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Chances are, if you are a regular user of WhatsApp, you have once thought of uninstalling it due to the constant notifications. The continuous buzzing from group chats and others can stop you from doing work or other essential things. However, you must worry about: If you delete WhatsApp app what happens? Will you lose all your WhatsApp data permenantly? Or something like these.

Too remove your worries, this article will show you what happens when you uninstall WhatsApp and a way to ensure that your data will never get lost if you decide to uninstall your WhatsApp.

Part 1. Uninstall WhatsApp VS Delete WhatsApp

Suppose all of you wonder whether you will lose all your WhatsApp data when you uninstall your WhatsApp account. The following will explains this qustion from two aspects : Uninstall WhatsApp VS Delete WhatsApp Account. While it may seem like deleting and uninstalling WhatsApp are the same thing, they are, in fact, very different.

Uninstall WhatsApp

When you uninstall WhatsApp, you will still keep your personal WhatsApp account. That's to say, when you reinstall your WhatsApp, or when you log in your account in other devices, you still can get your WhatsApp back and communicate with your family and friends normally.

How to uninstall WhatsApp:

For iPhone users: Go to your App Store, search WhatsApp, tap the WhatsApp, and then click UNINSTALL.

For Android users: Go to your Play Store, search WhatsApp, tap the WhatsApp, and then clickUNINSTALL.


Delete WhatsApp Account

While if you delete WhatsApp account, you will lose the account. WhatsApp will remove you from every group chat, hide your contacts, and your messages with other people will also be permanently deleted.

If you want to delete your WhatsApp account, go to Settings > Account > Delete My Account , click Delete My Account again to comfirm.


Part 2. What Happens If I Just Uninstall WhatsApp?

Below we will look at what happens to each specific aspect of your WhatsApp account when you uninstall WhatsApp.

1. Old Messages and Chat History

This problem is only a concern when you decide to reinstall WhatsApp. If you don’t have a backup, you won’t have the option to view your messages while WhatsApp is uninstalled. When you reinstall, it will ask you if you want to restore all your chats. If you decline the offer, you will be in all of your discussions, but you won’t be able to see any history.

2. New Messages and Calls

If you uninstalled WhatsApp, you would still receive messages and calls, but you won’t get any notifications. When you reinstall WhatsApp, all of the messages that others sent while you had it uninstalled will be restored.

3. Media Files

Don’t worry; all of your media will still be on your phone, and you can use your default gallery app to view them.

4. Group Chats

Your group chat conversations will keep the same unless you delete WhatsApp, so you will automatically leave the group.

5. Profile Picture & Your Last Seen

Your profile picture and your last seen will stay the same. You contacts still can see your profile picture and your last seen when you uninstall the WhatsApp, since it equals to that you just log out your account.

6. Settings and Blocked Numbers

Both will remain the same if you uninstall WhatsApp and will only get deleted if you delete your WhatsApp account.

7. Visibility in Contact Lists

You will remain offline with all of your contacts. If you delete WhatsApp, however, you will be removed from your contacts list, and all your contacts will be deleted.

Part 3. [100% Free] Remember to Back up Your WhatsApp Data Before Uninstalling

Even though uninstalling WhatsApp may not let you lose the account, you had better back up all your WhatsApp data before uninstalling WhatsApp since most of the data is so crucial that you won't want to take any risk of data loss.

For the sake of kindness, I really would like to share a wonderful WhatsApp backup tool with you – WooTechy WhatsMover, which is a Totally Free WhatsApp backup tool, worth trying by you.

This tool is a certainly official and professional tool with an increasing popularity among WhatsApp users from all around the world. Most importantly, it ensures to back up all your WhatsApp data on both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business with 100% security and without any storage limitation.

Besides, if you back up all your WhatsApp data with this tool, you can check your chat history easily and directly without reinstalling the WhatsApp.

WooTechy WhatsMover – the Most Suitable WhatsApp Backup Tool for You




  • Compatibility with iPhone and Android tablets/phones, including all major brands like Samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, and more.

  • Ensure all the data privacy during the whole backup process without deleting or covering the previous backup.

  • Allow to back up all your data smoothly without any storage or OS limitation and with an ability for you to access and read the backup directly.

  • Just two or three clicks are needed to complete the whole process with the fastest speed.

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It only takes 3 easy steps to back up all of your WhatsApp data:

Step 1 Download and Install WooTechy WhatsMover on your computer, and then connect your iPhone or Android phone to the computer with a USB cable. Open up this tool and click Back Up WhatsApp on Devices on the left plane.


Step 2 Hit Back Up on the main screen. Just wait for seconds, the whole backup process can be complete.


Step 3 When Done appears, it means you have succeeded to back up all your WhatsApp data to the computer. You can access and read the backup on your computer anytime you want.


FAQs About Uninstalling WhatsApp and Deleting WhatsApp Account

Q1. Will I lose everything if I uninstall WhatsApp?

a. Fortunately, no. If you uninstall WhatsApp, your data won’t be erased. You will lose temporary access to your account while it is uninstalled. When you reinstall the app and log in your account, all of your chats wi ll be available, assuming there is no significant gap when you uninstall and reinstall.

While the time between installations isn’t official, we recommend not leaving more than 30 days between reinstallation and uninstallation to ensure that all your messages get sent to you when you return to WhatsApp.

Q2. How can I know if someone uninstalled WhatsApp?

a. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if someone has uninstalled WhatsApp.

However, there are some signs you can look out for to see if someone has uninstalled WhatsApp. If they are very active on WhatsApp and haven’t responded in days or their last seen shows a date that is very far back (for example, a few weeks or months), you can be confident that they have uninstalled WhatsApp.

Q3. What do others see when you delete WhatsApp account?

a. When you delete your WhatsApp account, no one gets a notification. However, your contacts will see that you have left all of your group chats, and your profile picture will return to the default gray and white image WhatsApp uses when creating your account. Lastly, when your contacts send a message, they will only see one tick instead of two, indicating that the message has not reached you because your WhatsApp account was deleted.

Q4. If I uninstall WhatsApp, will my contacts know?

a. If you uninstall WhatsApp, your contacts won’t know as they don’t get a notification when you do so. However, you not responding or being on the app will eventually be noticed as those are two main ways to tell if someone has uninstalled. They will never know unless they confirm with you on a different platform.


In this article, we showed you the differences between deleting WhatsApp account and uninstalling WhatsApp, what happens if you delete WhatsApp and what happens if you uninstall WhatsApp. In addition We also shared with you a fantastic tool (WooTechy WhatsMover) that allows you to back up your data effortlessly so that you will never have to worry about your WhatsApp data being lost forever.

Never hesitate, click the Download Now button, you won't disappionted about it, just enjoy it!

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