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It is no news that WhatsApp is the most-used instant messaging app with over 1 billion users worldwide. Here people send messages and share photos or videos, which are important data to users. Hence, the need for a reliable backup tool.

For Android users, backing up WhatsApp data on Google Drive is relatively easy and can even be automated. But most people have this question: how to read WhatsApp backup on Google Drive?

In this guide, we have dissected the seemingly impossible task of finding and reading your WhatsApp backup messages on Google Drive. We have also added some extras to set you up nicely to take full advantage of the backup. Read on to find out more.

Where to Find WhatsApp Chat Backup on Google Drive? Can I Read it?

Accessing WhatsApp backup on Google Drive is one of the major pain points for most users. This is because it is not displayed like, say, your word files and other backup files on the Google Drive homepage.

You may follow the steps below to find the WhatsApp backup files on Google Drive:

Step 1. Open the web version of Google Drive and log in with the Google account you used to back up your WhatsApp. If you are using an smartphone, tap the menu button and select Desktop Site to switch to desktop mode.

Step 2. Tap the gear icon at the top right-hand corner of your screen and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

Step 3. From the options displayed, select the Manage Apps option and scroll down to locate the WhatsApp backup folder.

find Whatsapp backup on Google Drive

Now to the million-dollar question: Can I read WhatsApp backup messages on Google Drive?

While many would love a positive response, the fact is, there is NO official way you can read WhatsApp chat backup on Google Drive because WhatsApp backup messages are end-to-end encrypted. The purpose of the encryption is to protect data leaks on the cloud. This means that you can only view the folder and also delete it from Google Drive, but you can't read the messages.

Download and View WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive Directly

While it is true that there is no official way to read WhatsApp backup chats from Google Drive on PC, you can now do this using a professional WhatsApp transfer tool - WooTechy WhatsMover. It can download your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive and decrypt it, so that you can view the content freely.

Besides, WhatsMover has completed the set of WhatsApp management tasks with its backup, restore, and transfer feature. With it, you can transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone or vice versa, create a backup of WhatsApp data on PC and even restore the files from computer to any phone as you like.

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Below are the steps to follow to read your WhatsApp messages from Google Drive on your PC.

Step 1. Download and install the WhatsMover software on your PC. Launch the software and choose the Restore/Export WhatsApp Backup option.

Step 2. Select Import Google Drive Backup from the options displayed, then log in to your Google account and follow the instructions.

import Whatsapp backup from Google Drive

Step 3. After that, choose a Google Drive WhatsApp backup. Click Export to Computer and the program will start the process.

choose Google Drive WhatsApp backup

Step 4. You will need to enter the verification code sent to your phone number and wait for the software to complete data analysis.

download WhatsApp backup from Google Drive

Step 5. The WhatsApp backup will now be displayed on your PC. From here, you can export any of the data to HTML, CSV/XLS, and PDF to read it.


Currently WhatsMover can only decrypt the latest WhatsApp backup file in CRYPT14 format.

Bonus: WhatsMover as the Best Alternative to Back up your WhatsApp Data

There is no doubt that Google Drive is a good enough platform to back up your data, but it has some downsides. One of such downsides is the automatic removal of backup after a year without updating the backup. Also, the risk of data leakage is always there when you store your data on cloud services.

However, with the WhatsMover Software, you get to back up your data locally on your computer. The WhatsMover app won't overwrite or delete previous backups. Instead, it saves each backup individually forever.

WhatsApp data transfer

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Why Choose WhatsMover for WhatsApp Backup:

  • Support extensive data types like messages, pictures, videos, contacts, etc.

  • Backup is stored locally on your PC and there is no storage limitation.

  • You can restore the WhatsApp backup to any iPhone or Android device if needed.

  • Guarantees 100% data safety.

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Read WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive Via Restore

Another good way to read WhatsApp backup on Google Drive is by restoring the backup on a new or existing phone. To do this, you need to use the same Google account and log in with the same phone number you used for the backup.

Below are the steps on how to read WhatsApp backup on Google Drive on Android and iPhone through restore.

3.1 Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to Android

Provided the conditions stated above are fulfilled, you may follow the steps below to restore your backup:

    Step 1. Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp to restore the backup if you are using an existing Android phone. Download WhatsApp from Google Playstore if it is a new phone.

    Step 2. Launch the app and verify your phone number (the number used for this WhatsApp backup).

    Step 3. WhatsApp will automatically detect the backup on your Google Drive, tap on the Restore button when shown the option to restore your backup.

    Step 4. Wait for the process to complete and tap Next to finish the setup.

    restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to Android

You should have all your messages and media files waiting for you when the app opens.

3.2 Restore Google Drive Backup to iPhone

Due to the incompatibility of Google Drive and iPhone's OS, there is no single official way to restore Google Drive Backup to iPhone. Also, the iPhone backs up its data on iCloud, which is a wholly different enterprise compared to Google Drive.

However, you can do this without restrictions with the help of WooTechy WhatsMover, which we have introduced above. After restoring the backup from Google drive to your Android, you only need to connect both the iPhone and the Android devices to your computer and launch WhatsMover, and you are one click away to transfer WhatsApp messages from Andriod to iPhone.

It requires no technical knowledge and guarantees 100% data safety. Ranging from your contacts to messages and media files, you can transfer everything without compromise.

Final Words

WhatsApp backup on Google Drive is one of the most secure ways of keeping those important conversations and media files safe. However, it’s hard to read WhatsApp backup on Google Drive as the data is encrypted.

While this articles offers two way: you can either restore WhatsApp backup to Android or read your backup chats from Google Drive on PC directly with the WooTechy WhatsMover software. In this software, you have a means not just to read your WhatsApp backup messages but also to backup, restore and transfer your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone and Android.

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