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Have you ever wondered if there's more to your Samsung Galaxy phone than meets the eye? Well, there is! Tucked away within the depths of your device lies a secret world accessible through a series of cryptic codes. These Samsung Secret Codes unlock a treasure trove of hidden menus and diagnostic tools, offering a glimpse into the inner workings of your phone.

Part 1. What are Samsung Secret Codes for?

So what is Samsung secret code? To make it clearer, Samsung Secret Codes are special sequences of numbers and symbols you enter into your Samsung Galaxy phone's dialer app to access hidden menus and features.

Samsung secret codes can be a helpful tool for those who want to get more out of their Samsung phone, especially for those interested in mobile development or troubleshooting technical issues.

These codes can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

    Finding your phone's unique identification number (IMEI).

    Checking the current software version.

    Diagnosing potential hardware or software issues.

    (For developers) Advanced troubleshooting and testing

Part 2. How to Use Secret Codes for Samsung?

While using Samsung secret codes isn't technically a secret anymore, a lot of people are still unaware of these codes and their functionalities. If you're interested in exploring your phone's full potential or developing mobile apps or want to access hidden menus and functions on your Samsung phone, below is the guide on how to use secret codes on Samsung device:

    Launch the app you use to make regular phone calls.

    Using the keypad, type in the specific code you want to use. There are no spaces or dashes needed.

    Just like dialing a phone number, tap the "Call" button to initiate the code.

    Some codes might require additional information or confirmation. Pay attention to any instructions that appear on your screen.

    Remember, incorrect code usage can potentially harm your phone.


These codes can vary depending on your specific Samsung phone model and its software version.  Always research a code before using it to make sure it's compatible with your device.

Part 3. A Comprehensive List of Samsung Secret Codes

Having unveiled the potential of secret codes, let's delve deeper. This section equips you with a user-friendly guide, meticulously curated for every Galaxy user.  We'll explore a comprehensive list of essential secret codes, categorized based on their functionality to streamline your exploration. This empowers you to unlock valuable diagnostic tools, hidden features, and optimize your Galaxy device's performance.

Category Secret Code Description
Test Functions - This category focuses on diagnosing various hardware components like the screen, sensors, speakers, and more. *#0589# Activates Light Sensor mode, allowing you to test its functionality in various lighting conditions.
*#0588# Initiates a Proximity Sensor test, ensuring it detects when your device is close to your ear during calls.
##232338## Retrieves all Wi-Fi Mac Addresses associated with your device, useful for network management.
##526## Potentially accesses the WLAN network engineering menu (functionality may vary).
##1472365## Launches a GPS test, verifying your device's ability to pinpoint your location.
##1575## Another code for testing GPS functionality (may offer different diagnostics than the previous code).
#*3888# Enters Bluetooth Test Mode, providing deeper diagnostics for Bluetooth functionality (advanced users only).
*#9090# Accesses the Diagnostic Configuration menu, potentially offering advanced hardware testing options (use with caution).
#0# Opens a comprehensive diagnostic menu for testing various hardware components like the touchscreen, display, camera, sensors, and speakers.
##232331## Launches a menu for troubleshooting Bluetooth connectivity issues.
*#0808# Grants access to Samsung USB Settings, enabling configuration of USB connection options.
*#0673# Executes an Audio Test, verifying the proper operation of your device's speakers and microphone.
##0842## Runs a series of general tests, including backlight, vibration, touch sensitivity, speaker output, camera sensors, and more.
##0## Initiates a test specifically designed to assess your device's screen functionality.
*#0782# Conducts a Mobile Time Test in Real-Time, potentially useful for network troubleshooting.
*#0842# Specifically tests the Vibration Motor, ensuring it functions properly.
*#07# Displays the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) level of your device, which indicates the amount of radiofrequency radiation it absorbs.
Mobile Restarting - These codes provide alternative methods to restart your device without going through the standard settings menu. *#3849#, *#2562#, *#3876#, *#3851# Initiates a device restart without going through the standard settings menu. Use with caution, as unsaved data may be lost.
SIM Lock/Unlock - This category includes codes for potentially unlocking a SIM card locked to a specific network (use with extreme caution and check legal restrictions) and for managing the SIM card PIN.() #0111*0000000# Potentially unlocks a SIM card locked to a specific network. Use with extreme caution and check legal restrictions in your country. Unlocking a SIM card illegally may be a punishable offense.
#7465625*28746# Retrieves the network lock keycode for your device, if applicable.
04[old Pin][new Pin][new Pin]* Modifies the SIM card PIN. Ensure you have the correct old PIN before proceeding.
Getting Phone Information (additional codes)- This expands on the basic phone information by providing access to details like firmware versions, hardware data, and network connection specifics. ##2222## Presents the firmware hardware version.
##44336## Displays the ROM Sales code, change list number, and build time of your phone.
#272IMEI# Resets user data and potentially changes sales codes (use with caution, as this wipes all your data and settings).
*43# [dial] Enables call waiting, allowing you to receive another call while already on one.
*#0228# Offers insights into battery status, ADC, RSSI reading, and other battery-related details.
*135#[dial] Retrieves your own phone number.
*#011# Provides details about your network connection and cell-related information.
#43#[dial] Disables call waiting, preventing interruptions during ongoing calls.
*#43#[dial] Shows the status of call waiting, indicating if it's enabled or disabled.
System Control - These codes offer advanced control over some system functions (use with caution, intended for advanced users only). *#872564# Potentially controls USB Logging (functionality may vary).
*#4238378# Potentially controls GCF Configuration (advanced users only).
*#1575# May control and manage the GPS menu (functionality may vary).
*#7284# Possibly enters the Control Panel of USB I2C Mode (advanced users only).
*#0283# May check Control Audio Loop Back (functionality unclear, use with caution).
Check Firmware / Service Mode - This category deals with codes for checking firmware versions and potentially entering service mode (intended for authorized personnel or advanced users). *#32489# Potentially retrieves Ciphering info and enters service mode (advanced users only).
#0808# Code for USB Service (usually for authorized service personnel).
*#197328640# Default Service Mode (may vary depending on model, use with caution).
*#7412365# Enters Camera Firmware menu (use with caution).
*#2663# May check TSP and TSK firmware update (advanced users only).
27674387264636# Potentially related to selling out SMS / PCODE view (function unclear).
#8736364# Code to get to OTA Update Menu (may not be functional on all devices).
*#2683662# Accesses Samsung Service Mode (use with caution, intended for authorized personnel).
*#34971539# Checks Camera Status and Firmware Version.
Factory Reset- These codes reset your device to factory settings, wiping all data and settings (use with extreme caution). ##7780## Resets the device to factory settings with a confirmation message. Use with extreme caution as this erases all data and settings.
27673855# Resets the device to factory settings without a confirmation message. Use with extreme caution as this erases all data and settings.
##273283255663282*## Backs up media files before a factory reset (may not work on all devices).
*#22558463# Resets total call time statistics.
Check Network- This category includes codes for potentially customizing network settings (intended for advanced users only). 7465625638*# May customize MCC/MNC Network Lock (advanced users only).
7465625782*# May customize Network Lock NSP (advanced users only).
7465625782*# May insert any Network lock keycode (partial) (advanced users only).
746562577*# May display Network Lock SP (advanced users only).
#746562577# May insert Network Operator (advanced users only).
#272IMEI# May change the CSC of Samsung Devices (advanced users only).
#746562527# May insert Network insertion of Galaxy content provider (advanced users only).
*#2263# May choose network mode RF Band (functionality may vary).
Debugging- These codes are for advanced users or service personnel and may be used for debugging purposes. *#745# Potentially launches a Dump Menu to dump RIL (advanced users only).
*#7594# May remap shutdown to End Call TSK (advanced users only).
*#03# Code to view NAND Flash S/N (advanced users only).
*#272886# Potentially enables Auto Answer Selection (functionality unclear).
*#746# May initiate a general debug dump menu (advanced users only).
*#9900# May improve phone network, battery life, Wi-Fi speed and access Samsung SysDump mode (use with caution).


It's important to understand that the functionality and availability of these codes can vary depending on the specific device model, software version, and even carrier. Some codes may be entirely inactive on certain devices.

Part 4. [Bonus]How to Remove Samsung FPR?

While Samsung Galaxy Secret Codes offer valuable tools for testing and diagnosing your device, they don't address Factory Reset Protection (FRP). While this is great for security, it can be frustrating if you're the rightful owner locked out.

So when you forget your Google account credentials associated with the FRP lock or want to bypass Google verification, we recommend you use a Samsung FRP removal tool - iDelock (Android). Whether you are locked out of your Samsung device due to a factory reset or forgotten screen passcodes, iDelock can get you back in no time without losing data.

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Highlights of WooTechy iDelock (Android)

  • In addition to FRP bypass, iDelock can remove a wide range of screen locks such as passwords, pattern, PIN, Touch ID, fingerprints, and Face ID.

  • Enables bypassing Google account verification post factory resets.

  • Capable of removing FRP on Samsung, Xiaomi, and Redmi devices.

  • No need for an OTG cable or external tools.

  • Compatible with over 6000 Android models and various system versions, including Android 13.

  • Featuring a user-friendly interface, unlocking can be done within minutes with just a few clicks.

  • Offers 24-hour customer service support, ensuring users can reach out for assistance at any time.

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How to Remove Samsung FRP with iDelock(Android)?

Step 1: Begin by downloading the iDelock app for Android onto your PC and select the "Remove Google Lock (FRP)" option. Connect your Android device to your PC using an authentic USB cable.

choose to remove Google lock

Step 2: Choose the operating system version of your device and press the "Start" button.

select device version

Step 3: Press "Confirm" to establish a connection between your device and the computer.

download data package

Step 4: After a short wait, you will be able to access your device with a new Google account.

successfully remove Google lock


Samsung secret codes offer a unique lens through which to examine the intricate workings of your Galaxy device.  While some codes provide valuable diagnostic insights and unlock hidden functionalities, others demand a cautious approach.  By wielding these codes responsibly and delving deeper into your device's potential, you can elevate your Galaxy experience to unparalleled heights.

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WooTechy iDelock (Android)

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