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The powerful security features like End-to-End encryption makes WhatsApp one of the most reliable and popular apps for communication. It encrypts communications from beginning to end, allowing only the sender and recipient to read the messages. It is not an easy task to decrypt WhatsApp messages.

how to read encrypted WhatsApp messages

You can't decrypt WhatsApp messages easily unless you have access to the sender's or receiver's phones. However, if you want to know how to read encrypted WhatsApp messages, then keep reading this article:

Part 1. About End-to-End Encryption in WhatsApp

1. What Is End-to-End Encryption?

Encryption is the technique of scrambling and randomizing data using mathematical algorithms so that it can only be decoded by the device for which it was created. Only the sender and receiver have the codes to decipher each other's data in an end-to-end encrypted communication channel.

End-to-end encryption prevents anybody other than the sender and recipient from reading or accessing the data. Nobody can read your communications, not even your ISP, the platform, or a hacker with access to the encrypted data.

According to the company's documentation, almost all your communication on WhatsApp is encrypted end-to-end. Images, calls, messages, voice notes, and even status updates are included. The procedure runs in the background, allowing the sender and recipient to perceive the data in its original state.

2. Can You Read Encrypted Messages?

Yes, you can read WhatsApp encrypted messages. WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption helps to keep your communications private. Yet you can’t read encrypted messages using WhatsApp itself. There are some WhatsApp data management tools that can help you export and read encrypted WhatsApp messages.

3. Can You Turn Off End-to-End Encryption Backup in WhatsApp?

Turning off WhatsApp's end-to-end encrypted backup is just as easy as it is to turn it on. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings. Select Chats and click on Chat Backup. Select the End-to-End Encryption Backup option. Then, on your screen, click the Turn off option.

Part 2. How Can You See Encrypted Messages?

1Read All Encrypted WhatsApp Messages Using WooTechy WhatsMover

To read encrypted WhatsApp messages with a 100% success rate, then you can use a third-party app like WooTechy WhatsMover. This app is so simple that anyone can use it without having to go through technical steps.

WhatsMover allows you to read WhatsApp encrypted messages by exporting them to different formats for further access and reading.

Extraordinary features of WooTechy WhatsMover:




  • Can read all WhatsApp encrypted messages with several clicks and without rooting your device.

  • Able to read encrypted Google Drive backups on Android without key, scan iTunes backup and export it to read it.

  • No compatibility issues as it supports all iOS versions and Android phones.

  • Has other functions such as transferring WhatsApp between iPhone and Android, backing up WhatsApp for free, restoring backup, etc.

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Follow these easy-to-use steps if you want to know how to read encrypted WhatsApp messages with WhatsMover:

Step 1: Download WhatsMover

Launch the WhatsMover app on your computer after downloading it. Connect your mobile device to your computer and select the Back Up WhatsApp on Devices option.

back up WhatsApp messages

Step 2: Back Up WhatsApp Messages

After this app detects your phone, go to Back Up and select WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business data.

Step 3: Read Encrypted WhatsApp Messages

To read WhatsApp encrypted messages, go back to the software's main screen and choose Restore/Export WhatsApp Backup. You can export it to HTML, XLS, CSV, etc. formats to read it.

export WhatsApp to read encrypted messages

2Read Encrypted WhatsApp Messages Using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp web can be used to read the encrypted messages if you have the login information for the account you want to decrypt, as well as access to the device associated with that account.

Using the WhatsApp Web, you can sign in to WhatsApp as the person whose messages you want to view and even browse the account's complete conversation history.

Step 1: Acess the Target Phone

If you want to read WhatsApp encrypted messages, access the target phone. Open WhatsApp Web on your browser.

Step 2: Scan the Code

Open WhatsApp on your mobile device. Go to Settings and click on the QR Code option. Select Scan Code to scan the code on WhatsApp Web.

read encrypted WhatsApp messages with WhatsApp web

Step 3: Read WhatsApp Messages

After you scan the code, you can log in to WhatsApp Web and read the encrypted WhatsApp messages.

3Read Encrypted WhatsApp Messages WhatsApp Viewer

If you want to know how to read encrypted WhatsApp messages on Android without key, then you can use WhatsApp Viewer. All data in WhatsApp is encrypted and saved in the.crypt7/8/5/12 format. WhatsApp Viewer can help you effortlessly decode and view these encrypted messages on a rooted Android phone.

Step 1: Select Database

Go to the Storage menu on your smartphone and select WhatsApp. Click on Databases and access the msgstore.db.crypt12 WhatsApp message backup file.

WhatsApp database on Android

Step 2: Locate Key File

Click on Files. Choose Key and locate your Key files.

WhatsApp key files

Step 3: Connect your Smartphone

Connect your smartphone to a computer and save the msgstore.db.crypt12 database and the Key file to a folder on your computer.

Step 4: Open Whatsapp Viewer

Open WhatsApp Viewer on your computer, then go to Decrypt.crypt12 from the File menu.

Step 5: Import Database and Key Folder

Continue by importing the key folder and dataset into WhatsApp Viewer that you copied from your smartphone before. Before clicking OK, wait for the decoding to complete.

Step 6: Read Encrypted WhatsApp Messages

When the encryption process is completed, the msgstore.decrypted.db file will be saved in the same file as the key and authentic dataset. To read encrypted WhatsApp messages, open the decrypted dataset in WhatsApp Viewer by returning to the File menu and selecting Open.

read WhatsApp encrypted messages with WhatsApp Viewer

4Read Encrypted WhatsApp Messages Using Omni-crypt

You can also use decryption programs available on the Google Play Store like Omni-crypt to decode the database into something a person can comprehend. Without requiring root access, it can quickly decrypt the WhatsApp database.

Step 1: Install Omni-crypt

Install Omni-crypt software on your Android device and connect it to a computer via a USB cable.

omni crypt

Step 2: Download WhatsApp-Key-DB-Extractor

Go to github.com on your PC and download WhatsApp-Key-DB-Extractor. Locate the file WhatsAppKeyDBExtract.sh in the WhatsApp-Key-DB-Extractor folder. Choose Properties by right-clicking on it. Select Allow running the file as a program from the Permissions tab and tick the box.

whatsapp key db extractor

Step 3: Back Up Data

After that, open Terminal on Mac and run the WhatsAppKeyDBExtract.sh file, open your Android phone and select BACK UP MY DATA when it asks you to unlock your device and approve the backup procedure.

Step 4: Enable CRYPT 6-12 Backup

Wait for WhatsAppKeyDBExtract to finish restoring WhatsApp, then hit Enter to close the Terminal. Now, on your Android phone, launch Omni-crypt. ENABLE CRYPT 6-12 BACKUPS is selected, followed by DECRYPT WHATSAPP DATABASE.

decrypt whatsapp with omni crypt

Step 5: Open Extracted Folder

Go to the extracted folder in the WhatsApp-Key-DB-Extractor folder. The files wa.db and msgstore.db are located here. "wa.db" keeps track of all contact information while "msgstore.db" keeps track of all messages and attachments.

Step 6: Read WhatsApp Encrypted Messages

Use the Whatsapp Viewer software and add the locations for "wa.db" and "msgstore.db". You will be able to read WhatsApp encrypted messages taken from the database after this step.


Due to end-to-end encryption, it is nerve-wracking to decode messages sent or received via WhatsApp. If you're not tech-savvy, you can end up wasting hours on finding a reliable solution on how to read encrypted WhatsApp messages. We recommend using WhatsMover app if you want to read WhatsApp encrypted messages as it has the most user-friendly interface and the 100% safety rate; you can use this app without technical knowledge.

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