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My iPhone won't swipe up on Home screen. What do I when my iPhone won't swipe up?

Mobile devices are named smartphones because of their several rich features. For instance, you can type some texts on the phone without a physical keyboard. Likewise, you can click, select, drag, and perform several actions on the device without an external mouse.

All these features are accessed through the screen. Therefore, the screen of smartphones is essential to the way their users can interact with them. On iPhone, the swipe-up feature can unlock your device, load the control center, close apps, or scroll down a page you areiPhone swipe up not working reading.

Hence, you can be distressed when you encounter the iPhone swipe up not working problem like the above user. Don't worry, we have put together 9 useful solutions for you that address this issue.

Part 1. Why Won't My iPhone Swipe Up?

If your iPhone won't swipe up to unlock, close apps, etc. there could be a system glitch or physical damage to the iPhone. Wrong system settings or improperly updates download and installed can cause system glitches. Thus some lags can happen on the screen and further your iPhone won't swipe up.

Physical damage can come from the damaged touchscreen sensor, iPhone falling, a recent strike by a hard object, a gathering of dust and debris, exposure to water or other forms of liquid, etc.

Part 2. What Do You When Your iPhone Won't Swipe Up?

To correct the above different causes, this section will take you through the processes of solving iPhone swipe up not working.

1 Fix iPhone Swipe Up Not Working Without Data Loss [100% Success]

To free you of trying each fix one by one, here's a 100% guaranteed solution to your iPhone swipe up not working problem. It's the use of professional iOS system recovery software WooTechy iPhixer, which can fix all iPhone and other iOS/iPadOS issues. It will fix your faulty gadget without any data loss while installing the proper updates to your iPhone.

Besides, there is no any technicals to fix your iPhone won't swipe up with iPhixer, it's pretty easy to finish the whole process.

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Fix Swipe Up Not Working on iPhone in 3 Clicks:

Step 1Install and launch the app on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer with a lightning cable. Select the Standard Mode from the options available on your screen.

select standard mode

Step 2 Tap on the Next button on the screen. Wait for the app to recognize your iPhone and suggest the firmware to your device. Then, click on the Download button.

Step 3 Allow the downloading to complete, then press the Start button to repair your iPhone. When your iPhone reboots automatically, you can swipe up your iPhone normally.

fix iPhone swipe up not working


That's WooTechy iPhixer, which can 100% succeed in fixing your iPhone swipe up not working issues in the fastest speed. If you meet any other iPhone or iPad error which you can handle on your own, then you can be never hesitat to ask iPhixer tool for help, since this tool can fix any kinds of Apple device issues.

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2 Force Restart iPhone

Refresh your iPhone by force restarting it is another fix that you can find in the Apple communities. If the OS of your iPhone download iPhone firmwarehas developed a system issue, it can be resolved by clearing its RAM. Perhaps there are background apps causing swipe up not working on iPhone; you can turn off such apps by forcing your iPhone to restart.

How Do You Restart Your iPhone When Swipe Doesn't Work?

For iPhone 8 to iPhone 14: Press and let go of the Volume Up key, then the Volume Down key, finally press the Side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

force restart iPhone

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Hold down the Volume Down button and the Side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

For iPhone 6s and older: Hold down the Home button and the Power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

3 Remove iPhone Case or Cover

You should remove your screen cover or iPhone case because they may be the reason why iPhone won't swipe up to unlock. A screen cover that you did not correctly install can hinder your swipe-up comm and by making the iPhone insensitive to touch.

Similarly, the iPhone case can accumulate debris affecting the iPhone. Plastic or conductive cases can also cause phantom presses on your iPhone. Phantom presses or ghost touch means nonexistent touches making a device perform specific functions.

remove iPhone case

4 Enable Control Center on Lock Screen

If the iPhone swipe up menu is not working, it may be due to a change in your iPhone setting. Hence, if the iPhone won't swipe up to unlock, you can check if its control center has been enabled. Follow the steps below to enable the control center on the lock screen.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Click on the Touch ID & Passcode settings option.

When requested, enter your passcode.

Under Allow Access when locked, ensure that the Control Center is turned on.

enable control center on iPhone lock screen

5 Remove Problematic Options from the Control Centre

You may have set several many options on your control centre, which can make it more convenient to operate some specific tasks you need. But some of the options may affect the entire menue from normally working on your iPhone devices. Thus you had better remove problematic options from the control centre to make others work well.

To do this, you can naivigate to Settings > Control Centre > Customize Controls, then delete some options that you think are wrong and you don't need.

remove problematic options

Now you can check your iPhone device again, see if your can swipe up the screen normally.

6 Enable Control Center Within Apps

Similar to what we have in the above method, the swipe-up function will not open the control center when apps are running, except the feature has been enabled. Also, you have to enable the control center for when apps are running. The steps below will show you how to correct the settings to fix swipe up not working on iPhone error.

Open Settings from your iPhone Home screen. Click on Control Center.

On the Control Center tab, toggle to the right Access within Apps.

enable control center within apps

7 Disable VoiceOver on iPhone

A significant interference to the iPhone control center not working is the Voice-Over feature. This feature is a screen reader that gives spoken descriptions of what is on the screen. When giving its description, you may cause the iPhone swipe up not working. To disable Voice-Over on iPhone, follow these steps.

Open Settings on your iPhone. Tap on the General option.

Click on Accessibility. Finally, you can disable VoiceOver.

disable voiceover on iPhone

8 Reset iPhone Control Centre

As mentioned earlier, a wrong setting can lead to the iPhone swipe up not working. Perhaps the settings responsible for iPhone swipe not working is in the control center. Therefore, you can reset your iPhone control center to eliminate the effect of the wrong settings. Here is how to reset the iPhone control center.

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

Navigate to Control Center. Click on the Customize Controls option.

In the unresponsive control, remove the Include section, and the Control center will start working.

customise control center

9 Reset iPhone All Settings

Resetting all your iPhone settings is feasible when you still cannot identify the errors responsible for your iPhone's poor performance on swiping up. In many cases, some phone settings or third-party apps are the causes of swipe not working on iPhone.

Hence, resetting all settings will return your phone's settings to the way it was when you purchased it from the manufacturer. Here is how to reset all settings on your iPhone.

Open the Settings on your iPhone. Click on General settings.

Tap on Transfer or Reset and Reset buttons to see the available reset options.

Choose the Reset All Settings option and confirm the action by clicking it again.

reset all settings iPhone

10 Restore iPhone with iTunes/Finder

More advanced than resetting all iPhone settings is the restoring iPhone with iTunes/Finder method. Apart from resetting the iPhone back to factory settings, it will remove all the data on your iPhone.

It is advised to back up your data before restoring your iPhone. Removing all the data on your iPhone eliminates any system glitches causing the iPhone swipe up menu not working.

Open the iTunes/Finder app on your computer. Connect your iPhone with a USB cable and hook it up with the computer.

Ensure your device shows on the left side of your computer screen by putting it into recovery mode.

For iPhone 8 or later: Press and let go of the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons one after the other. Also, hold down the Side button till the Connect to iTunes comes up.

For iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: Press down the Volume Down and Side buttons till you see the Connect to iTunes screen.

For iPhone 6 or earlier: Hold down the Home and Power buttons till you see the Connect to iTunes screen.

iPhone recovery mode screen

On your screen, you will see two options to either Restore or Update iPhone; select Restore.

restore iPhone in recovery mode


The iPhone swipe up is very important. But if your iPhone can't swipe up or down, it may be challenging to access some features. Therefore, this article has explored nine solutions to the iPhone swipe up not working problem.

To use your iPhone without any hitch caused by the iPhone swipe up not working, you can try the all-in-one fixer -- WooTechy iPhixer. It has the highest success rate and won't cause any damage to your device.

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