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Many people have this issue where their iPhone disconnects from WiFi when locked or in sleep mode. It is a fairly common issue with many underlying causes ranging from outdated drivers or firmware to software or hardware failure. I presume you have also come across this inconvenient situation.

Most of the time, WiFi disconnection on a locked iPhone can be fixed by rebooting the device. If that does not work, you will need to get into more detailed troubleshooting, such as resetting the network settings or updating the existing firmware. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to do all of the troubleshooting without any risk.

Why Your WiFi Disconnects When iPhone Is Locked

The iPhone wifi disconnects when locked for several reasons. It could be due to a software bug in your system. This type of bug can cause various other issues if left unchecked. However, you can quite easily solve them through repairing the system.

There's also a scenario where your iPhone might not even be the culprit. Poorly optimized WiFi in regional locations can cause disconnections due to outdated firmware. The WiFi assist system can also make things worse by trying to connect to cellular data where there is no coverage.

How Do You Stop Your iPhone From Disconnecting From Your WiFi?

I assume your wifi disconnects when iPhone is locked, and it has become enough of a nuisance that you are looking for a quick fix. So without further adieu, let’s check out all the probable solutions:

1Reconnect the WiFi Network

As with any network connectivity issue, the first thing you need to try is reconnecting to the WiFi. Here’s how you can cleanly reconnect WiFi on your iPhone:

Go to Settings and then select WiFi.

Select the current network you are connected to. From the menu, tap Forget This Network.

reconnect wifi on iPhone

Return to your connection list and reconnect to your WiFi. Enable Auto Join beside the network name.

2Disable WiFi Networking in Location Services

For some odd reason, sometimes the WiFi networking services can cause an issue with your iPhone disconnecting from WiFi when locked. Users have found that disabling WiFi networking can often fix the disconnecting incidents.

To turn it off, please follow the instructions below:

Open Settings and Navigate to Privacy.

Find the Location Services and select System Services from the sub-menu.

You will now see the option for WiFi Networking, turn it off.

disable WiFi networking in location services

3Disable Wi-Fi Assist

WiFi Assist is a feature that lets your iPhone use a combination of both WiFi bandwidth and cellular data. On paper, it is a very decent boost for when you are in an area with a fluctuating WiFi signal.

However, this feature can cause your WiFi to disconnect when your iPhone stays locked. So turning it off might do you more good than harm. As for how to do that, follow the instructions below:

Navigate to your iPhone Settings.

Find the Cellular or Mobile Data.

Scroll down to find the WiFi Assist option and toggle it off.

disable wifi assist on iPhone

4Restart Modem/Router

Believe it or not, WiFi issues are often not even related to iPhones at all. It might as well be a router issue. So checking your WiFi hardware would be a good choice before you bring out the big guns and start cranking down on your iPhone.

You won't even have to do anything technical here. Just turn off your router by either pressing the on/off button or pulling out the power cable. Keep your modem or router off for about a minute or two before turning it back on.

5Renew the Lease

Under normal circumstances, your iPhone should renew your DHCP automatically. But there can be times when it fails to do so for several reasons. You also might have to change the IP address if you are using an old WiFi modem. Older WiFi routers usually do not have network conflict optimization.

Follow these instructions to renew the DHCP lease on your iPhone manually:

Open Settings and navigate to WiFi.

Search for the network you are currently connected to and open its information. You would need to click the (i) button beside the connection name to do that.

You should see three tabs now. DHCP is the first one followed by BootP and Static. Tap on DHCP and scroll down to find the Renew Lease option. Enable that and confirm your actions to let it take effect.

The Network tab will fade out, and you will lose all access to the internet for a moment. Then it will come back, along with a new IP address.

6Reset Network Settings

If none of the above methods worked, you might need to reset the network settings. In theory, resetting the network settings should solve 90% of your internet problems if they are caused by software.

However, this method will delete all your saved connections and WiFi passwords so proceed with caution. Follow the instructions below to reset your iPhone network settings to fix iPhone disconnecting from WiFi when locked:

For iOS 15 or later:

Go to Settings and click General option.

Scroll down to Transfer or Reset iPhone.

reset network settings for iOS 15

Click Reset and select Reset Network Settings from the options.

Wait for the system to reboot and reconnect to your WiFi.

For iOS 14 or earlier:

Go to Settings and select General option.

Scroll down and select Reset.

Under the Reset section, you will see a lot of different reset options. Select the Reset Network Settings.

reset network settings for iOS 14

Your system will now Reboot to make the changes. Wait through that and reconnect your WiFi.

7Update Router Firmware

If the problem is your router, then no amount of tinkering with your phone will fix that. If the restarting method did not work, then your router probably needs a firmware update.

But firmware updating is not a universal system. Different brands have different update methods. There are about as many update variations as there are stars in the sky, so I won’t be going into individual instructions.

You would need to find your router model and search the manufacturer's website for the step-by-step guidelines.

8Fix System Bugs Causing iPhone WiFi Disconnects When Locked

If the above network-solving methods still make your iPhone WiFi disconnects when locked, then iPhone system bugs or software failures can also cause WiFi disconnection issues. Thankfully, you can use iPhone repair tools like WooTechy iPhixer to debug your iPhone effortlessly. It's super easy to use and won't cause you any data loss.

Some Features of WooTechy iPhixer:




  • Fix all issues caused by iPhone system glitches like iPhone no service and iPhone disconnecting from WiFi when locked without data loss.

  • Reset iPhone with or without password before backing up your data if you prefer this option.

  • Support all iPhone and iOS versions, the latest iOS 15 included.

  • Receive much support from users around the world.

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Connect your iPhone with a USB and launch iPhixer. Select Standard Mode.

select repair mode

Click Download option to get the proper iPhone firmware for your device.

download iPhone firmware

Choose Start and your iPhone will be repaired soon. When your iPhone restart automatically, you can see that WiFi won't disconnect when iPhone is locked.

fix iPhone disconnecting from wifi when locked

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iPhone disconnects from WiFi when locked is a fairly common issue with buggy iOS systems. You are not alone in having to deal with it. Hopefully, this guide will come in handy in resolving this issue once and for all.

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