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You may need a scary voice changer to disguise yourself, thus ensuring you get the best impressions from your friends and family members at Halloween or under other scenarios. From the scary voice changer, You can get terrifying characters like Ghost, Thanos, Goblin, Jigsaw, Joker, etc.

However, don't know which software you should choose? Don't worry, this article has identified the top scary voice changer apps you can use to spice up your festival or game. Read more to find details of each scary voice changer program.

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Part 1. How Do You Make Your Voice Sound Scary?

You can make your voice sound scary by using WooTechy SoundBot. This real-time AI voice changer will help you produce any scary effect or voice you like. You can even use the scary voice on any game or streaming app. Hence, you can make a lasting impression on your audience or gaming partner. You can solidify the impression by creating your unique voice identity using this scary voice changer.

You can create a fresh identity or pick from the countless options already available on the platform. WooTechy SoundBot allows users to upload scary audio excerpts from their favorite horror movie. Similarly, you can use it to record and export scary voices and share them with others.

SoundBot -- Real-Time Scary Voice Changer




  • Has 125+ voice filters including different scary voices ranging from Pennywise to ghost.

  • You can use the scary voice changer for various scenarios like Halloween, entertaining prank, live chat, gang up in games and more.

  • Moreover, the real-time AI scary voice changer is compatible most platforms such as Discord, Zoom, Valorant, Fortnite, Xbox, etc.

  • It offers 5 voices for free frial each day and it has the noise reduction feature to ensure the sound quality.

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How to change voice to sound like scary in real-time:

Download the compatible version of the app from our official platform. Install and open it on your computer.

Set up the app with your preferred output and input devices. Select the scary voice effect and speak into your input device.

SoundBot scary voice changer

You can also choose the File Voice Change to apply the scary sound effects that fit your need.

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Part 2. Other Scary Voice Changers

There are many other scary voice changer apps available on different PC and mobile app stores. Four more well-referred scary voice changers are discussed in this section.

1. Voicemod Scary Voice Changer

Put some fear in your family members and friends this season with some scary rhythms and voices. Voicemod Scary Voice Changer provides one of the most illustrious soul-ripping collections of demonic effects. You can imitate already existing scary effects, like women's screams, vampire howls, evil laughs, etc.

voicemod scary voice changer

Also, you can create your unique terrifying voice. This scary voice changer is a worthy software package for social media influencers, gamers, and other streamers. It allows users to add sound clips to their voice recording.

2. LingoJam Scary Voice Changer (Online)

Another horror voice changer for creating an unsettling sound is the LingoJam Scary Voice Changer. It is a spooky voice converter that is only available online. However, it will transform your voice with little effort. It allows users to record and upload audio files. Any of these inputs can be worked on to get the perfect horror effect with some finetuning.

lingojam scary voice changer

Hence, you can have a readymade audio mix for the upcoming Halloween. LingoJam has a simplified interface with limited features. The reason is that the app was created with various intentions, like comical use in cinema, movies, and the entertainment industry at large.

3. Scary Voice Changer & Recorder (iOS)

iPhone users can use this creepy voice changer for Halloween. You can use it to make the most evil-to-the-bone sound recording. After a recording, the edit function allows you to make thrilling adjustments to your audio clip for the maximum scare effect. You can make changes to your audio files, like pitch, frequency, etc.

scary voice changer ios

This app is simple to use. For instance, the icons to record, save, inspect the recording, share, etc., are pretty accessible. Also, you can include online voice effects, realistic sound, and other creepy sound effects.

4. Scary Voice Changer (Android)

Do you want to create an insidious ringing tone that will make your friends and family members insidious scared this Halloween? Scary Voice Changer is the perfect horror voice changer to use. You can make some fantastic tones for your alert and alarm.

scary voice changer android

The app has numerous horror cellphone tunes that will fit your desire. You can even disguise your voice with terrifying noises. Android users can use the app to create their thriller clips without much stress.

Part 3. Comparison Among 5 Scary Voice Changers

Five scary voice changer apps have been discussed in this article. Some of the features of these apps overlap but not all. In this section, we have put together some of the similarities and contrasts of these apps.


Supported Device



Live Recorder


























Words at End

If you want to create a real scene in your house throughout the day of this coming Halloween, then you need a scary voice changer app. Even if it is only a surprise, prank, or comical clip, WooTechy SoundBot scary voice changer can come in very handy. This article has highlighted the most efficient software packages you can use on your gadgets to get that sound compilation that will provoke nightmares.

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