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Are you locked out of the iPad because you forgot the passcode? Are you wondering how to unlock iPad passcode without restore? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss some effective ways that will help you out when this issue happens. So, continue reading to learn how to bypass iPad lock screen passcode.

Part 1: Can I Remove Passcode from iPad Without Restoring and Data Loss?

Yes, you can remove passcode from iPad without data loss if you have a backup before. If you have backed up your iPad with iTunes, iCloud or other third-party tools, you can really unlock a locked/disabled iPad without losing data. Therefore, in case of other terrible situations that might cause data loss, you'd better back up your device regularly.

However, if you want to unlock iPad passcode without restore, you will need to try iDelock, Siri, or contacting Apple support.

Part 2: The Quickest and Easiest Way to Unlock iPad Passcode Without Restore

The best method to remove passcode from iPad without restoring is to use some professional unlocking tools like WooTechy iDelock. iDelock is an all-in-one tool that assists in bypassing various iDevice locks including the iPad screen passcode, and also helps with unlocking iTunes Encryption. Besides, it requires no technical knowledge, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

With several clicks, even the green hand can achieve his goal easily. Here are a few features that will further explain why iDelock is highly recommended by its users around the world.

Features of iDelock:

  • It helps in removing all types of locks from your Apple device, including screen lock, Apple ID lock, default Screen Time lock, and even remove MDM without jailbreak, etc.

  • No technical knowledge is required for the unlocking process.

  • Once unlocked, you can have permanent access to the device.

  • It is compatible with all iPadOS versions including the iPadOS 16/17.

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You can follow the step-by-step guide below to unlock iPad passcode without restore using iDelock.

Step 1: Launch Wootechy iDelock on your PC or Mac and choose Unlock Screen Passcode mode from the screen. Click on the Start button to proceed forward with the procedure.

choose unlock screen passcode

Step 2: Now, you can connect your locked iPad to your PC via USB cable and then click Next and wait till your device information starts loading. (If your device can not be detected, iDelock will ask you to put iPad into recovery mode or DFU mode. Follow the prompts on the screen to do it.)

connect device unlock screen passcode

Step 3: Next, you have to download a firmware version as prompted. Follow the instructions and wait until it finishes.

download firmware unlock screen passcode

Steps 4: When your iPhone is prepared, read the notification and enter 000000 to reconfirm that you agree to unlock your disabled iPad.

Confirm to unlock iDelock

In a few minutes, your iPad passcode will be unlocked successfully.

Part 3: How to Unlock iPad Passcode Without Restore Using Siri (Low Success Rate)

You need to notice that this is not suitable for all users, so you may fail. Anyway, you can give it a try.

Step 1: Long hold the home button and Siri will be activated. Ask Siri about what time is it to open the iOS clock functionality and give you the current time.

Step 2: Tap on the clock icon and open the World Clock application. Add a new clock on World Clock by tapping on the + icon.

Step 3: Search for anything you like via the search bar and select it, then choose Select All, which will lead to more options. Tap Share.

Step 4: Tap on the Message in the options and select the To: field. Type something randomly and tap on + icon, which will lead to adding a new contact.

Step 5: Choose Create New Contact and select Add Photo. Then select Choose Photo from the prompt.

Step 6: Then you will see Photo App open. Choose an album and wait. Once your album opens, press the home button and the iPad will be unlocked.

unlock iphone with siri 01


error 1. This method may not work for iOS 16.

error 2. You should have enabled Siri in your locked iPad.

error 3. This won't remove the passcode from your locked iPad.

Part 4: How to Remove Passcode from iPad via iCloud (Apple ID & Password Required)

If you are not eligible or fail to bypass the iPad lock screen via Siri, then you can try erasing iPad via iCloud. iCloud is an effective tool to help you retrieve data or locate the device. iCloud can help you to remove iPad passcode even without a computer. However, you need to link your iPad to your iCloud account and enable the Find My iPad option before the device gets locked.

If you are satisfied with these conditons and remember the iCloud/Apple ID and password logged on the locked iPad, then you can give this method a try.

Step 1: Visit iCloud.com from any mobile phone or computer and log in there with your Apple ID and password.

Step 2: Choose Find iPhone and then click on All Devices and then select your device.

Step 3: Now choose Erase iPad from the provided list of options. You'll also need a trusted device to get the verification code.

erase ipad via icloud


error 1. This method will only be applicable if you remember your Apple ID and password. Besides, you need to have access to a trusted device or linked phone number.

error 2. The Find My feature should have been enabled in your locked iPad.

Part 5: Unlock iPad Without Passcode via Contacting Apple Support (High Expense)

You can always contact Apple Support whenever your iPad gets disabled or locked. The professional team there will have your iPad thoroughly checked and give out the solution. You can definitely get a normally operated device again while one thing is for sure, that your data will be wiped out. And Apple will charge a lot to repair a device that is not under guarantee. So think twice if your guarantee has expired.

Final Words

We hope that this article has helped you unlock your iPad passcode without restore. We aim to provide our best services and guidelines to our readers so they can resolve their issues regarding their Apple devices easily while sitting at their homes. In this article, among the methods, we recommend WooTechy iDelock which can remove various locks for all iDevices and iOS versions, including the latest iPadOS 17 in just a few clicks.

To unlock iPad passcode without restore, iDelock can be the best choice as it requires no Apple ID and password and charges much less compared to the official repair service. Just download it and have a try!

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