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Dagoth Ur Voice Wanted? In the quest to replicate the voice of Morrowind's antagonist, many people are looking for how to make Dagoth Ur AI voice, but find that the tutorials are all very complicated. Actually, there is a simpler solution: Dagoth Ur AI Voice Generator. So this article highlights 3 easy-to-use tools for effortlessly generating Dagoth Ur's voice, perfect for gaming, streaming, online chatting or many other scenarios.

Part 1: Brief Overview of Dagoth Ur Voice

1. Who is Dagoth Ur?

Dagoth Ur, also known as the "Sharmat," is the main antagonist in the RPG classic, Morrowind. Once a trusted advisor, he went rogue and became consumed by evil. Now, lurking beneath a volcano, he leads a monstrous cult called the Sixth House. With powerful magic at his disposal, Dagoth Ur is a major threat in the Morrowind adventure.

2. Who Voiced Dagoth Ur? & What about Dagoth Ur Voicelines?

Dagoth Ur voice actor is artist Jeff Baker. His deep, schilling and scary voice made the villain truly menacing. Dagoth Ur's quotes, like "Come Nerevar, friend or foe?", are legendary for their dark power. These perfectly capture the character's threat and make facing him even more memorable.

best Dagoth Ur AI Voice Generator

Part 2: The Best 3 Dagoth Ur AI Voice Generator

Now that we have a rough idea of what Dagoth Ur voice sounds like, let’s jump into the practical! Here we'll explore the top 3 Dagoth Ur AI voice generators that can easily create or change your voice to his.

1WooTechy SoundBot-- Most Recommended

The first recommendation on our list of Dagoth Ur AI voice generators is WooTechy SoundBot. This versatile tool offers a user-friendly interface and advanced functionality, making it a top choice for effortlessly transforming your voice into that of Morrowind's Dagoth Ur. Directly select the Dagoth Ur sound filter in WooTechy SoundBot, speak into your device, or upload any audio file, and it will generate the sound you want in real time.

Importantly, WooTechy SoundBot offers seamless compatibility with a variety of platforms, ensuring that you can use your Dagoth Ur AI voice in a wide range of applications. For instance, engaging in voice chat on Discord and Twitch, coordinating strategies in Steam, Roblox, CS GO and PUBG, or communicating with friends on Skype.

soundbot Voice changer compability

SoundBot – The Best Dagoth Ur AI Voice Generators




  • Realistic Voice Generating: Create high-quality Dagoth Ur voice. Refuse to be robotic.

  • Customizable voice settings: Offer a range of customizable voice parameters, giving you full control over the nuances of your Dagoth Ur AI voice.

  • Dagoth Ur AI Voice Meme: Features voice meme creation.

  • 250+ voice filters & 600+ sound effects: More than Dagoth Ur voice, provides many other types of voices, such as celebrity voices, cartoon voices, anime voices, horror voices, etc.

  • Voice export: Support for exporting sounds as different file types.

  • Free voice: Different free sounds are available and updated daily.

  • Free Voice: You can get 5 free voices every day, and regular updates of new voices.

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How to Make Dagoth Ur AI Voice with WooTechy SoundBot

Step 1: Download and Install. Click the above button to download and install SoundBot on your PC. Then, launch it.

install WooTechy SoundBot

Step 2: Select input and output devices. It is suggested to choose Headphones as the output device and real Microphones as the input device. Once done, a pop window will tell you the setting is completed.

SoundBot to changing voice seeting

Step 3: Select Dagoth Ur AI Voice. Now, go to the VoiceBox, look for the Dagoth Ur voice filter and select it to apply the preset settings optimized for Dagoth Ur's voice. Here you can start changing your voice to sound like Dagoth Ur by speaking or by uploading an audio file.

generate Dagoth Ur AI Voice with SoundBot

Step 4: Fine-tuning Dagoth Ur Voice (Optional). If the pre-set filter isn't perfect for you, don't worry! SoundBot offers various voice parameters you can adjust. Experiment with settings like pitch, bass, and depth to create a custom Dagoth Ur voice. The setting can be saved for use in the future.

customize Dagoth Ur AI Voice

Step 5: Use Dagoth Ur Voice AI on other platforms (Optional). Once you're satisfied with the Dagoth Ur voice settings, you can use it in your preferred applications. For instance, to change voice in Roblox, simply enable the voice changer feature within WooTechy SoundBot, and in Roblox’s input option, select Microphone (Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device (WDM)). Then, your modified voice will be transmitted in real time.

Use Dagoth Ur Voice AI on other platforms

Now, you have learned how to use SoundBot Dagoth Ur AI Voice. It is time to give it a try and surprise your friends!

Next on our second Dagoth Ur AI voice generator recommendation, we head to the cloud. is a web-based Dagoth Ur voice changer online that is used to voice clone. Without needing to download software, works by uploading short audio clips of Dagoth Ur himself (think iconic lines from Morrowind) and training the AI to mimic his deep, ominous tones.

Compared with WooTechy SoundBot, this AI voice generator doesn't require a software install, but it also doesn't work on other platforms like Discord or Steam, and has much fewer sounds. Still, it's fine for users who don't have high requirements and only need basic features of generating Dagoth Ur voice.

How to make Dagoth Ur AI voice with

Step 1: Go to website. Then, you are required to create an account for Dagoth Ur voice generation.

Step 2: Start Dagoth Ur text to speech. In the text box, type in your desired Dagoth Ur quote or something else. Then start to generate.

Step 3: Export Dagoth Ur audio voice file. does not change voice interaction with other platforms. You have to export the voice.

generate Dagoth Ur AI Voice with voiceai


In the final Dagoth Ur voice changer, we have EevenLabs. Unlike the previous option (, ElevenLabs focuses on creating AI voice clones based on real people's voices. This means, theoretically, you could use audio clips of Dagoth Ur's voice actor (Jeff Baker) to generate near-perfect impersonations.

The tutorials for Dagoth Ur AI voice generation with EevenLabs are similar to You will need to type text and transform it into speech.

generate Dagoth Ur AI Voice with ElevenLabs

Part 3: Comparison with the 3 Dagoth Ur AI Voice Changers

Dagoth Voice Generator WooTechy SounBot ElevenLabs
Type Application Online Platforms Online Platforms
Ease of Use Yes No Moderate
Real-time Voice Change Yes No No
Customization Options Extensive No Moderate
Compatibility Wide range of platforms No No
Results Realistic Moderate Robotic


In conclusion, we've explored three powerful Dagoth Ur voice generators: WooTechy SoundBot,, and ElevenLabs. Among these options, WooTechy SoundBot stands out as our top recommendation. Its rich voice filters, advanced customization options, and seamless compatibility with various platforms make it the ideal choice for effortlessly generating Dagoth Ur's iconic voice and many other types.

Download it for free and have a try!

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