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WhatsApp has been becoming one of the most neccessary messaging app in the world, which is used by people to communicate with each other for amusement, relationship maintainence or business purpose. However, some troubles are coming when we wonder to switching our device:


Is there a free way to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone? I have found some free cracked version of WhatsApp transfer tools, but I don't if they are safe to use WhatsApp transfer crack to transfer my WhatsApp data. Can you help me?

Suppose lots of WhatsApp users have this worry. Therefore, this article will comprehensively introduce a free cracked version -- iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack. From this article, you can learn everything you should know about iCareFone WhatsApp Transfer Crack.

icarefone for whatsapp transfer crack

Part 1. [Latest Version] What Is iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack?

iCarefone WhatsApp Transfer Crack software is a cracked version of Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer. Although it's a cracked version, you still can use this software to back up, transfer, restore or export WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone device or vice verse.

This year, its latest version -- iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack is brought out with a big improvement. The followings are some key features of iCarefone for WhatsApp Transfer full cracked version:

  • Add new functions about UI update and bug fixes.

  • Download contacts, texts, music, and video from SMS with no limitation.

  • Support with all the new iOS and Android versions.

  • Available with both WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business.

  • Allow to access and read the backup by resotring or exporting it.

1.1 Is iCareFone free for WhatsApp Transfer?

Unfortunately, the official version of iCarefone is not free for WhatsApp Transfer. Instead, it's now affordable for most users to use it to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone.

Thus if you are looking for a cheaper official WhatsApp transfer tool, WooTechy WhatsMover is Highly recommended to protect your WhatsApp data with 100% security.

However, iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack is free for WhatsApp transfer since it is a cracked version. You can use this cracked version to get your aim done. The section 1.3 can give you a full explaination to use it for WhatsApp transfer from Android to iPhone.

1.2 Is iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack Useful?

iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack is also a kind of practical software, which can be used to back up, restore, transfer or export your WhatsApp data as other commone WhatsApp transfer tool. Moreover, it also supports to transfer or back up SMS messages from one phone to another.

Therefore, if you would like to use this tool, don't worry, it can work.

1.3 How to Use iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack?

The operation of iCarefone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack is a little complex since there are several difficult-to-operate steps, so you need to read the following steps carefullly before using this tool to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone.

Step 1 Download and install iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack on your PC. Open this software, you will be asked whether you need WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp. Connect your Android and iPhone devices with two working USB cables and click Transfer icon to initiate the process.

ios android

Step 2 Vertify your two device. You will be asked "Allow this device" on your Android device and "Trust this computer" on your iPhone device.

ios android

Step 3 Then, you can first create a backup of the WhatsApp data on your Android device. Once finishing the backup, click Continue to go to the next step.

continue the process

Step 4 The program can recognize and access all WhatsApp data from the Android device.

get whatsapp data

Step 5 Verify your WhatsApp account which you used to back up WhatsApp data. Just enter the country code and phone number.

verify whatsapp account.jpg

Step 6 Wait for a while, the program is automatically generating the WhatsApp data that can be restored to your iPhone device.

generate data

Step 7 Log into WhatsApp on your iPhone. Then the program will start to transfer the WhatsApp data to your iPhone. The whole process will be done in another few minutes.

find WhatsApp local backup

While iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack tool seems to be an available method to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone, this process takes tons of time with so complex steps, which may make you crazy to finish them more unless you can be patient enough.

1.4 Is iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack Totally Safe?

Well, this must be the most important question you care about. But unluckily, the answer is "No, iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack is not totally Safe".

Because this is a cracked version of Tenorshare iCareFone WhatsApp Transfer, a few risks may come with using this software, some of which can be detrimental since it is not an official version.

There may be some risks about Tenorshare iCarefone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack, which you need to know and further make a prudent decision whether you will use it for your WhatsApp transfer.

risk icarefone whatsapp transfer crack

  • The software you download may be infused with viruses and other malware.

  • Some of the malware could take your data, hack into and take over your computer, and spread the bad virus while infecting other computers.

  • It may also not work as you want or even could corrupt your WhatsApp data.

  • This would make WhatsApp unusable or even ruin all of your personal information.

  • Your previous WhatsApp messages may be deleted or overwritten by the new ones.

Part 2. 100% Secure Way for WhatsApp Transfer - the Easiest Way (iOS 16 Is Supported)

There's no such thing as a free lunch. While using the iCarefone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack may seem available, it isn’t worth the risks of the cracked version. On top of that, there are several loopholes as well as a long list of complex steps to complete before getting your WhatsApp data transferred.

What's worse, this cracked version may cause some damages of your valuable WhatsApp chats, or even result to inevitable data loss.

To protect all your valuable WhatsApp data from damaging or causing any data loss, it's sincerely suggested that you should use a really official and professional WhatsApp transfer tool to help your WhatsApp transfer.

wootechy whatsmover for whatsapp transfer

Here highly recommend a cheap WhatsApp transfer tool for you -- WooTechy WhatsMover, which is the best cheap alternative to iCarefone. With this tool, those troubles or risks can be removed with ease, for it allows to transfer all your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone with 100% security and high success rate.

In addition, just a few simple clicks are need to complete the whole transfer process with protecting all your WhatsApp data without any data loss.

WooTechy WhatsMover – Best Alternative WhatsApp Transfer Tool:




  • Wide Compatibility: It allows to work with WhatsApp and WA Business on both iPhone and Android tablets/phones, including all major brands like Samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, and more.

  • All Data Included: It supports the transfer of all kinds of WhatsApp data, such as chat history, photos, videos, contacts and so on.

  • Data Privacy Protected: All the data will be protected during the whole transfer process and will appear on the new phone once the transfer is complete.

  • Easy Operation: Just a few clicks are need to complete the whole process, much simpler than iCarefone WhatsApp Transfer Crack.

  • Free WhatsApp Backup Function: WhatsMover supports back up WhatsApp to PC for totally free, which can really save big for yourself.

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How to Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to iPhone -- via WooTechy WhatsMover:

Just 3 simple steps to complete the whole transfer process:

Step 1 Install WooTechy WhatsMover software on your computer. Ensure both phones are connected to the computer using respective USB cables. Launch this software and tap on WhatsApp Transfer between Devices on the left plane.

connect devices to computer

Step 2 Make sure that the source and destination phones are correct (If not, just tap on Switch on the middle screen to correct it), then click Transfer on the main screen.

start whatsapp transfer

Step 3 You will be promoted to choose which kind of WhatsApp you want to transfer, WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business. Select the one you need and then the transfer will be complete in a second.

whatsapp transfer completed

That’s it! WooTechy WhatsMover is a highly convenient way to transfer WhatsApp data from one device to another and can be extremely helpful for users, especially for those who often keep two phones or simply want to switch a new phone.

Just believe me, you must love WhatsMover after using it to transfer your WhatsApp data from one phone to another, which will be more affordable and worthier than iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack tool.


This article went over what iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer Crack is, and also introduced that WooTechy WhatsMover was the unique and totally secure software to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone 13 and even the forthcoming iPhone 14 or vice verse (Android 13 and iOS 16 is supported).

It’s highly suggested that you use this official and professional WhatsApp transfer tool to transfer all your WhatsApp data to avoid any risk on your valuable WhatsApp chats.

If you are interested about it, just click the Download Now button below, you can freely download and get this the most efficient and cheapest tool for yourself.

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