Best 3 Ways to Backup WhatsApp Without Google Drive


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When you want to backup your WhatsApp data, the only solution you seem to find is the official backup method, ie., Google Drive, right? However, this official backup solution for Android users comes with certain limitations, for example, a strong Internet connection is required; besides, there is the possibility of data leakage.

Therefore, users are looking for alternative ways to backup WhatsApp safely. Well, in this article, we have added not just one, but three ways to backup WhatsApp without Google Drive. Let’s check out!

How to Backup WhatsApp Without Google Drive

There are several methods for WhatsApp backup that won’t require Google Drive at all, so, let’s go through them in detail and choose the one that suits you best.

Method 1. Backup WhatsApp Data via Email

WhatsApp has an exportation capability that can be used to back up a single chat or group conversations. By sending the WhatsApp chats to your email box, you may download or access the WhatsApp backups from the email anytime you need.

With all these mentioned, let’s learn the steps for WhatsApp backup without Google Drive.

Launch the WhatsApp app on your Android phone and open the personal or group chat you’d like to back up, then tap on the three-dots menu icon.

Choose More and select the Export Chat option.

export WhatsApp chat history

You will be asked to include the media or not; choose the one you like.

Select the email icon from the options displayed and enter your email address. Lastly, press the Send button - a text file will be sent to your email.

backup WhatsApp via email

frame_2 Cons

  • For each time, it can only back up one conversation with no more than 40,000 messages (without media). So you need to repeat the process if you have many messages to back up.

  • You can only read the messages as a text file, but not restore them back to your phone.

Method 2. Backup WhatsApp to Local Phone Storage

If your Android Phone is set to save WhatsApp backups to Google Drive, an encrypted local backup has always been committed to your Phone's internal storage at 2:00 am each day.

As a result, the steps for backing up WhatsApp to local storage (or SD card) are the same as generating a manual backup of WhatsApp.

Open WhatsApp and go to Settings from the main menu.

A list of options will display in a drop-down menu, select Chats > Chat backup.

WhatsApp chat backup

On the next screen, tap on Back up to Google Drive and choose Never.

backup WhatsApp without Google Drive

Tap the green Backup button to save a backup of your WhatsApp data to your phone's internal storage.

frame_2 Cons

  • The WhatsApp backup is encrypted and cannot be read directly.

  • You need to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp if you want to restore the local backup.

Method 3. Backup All WhatsApp to PC using a Free Tool

There is no doubt to say that the safest place for backing up WhatsApp without Google Drive is the computer. So, if you want to backup WhatsApp to PC and avoid the disadvantages of all other methods, the WooTechy WhatsMover program is just perfect for your needs.

It is a WhatsApp transfer tool that can not only transfer WhatsApp messages between different devices, even the ones with different operating systems, but also create a full backup of your WhatsApp for FREE.

It will back up all your WhatsApp to computer at once and keep the data in separate folders safely.

WhatsMover - Perfect WhatsApp Backup Tool




  • Extensive WhatsApp data are supported - chat history, photos, videos, attachments, etc.

  • By backing up WhatsApp to PC, there is no storage limitation.

  • Restore the WhatsApp backups to either Android or iPhone anytime you want.

  • The backups are kept in separate folders and won't be overwritten. It's 100% safe.

  • Simple to operate for even novocie users.

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So, you can see that WhatsMover can be the ultimate solution to meet all your WhatsApp data management needs. On that note, let’s have a look at the steps to backup your WhatsApp data to a computer using WhatsMover.

Connect your Android phone to the computer and open the WhatsMover application; please allow USB debugging on your phone to access the data.

Select the Back Up WhatsApp on Devices option on the interface, then click on the Back Up button to begin the process.

back up WhatsApp chat to PC

Wait for the backup to complete. Once done, the screen will show a message reading WhatsApp Messenger Backup Successful.

backup WhatsApp with WhatsMover

That’s all! You’ll find the entire backup on your computer in the specified file location.

Tip: Restore WhatsApp from Local Backup Instead of Google Drive

In addition to taking backups on Google Drive, WhatsApp also takes a local backup of all your WhatsApp messages, files, and other data on a daily basis. So, when you restore WhatApp using the local backup, follow the steps explained hereinbelow.

Download a File Manager app on your phone or directly open it if you’ve already got one.

Go to your phone’s internal storage (or SD card) and navigate to WhatsApp > Databases.

backup restore WhatsApp from local backup

In the Databases folder, there are several backups files. See if you can find a file named msgstore-db.crypt14, this is usually the most recent backup. If not, just rename the backup file you want to restore from msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt14 to msgstore.db.crypt14.

Then uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.

Log into WhatsApp using the same number. You will be prompted to restore the backup, just tap Restore and it’s done!

So, that’s how you can backup WhatsApp without Google Drive and save yourself from all the hassles that come from relying on Google Drive for your WhatsApp backups.

And if you’d like the easiest way to back up WhatsApp, then WooTechy WhatsMover is no doubt your best choice. This program can backup all your WhatsApp at once to a computer in just 3 steps, and it’s totally Free. Seize the chance now!

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