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Be it business communications or sharing images, videos, documents, or other files, WhatsApp is now the preferred mode of communication. But what if you lose some photos by accident and want to find them back?

The first thing that comes to your mind is restoring the photos from Whatsapp backups. However, sometimes you’re not able to restore them due to poor network or account issues. So here we have got some ways to resolve the issue of WhatsApp not restoring photos from backup, ensure to check them out!

fix WhatsApp not restoring photos from backup

Basic Fixes for Whatsapp Not Restoring Photos for Backup (iPhone & Android)

Well, you may think that things are very technical here, and you’ll need to go through a lot to fix the Whatsapp not restoring media from backup issue. However, there are some very common fixes and you just need to look into a generic thing, then you’d be good to go. So, let’s have a look at the first things you must do when you encounter this problem.

Use the Same Whatsapp Account

If you’re trying to restore pictures received on one WhatsApp account from the backup of another, WhatsApp cannot restore media files because backups of different accounts are not interchangeable. If that’s the case, you just need to check the account you’re using and make sure that it’s the same Whatsapp account.


If you’re an iPhone user, in addition to ensuring that you’re using the same Whatsapp account, make sure that you’re using the same Apple account as well. This is because when you’re trying to restore the photos from backup, you’ll need access to iCloud, which is possible only when you’re using the same Apple ID that you used initially when the photo was received.

The same goes for Android users, who need to make sure that they’re using the same Google Account where the backups were saved.

Ensure Stable Network Connections

Whatsapp backups are stored over cloud service. So, when you’re trying to restore anything from the backup, Whatsapp needs to access the cloud server to find the backup you’re looking for. This means that your device needs to have stable network connections.

So, before going over for any other fix, check your network connections. In case they’re weak, move to a more stable network and try restoring photos from the backup again.

Fix Whatsapp Not Restoring Photos from Backup on Android Devices

It’s possible that even after trying for common fixes, your problem remains persistent. In that case, you need to look for a more specific fix. So, here’s a fix for Whatsapp not restoring photos from backup on Android devices.

Restore Whatsapp Photos from Local Backup

Generally, you think that the only way to restore photos from Whatsapp backup is to access the Google Drive backup. But you can also restore the photos from your local backups, follow the steps explained hereinbelow to do the same.


Before restoring from local backup, please open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup > select Never under the Backup to Google Drive option.

Step 1: Go to File Manager > Phone Storage > All Files > WhatsApp, here you will find your local WhatsApp backups and start to restore the photos. If you store WhatsApp data on your SD card, check the backups there.

Step 2: There are several folders inside tap on Databases. Your data are saved in this WhatsApp Databases folder.

find WhatsApp local backup on Android

Step 3: The backup file is usually named as msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt14, change it to msgstore-db.crypt14, making sure that you don’t edit the file extension.

Step 4: Once done, uninstall Whatsapp on your device and subsequently reinstall.

Step 5: As you set up your Whatsapp account, the application will prompt you to restore the backup. Click on the Restore button.

You’re all done, and you’ll have your photos right there back in your device.

Fix Whatsapp Not Restoring Photos from Backup on iPhone

When it comes to iPhone, there are several fixes you can try to solve Whatsapp not restoring photos from backup on iPhone. Let’s have a look.

Check Your iPhone Storage

If your iPhone lacks storage space, it won’t let you restore images from the backup. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and check if have enough space, try deleting a few unimportant files and data to make more room. Alternatively, you can transfer the files to another device.

Once you’ve made enough room, try to restore photos from backup again, and you might be able to have them back on your iPhone.

check iPhone storage

Turn On Backup in iCloud Drive

You need to make sure that your iCloud drive allows for Whatsapp backups. So, if WhatsApp does not restore photos from backup, you’ve probably disabled the backup option in your iCloud drive. Go and enable this option by doing the following things:

Step 1: Go to Settings and tap on your Apple ID.

Step 2: Choose the iCloud option, and then turn on the iCloud drive.

Step 3: Once the iCloud drive is enabled, you’ll see a Whatsapp option there too. Turn on this option as well by swiping it. This will allow Whatsapp to store backups, and you can then restore your media and other files from them whenever needed.

turn on iCloud drive

Ensure iPhones are Running on Same iOS Version

Another big reason for Whatsapp not restoring photos from backup on iPhone is that the devices are running on different iOS versions. This creates a disparity between the backups, and the devices are not able to find and access them. So, check the iOS versions of your devices and make sure that they’re exactly the same. You can easily do that by going to your Settings > General > About > Version.

Most Effective Way to Restore Any Backup to Android/iPhone

The aforementioned were the fixes to WhatsApp not restoring photos from backup on your iPhone and Android devices. But what if you’re shifting from Android to iPhone or vice-versa and need to restore the backups between these devices?

Well, there’s a fix for that as well!

If you are switching to a new phone, say from Samsung to an iPhone, and need to restore the Google Drive backups to iPhone or to directly transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, then WooTechy WhatsMover is going to be the most effective way for meeting your requirements.

It is a complete Whatsapp data transfer, backup, and restore solution which makes sure that you never lose even a single piece of important file, database, or other media. And the process is super easy, no need for any technical knowledge.

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Basically, with this product, taking backups and restoring data between different devices and operating systems becomes easier than ever before.

Final Words

So, these were the fixes for Whatsapp not restoring photos from backup whether you’re using an iPhone or Android. Keep trying them until one of them works. If you need a more hassle-free solution, you can directly jump to the most effective way that is WooTechy WhatsMover, a most powerful WhatsApp manager tool.

I hope this article has helped you and you’re in better control of your data and media files.

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