What to Do When There Is No Sound On iPad Games


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The iPad has an amazing library or games that can be played at any time. Traditional gaming is fun but it can be a major hassle, this is why many people choose to play iPad games in their free time. But, what if your iPad has no sound while you are trying to play games?

The iPad isn't a perfect device and sometimes it can glitch. If there is no sound on iPad games, keep reading through this post. We'll teach you how to repair your device so you can hear your iOS games!

Part 1. Why Does My iPad Not Play Sound on Games?

There are a few reasons this could happen, but usually it has to do with accidentally muting your iPad or enabling the wrong sound settings on your iPad.

Another possible reason this could be happening is that your iOS device is not updated to the latest firmware. In some cases, this could cause apps, like games, to glitch and even mute.

In the worst-case scenario, your iPad could have a software issue and might need to be fixed by professional iOS system repair software.

Part 2. How Do You Fix No Sound on iPad Apps?

1Unmute Sounds in Control Center

This first fix is simple but effective if you are trying to unmute the sound on your iPad game. You will need to go to your control center.

Swipe down on your screen, look for a bell icon with a slash through it. If there is a slash through a bell this means your device is muted.

To unmute it, tap the bell. Then you want to slide your finger over the volume icon. This will increase the volume so you can hear your game better.

unmute sounds in control center iPad

2Check the Game's Sound Settings

Your iPad settings might not be at fault in some cases. If you have tried the previous fix but your sound still won't work, try looking in the game's sound settings to fix your issue.

To check the game sound setting, open the game you are playing on your iPad. After the game is open, go to the in-game menu. Then look for the option that says Settings. Each game menu will be different but there should be a settings option you can click on.

Once you are in the game's settings, scroll down and see if the sound settings are set right. If the sound is turned down or muted, fix it. You can either unmute it or up the volume so you can hear.

3Disable Access Within Apps and Restart iPad

Disabling access within apps can also help with your iPad no sound in games problem.

Go into your Settings > Control Center.

Click on the words that say Access Within Apps and switch it off.

disable access within apps on iPad

After this, restart your iPad, simply hold down the Top button for iPad with a Home button, (press down the Volume Down and the Top buttons for iPad without a Home button) until the slider shows up. Then drag it to turn off iPad and hold the Top button on the iPad to turn it on again.

restart iPad

4Reset the Lock Rotation

Changing certain settings on your iPad can fix your iPad sound. Lock rotation is one way you can get the sound to return to your iOS device. If your side button is set with the wrong settings, you could be muting your game by accident.

Head to iPhone's Settings > General.

Then scroll down and look for the words that say Use Side Switch To.

reset lock rotation on iPad

In Use Side Switch, make sure that lock rotation has a checkmark next to it. If mute is checked off then this will interfere with your game sound.

After you have clicked lock rotation, go back to your game and see if the sound works.

5Force Restart iPad

Force restarting your iPad can quickly repair your device if there is a software glitch or some other kind of problems with your iPad. But depending on which iPad model you have, the steps for force restarting will be different.

If you have an iPad with Face ID or Touch ID: press the Volume Up button, then release the it quickly. After you should press the Volume Down button and release it fast. Hold down the Top button on your iPad and wait for the Apple logo to appear. Once it appears you can let go and your device will force restart.

If you have an iPad with a Home button: press the Home button and its Side button. Hold both buttons down for at least fifteen seconds. You will see the Apple logo appear. You can let go of your buttons and let the iPad restart.

force restart iPad

6Get Sounds Back on iPad Games with 100% Success Rate

Some iPads can't be fixed with a simple setting change. If you find that your iPad games no sound issue is being tricky, we recommend using the all-in-one program WooTechy iPhixer to repair your phone and get the game's sound back onto your device with the fastest speed.

iPhixer —The Best iPad Repair Software




  • Fix all iPad issues including no sound on iPad games, iPad boot loop, screen flickering, sound not working, etc. without any data loss.

  • Compatible with all iPad models and iPadOS/iOS versions, the latest ones, iOS 15.6/iOS 16, included.

  • Easy to use, it has a 100% success rate and the fastest speed to repair your iPad.

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Open up iPhixer and plug in your device. Then, choose a mode to fix your iPad. For no sound on iPad games, the Standard Mode will work best.

select repair mode

Next, you want to download the software to fix your iPad. There will be specific software that will match your iPad model scroll down and choose it.

download iPad firmware

Once the repair software for your iPad is done being downloaded, your device will be fixed and the sound is working on your iPad games.

fix no sound on iPad games

7Factory Reset iPad

The final option you can try to fix your iPad issue is factory resetting your device. We only recommend doing this if you have already tried every other option. Not only will all your data be lost, but you will have to set up your phone again. So, make sure that you have tried every method listed first.

To factory reset your iPad, you will need to go into your Settings and scroll down to click General.

Look for Reset and click on Erase All Content and Settings.

factory reset iPad

Confirm that you want to do this and then type in your password for your Apple account.


There are many different ways to repair your device when there is no sound on iPad games. We went over the easiest and most effective methods including using WooTechy iPhixer for you here today. Make sure to read through this post carefully and go over each solution. This way you can play games with sound as you use your iPad.

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