Free Your iDevice from Activation Lock & SIM Lock

Fast to bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without Apple ID or password.

Easy to remove iPhone/iPad SIM lock from various carriers.

Hassle-free to remove screen lock in seconds without activation lock restrictions.

Simple to turn off camera shutter sound on iOS devices. turn off camera shutter sound

Available for:

Watch in a Film

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen with No Password

Unable to remove activation lock screen on your iOS device? Forgot activation lock password? Don't worry. Fix it now!

bypass icloud activation lock screen
Support iPhone 5S to iPhone X running iOS 12-14.8 versions. Check the supported models >>
What Can You Do After Successfully Bypassing the Lock

Access to your iOS device


Use a new Apple ID


Stop possible tracking from other iDevices


Prevent the previous Apple ID user from remotely erasing your device

Important - Please Note!

Once you bypass the activation screen lock using iSalvor, your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch will be jailbroken. You won't be able to make calls, use cellular data or access iCloud on your device; however, you will be able to use the device for other daily use purposes.

After bypassing, if you upgrade or flash your device, you will see the activation lock screen again. Nevertheless, you can use iSalvor on the same device multiple times to bypass the activation screen lock.


Remove Screen Lock & Avoid Activation Lock

Won't get an activation lock screen after removing screen locks.

Quickly unlock the screen lock without Apple ID.

Prevent being tracked and blocked by the previous Apple ID.


Your iOS device is required to be jailbroken before bypassing activation lock, removing screen lock or turning off camera sound.

Supported devices: iPhone 5s - X running on iOS 12 - 14.8 . More >>

Turn Off Camera Sound Easily

Disable shutter sound on iOS devices.

Prevent embarrassment from the camera sound of your iOS devices.

Turn off the camera sound through several clicks.

Supported devices: iPhone 5s - X running on iOS 12 - 14.8. More >>
turn off iPhone camera shutter sound

Remove iPhone SIM Lock with Ease

Did you change the SIM carrier of your iPhone but find the new one is not supported or invalid? iSalvor comes in handy in this case!

sim not supported
sim not valid

With several clicks, the SIM lock will be removed from your iPhone. After the removal, all functions will keep the same so you can use the device without limitations.

Support iPhone 5s to iPhone X running iOS 12 -14.8 versions. Check the supported models >>

Unlock Your iOS Device in 3 Simple Steps

1. Choose mode
2. Jailbreak process
3. Successfully unlocked
jailbreak process
unlock successfully

See How Customers Think of Us

I was having problem with my icloud activation lock, I wasted a lot of time in it by myself. But this tool was so amazing and fast that my problem was solved with no time and I bypassed it easily.
icon_review By Madeeha

A big thanks to the iSalvor team for bringing this software to life. I forgot my iCloud passcode and was locked out of the Activation Lock. I don't need to go to the Apple Store for help. Thank you again!

Yes, you read that right. In 3 quick steps and just in seconds, I was able to bypass the activation lock screen of my iPhone 7. Don't believe me? Try the software yourself and see; it's pure magic!

Honestly, I didn't expect the software to be so easy and efficient. Thanks to the iSalvor, I can use my iPhone X again.

Why Choose WooTechy iSalvor

iSalvor is a powerful tool that has more advantages than other programs or methods. Check the details below.

Please Note:

recently we have found some piracy removal tools that seriously infringed our copyright.

WooTechy iSalvor

Bypass Activation Lock without Any Password

Remove Screen Locks without Activation Restrictions

Remove SIM lock on Your iPhone Easily and Quickly

Won't Be Blocked by The Previous Owner Any More After Restoring

24/7 Technical Customer Service

High Success Rate

High Compatibility

Low Price

Other Tools or Methods

Bypass Activation Lock with Password or IMEI

Unlock Screen Password But Restricted by Activation Lock

Unable to Remove SIM Lock from Your iPhone

Blocked by the Original Apple ID If Restored with Third-party Tools

No Reply or Support

Low Success Rate

Low Compatibility

High Price


Bypass iCloud Activation Lock & Remove iPhone SIM Lock

1,000,000 people have downloaded it.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
100% Secure
Transactions Protected
Serving Millions of Users

FAQs :

1. What are the piracy removal tools in market?
Those piracy tools had a bad impact on our brand - WooTechy iSalvor, such as iBoss , MTool and iBypasser on Twitter. Any websites that copied from WooTechy official website are fake, please be alert to protect yourself from those scams. This is the only OFFICIAL WooTechy iSalvor websites:
2. Is there any difference between the 4 modes that WooTechy iSalvor offers?
iSalvor has 4 modes of operation, including bypassing iCloud activation lock, turning off iPhone camera shutter sound, removing screen lock & activation lock as well as iPhone SIM lock.
Each mode supports different devices. Besides, different available functions will be accessed after unlocking. Learn more about the difference here > >
3. Does iSalvor truly remove iPhone activation lock?
By using iSalvor, you can bypass the iCloud activation lock screen without password or previous Apple ID. So you can use a new Apple ID to login the iCloud account.
Please note that it does not remove the original Apple ID used on your device from the Apple servers themselves. If you can prove the device is yours (typically with a receipt), then Apple can remove that iCloud restriction for you.
4. Does iSalvor requires jailbreak to bypass iCloud activation lock or turn off iPhone camera sound?
Yes, jailbreak is the prerequisite of bypassing iCloud activation lock and turning off camera sound.
5. Can I use iSalvor on a Windows computer?
Yes. iSalvor is compatible with Windows 7 - 10 and it also works on macOS 10.13 - 10.15 (High Sierra through Catalina).
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