9 Proven Fixes for WhatsApp Notifications Not Working


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One of the reasons why WhatsApp is the most used Instant Messaging app is its communication speed. However, this advantage reduces significantly when you're troubled by the WhatsApp notifications not working problem. It can be caused by inactive internet connection, outdated WhatsApp, and some incorrect in-app settings, leading to frustration as you miss out on essential messages in real-time.

If you are troubled by the WhatsApp no notification issue, put your mind at ease as this article contains everything to fix WhatsApp notifications not working. Whether you use an iPhone or Android, the fixes are universal and practical. Enjoy!

fix WhatsApp notifications not working

Fix WhatsApp Notification Not Working in 9 Ways

Before proceeding to the fixes below, make sure WhatsApp notifications are activated on the app (Open WhatsApp > Settings > Notifications) and in the general notification settings on your device. If you have enabled this but are still not getting WhatsApp notifications, you can now proceed to the fixes below.

1. Check the Internet Connection

WhatsApp, like other Instant Messaging apps, requires an active internet connection to work perfectly. If you are not receiving WhatsApp messages, the first and obvious thing to do is to check your internet connection.

Foremost, open your mobile browser and go to any website of your choice. If the website does not go through, you can turn off and on mobile data or activate and deactivate Airplane mode to reset the network.

However, if the website goes through and WhatsApp notifications are still not working, then you can switch from mobile network to WiFi or vice versa to solve the problem.

2. Ensure Background Data is Not Restricted

When you restrict background data, your mobile device automatically reduces WhatsApp data usage in the background. This leads to you not receiving WhatsApp messages unless you open the app. To solve this problem, follow the path below:

Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Data Usage. Ensure that the background data is turned on. You can also repeat the steps for Google Services.

turn on backgroud data usage

Now, you can tell a friend to send you a message to see if your mobile phone is still not getting WhatsApp notifications.

3. Keep WiFi on During Sleep (Android)

This fix is specific to Android devices as they enter "sleep" mode after some period of inactivity. It aims to reduce data usage during that period of inactivity, which might lead to WhatsApp notification sound not working.

Hence, if you use WiFi, navigate to Settings > WiFi > WiFi Preferences. Now, activate the Keep WiFi on During Sleep option and select Always.

keep wifi on during sleep

4. Reset App Preferences

If you have activated or saved the wrong app preferences on your device, it can lead to you not getting WhatsApp notifications. In this case, all you have to do is reset the app preferences on your device to default.

Go to phone Settings > Apps > Menu icon (three vertical dots at top right corner) > Reset app preferences.

reset app preferences

5. Log Out from WhatsApp Web

When you are logged in to WhatsApp Web, your notifications, especially the sound, will be transferred to the Web version. This leads to WhatsApp notification sound not working on your mobile device. To restore the WhatsApp notification to normal, you need to log out from WhatsApp Web from your mobile device.

  • Tap the three vertical dots on the top right corner on WhatsApp and select the Linked devices option.

  • The list of the devices you are connected to will be displayed. Now, tap on the devices to log out of all of them.

log out from WhatsApp web

6. Turn Off Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode is often activated automatically when your battery is running low. Also, you can decide to activate it when you want to reduce your device's power usage. The downside of the power-saving mode is that it puts some apps to sleep or restricts them, therefore you may not receive WhatsApp notifications timely.

  • To prevent this, ensure your device is connected to a power source when your battery is running low.

  • Also, if you activated the option manually on Android, make sure you deactivate it by going to Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode (the name may vary for different devices) and toggle off the button.

turn off power saving mode

7. Check the Do Not Disturb Settings

Do Not Disturb manages your phone notifications by controlling how your notifications are displayed and sometimes silencing notifications. This mainly causes WhatsApp notifications not working or total stoppage of notifications.

  • For iPhone users, go to Settings, tap the Do Not Disturb option, and toggle the switch off to deactivate it.

  • On Android, pull down from the top of your phone twice to display your phone's quick settings. Long press on the Do Not Disturb option and turn it off if it is enabled.

turn off Do Not Disturb

Now, you can check if you're still not receiving WhatsApp messages unless you open the app.

8. Update the WhatsApp App

WhatsApp constantly releases app updates, and, as such, you can easily miss out on it sometimes. Running an outdated WhatsApp might cause you not to receive notifications as there are changes made in the updated version.

In this case, all you have to do is go to Google Play Store or Apple Store, find the WhatsApp app, and tap on Update.

update WhatsApp

9. Restart the Device

If you have tried all possible fixes and troubleshooting methods and are still not getting WhatsApp notifications on your device, you can try restarting your device. This helps to restart all processes and eliminate the glitches that could be causing the notifications not to work.

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This extensive guide has offered 9 effective ways to solve the WhatsApp notification not working issue and restore regular service.

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