and art installations, serve as virtual points of interest within the game's Map View. Players can visit PokeStops to collect various in-game items and resources, including Pokémon eggs. These stops are often located at significant locations and landmarks in the real world, offering players an opportunity to explore their surroundings while engaging in the game. And for collecting more items in PokeStop, Pokemon Go map is a useful tool.

Pokemon Go map

The Best 5 Pokemon Go map to Find PokeStops Near Me

One of the ways to Find PokeStop near me is to use the Pokemon Go Map. Here, we provide some popular Pokemon Go maps for your reference.

PogoMap.Info: PogoMap.Info is a popular website that provides a worldwide map of PokeStops, gyms, raids, sponsored locations, and other features for Pokémon Go. You can use this map to explore PokeStops and plan your gameplay accordingly.

PogoMap.Info PokeStop map

Pokelytics: is a website that offers a constantly growing, global map of PokeStops and gyms for Pokémon Go. The map is generated based on data sampled from Outgress, an Ingress analytics system. You can zoom in to view PokeStop and gym locations worldwide.

Pokelytics PokeStop map

GO Map: GO Map is a collaborative, real-time Pokemon Go map that lists PokeStops, gyms, and Pokémon spawns. It relies on players to report locations and spawns, so its usefulness may vary depending on the area. GO Map also offers an interactive Pokédex with detailed information about each Pokémon.

GO Map PokeStop map

PokeHunter: PokeHunter provides detailed information on gyms, including the controlling team, available spaces, and raid locations. However, it is currently limited to a few cities in three US states.

PokeHunter PokeStop map


The Silph Road: The Silph Road is a well-organized site for Pokémon GO players that includes a comprehensive Pokédex and a map of Nest locations. The map features confirmed and rumoured Nest spawns. Additionally, The Silph Road offers an unofficial League Map for competitive play.

The Silph Road PokeStop map

How to Visit More PokeStops to Get More Items?

The above PokeStop Map will help you find the Gyms or Pokestop near you so that you are clear about where it is worth going in the Pokemon Go world. However, you may be wondering if I can visit those PokeStop that are not near me. The answer is yes because Wootechy iMoveGo will help you.

Wootechy iMoveGo is a professional solution for Pokemon Go spoofing GPS location and simulating movement on iOS and Android devices. Players can teleport instantly to anywhere in the Pokemon Go world safely. This means that users can virtually explore different areas, access specific landmarks, and conveniently find PokéStops in Pokémon Go, among other possibilities.

Moreover, a built-in PokeStop Map in iMoveGo is available. With that, you can travel to different locations without physically being present and easily gather valuable items.

Key Features of Wootechy iMoveGo




  • Change your location to anywhere in the world you want to go.

  • Simulate movement by creating customized routes.

  • Provide a cooling timer to keep the account safe.

  • Support simulating jumps, returns, and loops.

  • Can be used with any app that relies on GPS-based location data.

  • Joystick is available for control of the forward direction.

  • Jailbreaking and rooting are not required.

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Whether you're looking to access hard-to-reach PokéStops, explore different regions, or simply enjoy the game in a unique way, Wootechy iMoveGo can help you achieve these goals.

Now, follow the simple steps to those PokeStops near you without moving, or those hard-to-reach PokeStops.

Step 1: Download and install iMoveGo on your Windows or Mac. Once done, run the program and click “Get Started.”

Step 2: Connect your iOS or Android device to your computer using a USB cable or WiFi. (For the first time using, a USB connection is essential.) Ensure that your device is recognized and properly connected.

connect your device on imovego

Step 3: You should see 5 modes in the top right corner: Teleport Mode, Jump Teleport Mode, Two/Multi-Spot Mode, and Joystick Mode. Choose one you prefer.

4 transfer modes of imovego

Step 4: For instance, choosing Teleport Mode, specify the desired location where you want to find the PokéStops. Enter into the bar in the top left bar, or select a spot directly in the iMoveGo Map, click “Move” and your location will be changed to there.

Tip: You can also directly select the PokeStop marked in the iMoveGo Map, then click “Move” to go there.

fake gps location by imovego teleport mode

Now, download iMoveGo for free and give it a try to enjoy Pokemon Go without moving and find more PokeStop.

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Hottest Questions about Pokemon Go PokeStop Map

1How to Make a PokeStop?

To create a PokéStop in Pokémon Go, you need to go through a nomination and review process. The ability to nominate and create PokéStops is currently available in certain regions and is subject to specific guidelines. Here are the general steps involved in making a PokéStop:

Step 1: Find a Suitable Location. It could be a unique landmark, a public art installation, a historical site, or any point of interest that holds significance.

Step 2: Start the nomination of the Pokémon Go app and go to the location where you want to create the PokéStop. Tap the "PokéStop nomination" option and follow the prompts to begin the nomination process.

Step 3: In the nomination interface, accurately mark the location of the proposed PokéStop by dragging the pin to the desired spot. You are also required to take a photo.

Step 4: Enter the necessary details about the nomination, including the title, description, and relevant information. Then, submit it for review.

2How Long Will Gold PokeStops Last?

Gold PokéStops, also known as "Lure Modules," are special items that can be used to attract Pokémon to a PokéStop for a limited time. When activated, a Gold PokéStop will display falling confetti and pink petals, indicating that a lure has been placed. The duration of a Gold PokéStop last 30 mibuts.

3How to Power up PokeStop?

In Pokémon Go, there is no direct way to "power up" a PokéStop. PokéStops serve as points of interest where players can spin the disc to obtain various items such as Poké Balls, Potions, and Revives.


The "PokeStop Map" serves as a valuable tool for Pokémon Go players to locate and strategize their gameplay. By using this map, players can easily find nearby PokéStops, which are essential for collecting items and gaining experience points. The "Pokemon Go map" not only enhances the overall gaming experience but also encourages exploration and social interaction among players.

And utilizing the Wootechy iMoveGo application can significantly enhance the Pokémon Go experience by enabling players to access more PokéStops efficiently. Furthermore, its in-built PokeStop Map will make it easier to go to those PokeStops even without moving. Now, give it a try to explore new areas, overcome geographic limitations, and gain access to a wider range of in-game resources!

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