2023 How To Hack Pokémon GO On iOS Without Getting Banned


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How to hack Pokémon GO on iOS is a common question for our users who love playing Pokémon GO but do not have ample time to go outside and catch Pokemon. Also, when you have trouble advancing missions or want to score rapidly, you need a solution for hacking. Let us move on to a detailed guide about how to hack Pokémon GO on iPhone without much hassle.

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Part 1. Can you still hack Pokémon GO on iPhone 2023?

Yes, you can still hack Pokémon GO in 2023 despite the strict policies of Niantic game developers. Using third-party apps for simulating or spoofing movement in Pokémon GO is efficient. It allows you to travel on the map and collect items without physically stepping out of the house. What are the best third-party apps to hack Pokémon GO on iPhone in 2023? Let us find out.

Part 2. How to hack Pokémon GO iOS/iPhone?

You will find many applications on the internet claiming to hack Pokémon GO on iOS or iPhone. However, the Niantic game developers have made spoofing and hacking of Pokémon GO very challenging. So, many of these applications do not work properly, and you may also get banned. Hence, it is important to use a reliable and efficient app to go about how to hack Pokémon GO on iOS.

1. Best Way to Hack Pokémon GO iOS/iPhone

The best-recommended app to go about how to hack Pokémon GO on iPhone and iOS is the iMoveGo from WooTechy. It is an application that helps you to change your location on your game without being detected by the game.

Key Features of Pokémon GO spoofer iMoveGo




  • Teleport your location to any place with just 1 simple click.

  • Draw customized routes for your Pokémon GO trainer along.

  • Works well on all location-based apps, such as Find My and Snapchat.

  • Spoof location on up to 5 devices at one time.

  • Free trial is available for every user. [iOS 16 & Android 13 Included]

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How to hack Pokémon GO on iPhone using iMoveGo

iMoveGo is a very simple application; you can use the GPS location to change your current location on your iPhone, and it reflects on your Pokemon game. Hence, you can score and collect more items in your game without leaving your room. So, here is the step-by-step guide about how to hack Pokémon GO on iPhone using the iMoveGo app.

Download the iMoveGo app from the official site and follow the installer instructions to install it on your computer.

Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable or WiFi.

connect imovego

Click on the Teleport mode in the top right corner of the map. Then, select your desired location on the map and click the Move button.

The app may prompt iOS 16 users to enable Developer Mode for best working, so follow the instructions on the screen. You may have to wait until the option shows up in settings.

step 1

You can now move around the map using your keyboard or joystick. To use the joystick in Pokémon GO, you will select the first option in the upper right corner, and your GPS joystick will appear from the selected GPS location instead of your physical location.

step 3

This is it; we have successfully solved how to hack Pokémon GO on iOS.

2. Alternatives that you can consider


iTools is another way of hacking Pokémon GO as it allows users to virtually change their location without physically traveling to collect Pokémons. However, users have many complaints about its use because it is no longer safe, and the developers can ban your account. Also, people have issues collecting items and hatching as they enter into fake play after changing the location using iTools.

Pokémon GO++

Pokémon GO++ or PGSharp is another way to deal with how to hack Pokémon GO on iOS. It has many features. It allows teleporting and gives a real-life-like experience. However, Pokémon GO++ is not available for iOS anymore because Niantic has filed a lawsuit against it.


iPoGo is a hacking application for iOS users to play Pokémon GO remotely without physically moving. It also has an auto catch and spin options for users. However, it has some limitations because it is prone to spoofing, and Niantic can detect it and ban you. Also, the installation may be challenging for users.

FAQs on Hack Pokémon GO iOS

Is it difficult to hack Pokémon GO?

iMoveGo makes hacking Pokémon GO easy as it is very easy to install, and then the configuration takes only a few clicks, and your GPS location will change.

Is iMoveGo safe?

iMoveGo does not change your Pokémon GO settings and works through the phone location settings. It is very difficult for Niantic to detect iMoveGo.

Can you hack Pokémon GO without getting banned?

Using iMoveGo for hacking Pokémon GO is very safe and has few chances of getting banned. Make sure you spoof your location sensibly.

 How to Avoid Soft Ban & Pokémon GO Soft Ban Duration?

If you use a GPS joystick in Pokémon GO, it is important to follow the soft ban cooldown rules. The following table shows the waiting period before taking an in-game action in Pokémon GO after traveling a certain distance.

Total Distance

Waiting Period Total


Waiting Period

1 km

1 minute

125 km

33 minutes

2 km

1 minute

150 km

36 minutes

4 km

2 minutes

180 km

39 minutes

10 km

8 minutes

200 km

42 minutes

15 km

11 minutes

300 km

50 minutes

20 km

13 minutes

400 km

56 minutes

25 km

15 minutes

500 km

64 minutes

30 km

18 minutes

600 km

72 minutes

40 km

22 minutes

700 km

80 minutes

45 km

23 minutes

800 km

86 minutes

60 km

25 minutes

1000 km

100 minutes

80 km

27 minutes

1250 km

118 minutes

100 km

30 minutes

1266+ km

120+ minutes



Pokémon GO is a great game; people enjoy it a lot and have a visual and engaging experience. It also makes the gamers interact with other users when they play in each other's areas and share tasks.

There are times when players cannot go outdoors, and this happened the most in the Covid era. So, you may ask how to hack Pokémon GO on iOS to change your location without physically moving. We recommend iMoveGo so that you can change your location virtually to play and collect items.

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